It is the duty of supervising and determining the amount of food on board a flight for the purpose of operational costs
Cattering up right under the coordination of cattering activities dispatchers Ramp control
• Overseeing all departing flights in order to determine the food order to the ACS (Aerowisata Cattering Service)
• Removing the pax boarding survey data (PBS) for flights that leave first time the next day
• Making food reservation for a flight the next day and put it into the Order Form as many Cattering reduced the number of accounts 20% except during Peak Season No need to be reduced
• Provide special perintaan pax of food listed in the PBS ex: special request
• Submit Order Form to the ACS Cattering
• Creating daily reports recorded in the flight catering and counting up the amount of food on board than the actual number of pax on board to calculate the percentage of the excess food on the flight
• Make a daily report that noted in cattering up flight
• Monitor incoming telec of the plane change

Addition procedure to
1. Serves 0-5 at least 30 minutes prior to ETD
2. Serves 6-10 at least 1 hour before ETD
3. Serves 11-50 at least 2 hours before ETD
4. 50 or more servings of at least 3 hours before ETD

Cancellation procedure to the ASC
1. less than 6 hours are charged 50%
2. less than 2 hours are charged 100%

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