10 Best Wordpress Plugins To Promote Your Social Media Profiles

The most basic way to promote your social media profiles is through the use of simple text or image links pointing to your most frequently used social networks. Of course, you can do this manually with some basic HTML, but there are many plugins that will help automate the process for you, and more easily keep things up-to-date if you add, remove, or change profile information.
Here The list :

1. Dandy ID Services
Address : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dandyid-services/

2. Social Media Page
Address : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-media-page/

3. Social Profile
Address : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-profilr-display-social-network-profile/

4. Friend Feed
Address : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-profilr-display-social-network-profile/

5. LifeStream
Address : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/lifestream/

6. LifeStream.fm
Address : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/lifestreamfm/

7. Retagrr
Address : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/retaggr/

8. Social Profiles
Adress : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social-profiles/

9. WP Twitip ID
Address : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-twitip-id/

10. Twetmeme
Address : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tweetmeme/
source : Mashable.com

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Monster Nessie Hunting, Google Send a Street View Camera to Loch Ness Lake

EDUNBURG, KOMPAS.com, Following reports of a giant figure recorded in Google Earth is alleged Nessie, the legendary monster of Lake Loch Ness, Google too seriously. Street View camera will be directed to the region to see a place, not only from the vertical direction, but also from different angle so that more detail.

Startling figure that looks like a giant sea creature was first reported by Jason Cooke, a security officer at the middle of Nottingham exploring Google Earth. The white figure tens of meters long that was seen swimming in the lake's surface.

On the report, as reported by the Telegraph site, Google said that the special cameras Street View will be sent to Loch Ness on Thursday (27 / 8). Thus, the Loch Ness Lake will be the first site in the United Kingdom which will be recorded by the Street View camera  in Google Earth.

Previously, Google had been planning to record a choice location with Street View. However, pooling the results conducted online last month showed that preference fell to a site The Angel of the North, Stonehenge, the Eden Project, Warwick Castle, Cardiff Millennium Stadium, and Bamburgh Castle.

Recordings figure of  Nessie monster allegedly were at coordinates Latitude 57 ° 12'52 .13 "N, Longitude 4 ° 34'14 .16" W. To see it, also can click on the address in Google Map :

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The Ultimate Playground for Kids

Every year parents spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on toys and activities for their kids. While many of things are great for keeping young minds and bodies active, many of them are unnecessary. Sure kids need structured play, but they also need “free” plan and this is easy to do when the world’s largest playground is right outside your back door. Why not let them play outside?

Every toy, book, and TV show that comes out has been designed and redesigned several times in order to make it educational and entertaining for children. The great thing about nature is that, while being entertaining and stimulating to the imagination, it’s also educational. Nature can teach children the basics of science, economics, and creativity.

It’s cheap. Depending on where you live, exploring nature is usually pretty inexpensive, if not free. It may mean going out in your backyard, local park, or perhaps going to the local nature center or state park (which usually have low cost fees or memberships). This way, you don’t have to pay for expensive toys, jungle gyms, or memberships to expensive entertainment centers, but you still get the benefit of stimulating and educational play.

It makes them think. Lately there’s been a trend in education towards inquiry based learning. Researchers have found that if students explore and experiment to figure out answers on their own, they’re going to learn better, and retain more information. It also helps them develop skills to be able to learn things on their own later. What better environment to learn things than out in nature. There are lessons for kids of all ages to discover about the world around them.

It may help the world. Everyone these days is trying to be more green and more environmentally conscious. What better way to help do your part than to get your children interested in their own planet than right now when they’re young and impressionable? What might be a fun time for them now, might be a future hobby, career, or world saving invention.

It’s fun. While it’s easy to forget, childhood isn’t just for learning about how to be an adult, it’s also about having fun. Nature gives kids a chance to use their imagination and be free to just be kids.

While unstructured play outside is great for kids, you can also find a lot of places offering structured classes and learning sessions for kids that focus on the natural world. Check your local park, zoo, or museum. There’s a good chance they have classes you can sign up for, and since many of these places are not for profit, they’re usually affordable as well as informative.

Across the world, there are millions of dollars being spent to help promote sending your kids outside to learn from nature. That’s because spending time in the outside world is so important for developing minds. It can also be a great escape for you as well.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

If you are a user of Google's mail,there are some important tricks that you need to know, so you can work faster.
Gmail has facilities keyboard shortcut, keyboard shortcuts will certainly help you manage your email. You do not need the mouse to click menus that contained in gmail.
To use this you first need to log into your email first, then click the settings menu, in the general tab of Keyboard shortcuts in the options, select option Keyboard shortcuts on and click the button
Save Changes.
Your settings are saved and you are ready to use this facility.
Here are shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts you can use the gmail.
C = Compose
/ = Search
k Move to newer conversation
j = Move to older conversation
n = Next message
p = Previous message
o or = Open
u = Return to conversation list
e = Archive
m = Mute
x = Select conversation
s = Star a message or conversation
! = Report spam
r = Reply
a = Reply all
f = Forward
= Escape from input field
+ S = Save Draft
# = Delete
+ I = Mark as read
+ U = Mark as unread
[= Archive and previous
] = Archive and next
z = Undo
+ N = Update current conversation
q = Move cursor to chat search
y = Remove from Current View *
. = Show more actions
? = Show keyboard shortcuts help

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Finding Names in Social Networking Site With Google

If you want to find someone's name on social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, Myspace and Twitter without bothering to go first in each of these sites, then you can use google search engine. By using a specific keyword search you can do very easily using google to find your friends on social networking sites (Social Networking).

Here are some keywords you can use:
1. Looking for someone's name on Facebook
intitle: "the name you are looking for" site: facebook.com

2. Looking for someone's name on Friendster
intitle: "the name you are looking for" site: profiles.friendster.com

3. Looking for someone's name on Hi5
intitle: "the name you are looking for" site: hi5.com

4. Looking for someone's name on Myspace
intitle: "the name you are looking for" "on MySpace" site: myspace.com

5. Looking for someone's name on Twitter
intitle: "the name you are looking for" "on Twitter" site: twitter.com

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Command Prompt For Computer Networks

Here are the commands in the Command Prompt related to computer networks.
To perform these commands you must enter the Command Prompt
(Click Start -> Run -> Type CMD)
1. ipconfig / all
Displays the connection configuration information, such as Host Name, Primary DNS Type, Ethernet LAN Adapter.
2. ipconfig / flushdns
Removing DNS Cache
3. ipconfig / release
"Removing" all connections IP Address.
4. ipconfig / renew
Creating a new IP address for a particular adapter.
5. ipconfig / displaydns
Displaying DNS Cache.
6. ipconfig / registerdns
To refresh control and re-connection control register.
7. ipconfig / showclassid
Displays information DHCP Class.
8. ipconfig / setclassid
Changing DHCP Class ID
9. netconnections control
Displaying Network Connection.
10. nslookup
Knowing the IP address in the address of the domain name in the list
11. netstat
Displays information TCP / IP is currently active.
12. route
Displays local route.
13. hostname
Displays the name of the computer.
14. ping
Example: ping www.hero-business.blogspot.com
Test hero-business.blogspot connection to the site.
The less% loss was the better connections.
15. tracert
IP Address Displays route information.

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Viewing Facebook Photos With Add-Ons

Facebook is a social networking website (social networking) in the world, for you! who often facebook, here I found an add-ons for mozilla firefox can see pictures of others on the facebook with a large size without the kits must first click . His name add-ons is Boost for Facebook.
Advantages of using add-ons is that we can see the pictures profile who are not our friends with great size for images with large sizes can only be seen on profile pages and not all allow anyone but their friends to see the profile page them.

The following descriptions of add-ons described in their web
* Autopoke and EZPoke options
* Try the new Facebook layout
* View all photos of a user
* Hide / Show all applications
* Auto-Refresh Home
* Rollover image for each view in full size
* Hide all applications and related info
* Ability to load all the album photos on a page
* Hundreds of Skins
* Selectable Features - Use only what you want!
* Quick Access icon in the status bar
* Skins for school banners
* Rollover all profile pic thumbnails
* Auto-login and password is stored
* One-click pokes
* 3 supercharged album options
* Skin Banner
Download: https: / / addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3120

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Some of the services provided by Yahoo

Yahoo! is one of the most popular sites that we know. Most people use yahoo service only as a means to email, search engines and chat. And yahoo provide numerous other services which we can use.
Here I give examples of some other services provided by yahoo and its usefulness.

* Yahoo! 360 ° (http://360.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! 360 ° is a social networking site and blog hosts.

* Yahoo! Advertising (http://advertising.yahoo.com/)
Advertising service owned by Yahoo!.

* Yahoo! Answers (http://id.answers.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Answers is a service that allows users to ask and answer questions sent by other users.

* Yahoo! Briefcase (http://briefcase.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Briefcase is a free file hosting service, but was closed on March 30, 2009 and will only be enjoyed by Premium users.

* Yahoo! Buzz (http://buzz.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Buzz is a community-based publishing services like Digg.

* Yahoo! Developer Network (http://developer.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Developer Network is a service for software developers who use Yahoo! technology and Web services.

* Yahoo! Directory (http://dir.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Directory is a web directory for web sites.

* Yahoo! Finance (http://finance.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Finance provides information about financial, including stock and stock exchange.

* Yahoo! Games (http://games.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Games allows users to play games, like chess, billiards, checkers and backgammon against each other.

* Yahoo! Geocities (http://geocities.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! GeoCities is a web hosting service offering gratiss with 15 MB of space.

* Yahoo! Groups (http://groups.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Groups are groups and mailing services are free from yahoo.

* Yahoo! HotJobs (http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! HotJobs is a service provided to job seekers.

* Yahoo! Local (http://local.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Local is a service to find local businesses and services.

* Yahoo! Live (http://live.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Live allows users to broadcast video in real time.

* Yahoo! Mail (http://mail.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Mail is a free webmail service from yahoo.

* Yahoo! Maps (http://maps.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Maps offers maps and directions of traffic.

* Yahoo! Messenger (http://messenger.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Messenger is a chat service from yahoo.

* Yahoo! Mobile (http://mobile.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Mobile is a mobile web site from yahoo.

* Yahoo! Movies (http://movies.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Movies offer information about movie trailers, movie information, gossip, and others.

* Yahoo! Music (http://new.music.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Music offers music videos and internet radio (LAUNCHcast).

* Yahoo! News (http://news.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! News provides news services updated with topics such as business, entertainment, sports, weather, technology, and others.

* Yahoo! Publisher Network (http://publisher.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Publisher Network is an advertising program that is currently in beta and only accepts publishers from the U.S..

* Yahoo! Real Estate (http://realestate.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Real Estate offers information related to real estate and allows users to find rentals, homes, real estate agents and many more mortgages.

* Yahoo! Shopping (http://shopping.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Shopping allows users to search, compare and buy products online.

* Yahoo! Sports (http://sports.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Sports offers sports news, including scores, statistics, and fixtures.

* Yahoo! Tech (http://tech.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Tech offers reviews and advice for buying and using electronics.

* Yahoo! Travel (http://travel.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Travel offers travel guides, booking and reservation services.

* Yahoo! Video (http://video.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Video is a service for sharing videos.

* Yahoo! Web Analytics (http://web.analytics.yahoo.com/)
Yahoo! Web Analytics is a web analysis service provided by yahoo

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Twitter Tools For Firefox

Twitter is currently be discussed a lot of fame because the site is almost equal fame with the facebook site. Twitter is a web site service and microblogging social network that provides facilities for users to send a "renewal" form of any posts text with maximum length of 140 characters via SMS, sending instant messages, electronic mail, or applications like Twitterrific and Twitbin.

If you Twitter fans while  firefox browser fans as well, here you some tools that may be suitable to you. Like all the other firefox tool, we recommend you do not install unless you all want to slow your browser.
Here are some Twitter tools for your Firefox:

1. Friendbar (http://www.friendbar.com/).
Friendbar easier to stay in touch with friends on Twitter. Friendbar also support with Facebook.
Can manage your images and text on your  toolbar firefox browser.

2. TwitBin (http://www.twitbin.com/)
Opening Twitter client in your sidebar so you can send and read tweets no matter where you are on the Web without changing the tab or window.

3. TwitKit (http://engel.uk.to/twitkit/)
To view your account stats, public timeline, sending tweets, your friends, and last through your list of followers sidebar.

4. TwitterBar (http://www.chrisfinke.com/addons/twitterbar/)
Allows you to post on twitter via your Firefox address bar.
5. Twitter Line (http://www.greenspace.info/twitter/line/en.html)
Showing "Twitter time line" in the toolbar as a head line.

6. Twitter StatusBar (https: / / addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9751)
Provide facilities in the input data to twitter using just a few buttons.

7. TwitterFox (http://twitterfox.net/)
Allows you to see friends who update, retweet, remove read tweets directly and many more.

8. Twitter Toolbar (http://www.bestwebimage.com/web-services-and-tools/twitter-toolbar-10/)
Allows you to update every time you want, such as browsing.
source :http://mashable.com

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10 Tools For Windows Clipboard Replacements

1. Ditto (http://ditto-cp.sourceforge.net/)
The benefits is the ability to synchronize clipboards on several computers on a network (for the encrypted connection for security).
It also supports various formats, has built-in thumbnail preview and come in a portable version for USB flash drives.

2. M8 Free Multi Clipboard 
This tool is able to save up to 25 snippets of text or images at the same time.
This tool also functions as a screen capture utility, capable of grabbing the entire screen to the window or are active with the [PrtScr] or [Alt] + [PrtScr] keys.

3. Phrase Express (http://www.phraseexpress.com/)
This tool is a tool for those who need to re-enter a block of text.
This tool can save the entry with the hotkeys or Autotext triggers, you can save in text format (including images) and also only words.

4. AccelClip (http://www.flexigensoft.com/accelclip)
The superiority of AccelClip is support for text fragments and images (referred to as a "clip"), supports a wide variety of formats, view and edit the clipboard and facilities can work with images and text.
Organize your favorite clips in the folder, and even save them as standalone files.

5. ClipX (http://www.bluemars.org/clipx/)
This tool is popular because it is only 260KB size.
Press [Win] + [V] to select one of the inputs from the pop-up menu. ClipX default can save 25 entry, but can accommodate up to 1024 entry.
Only handle text, image and file path, but the latest beta version of its functions can be easily expanded using the plug-in.

6. Oscar's Miniclip (http://www.mediachance.com/free/miniclip.htm)
Miniclip as floating taskbar.
You can add items to the clipboard in the usual way, or drag and drop text from applications that support from the taskbar to copy and paste.

7. ArsClip (http://www.joejoesoft.com/cms/showpage.php?cid=97)
Suitable for repetitive tasks such as filling a form (can insert multiple entry at a time).
ArsClip handle a variety of formats, including images, HTML and RichText, and does not require installation.

8. URL Xteq Bandit (http://www.xteq.com/products/urlb/index.html)
The tool is simply to monitor your clipboard, capture and store all the URLs into a searchable text format, which then will be taken later.

9. RKG Duck (http://www.rimmkaufman.com/duck/)
RKG Duck is the perfect tool for Techies who want to analyze the contents of the clipboard

10. HovText (http://hovklan.com/hovtext/index.php/?page=features〈=en)
Function of this tool is mainly directed to the stripping of all formats, including HTML code, copied from the text, you can ensure the paste quickly and easily into your target application.
There are also basic clipboard manager, with the ability to remember up to 10 items at once

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Secret Applications for Windows XP

To run the application below:
Open command prompt and type the program's name (example: cleanmgr.exe) or click Start -> Run and type the program's name (example: cleanmgr.exe).

1. Disk Cleanup = cleanmgr.exe
Used for disk cleanup
2. Character Map = charmap.exe
Is used to find characters that are not public
3. Dr Watson = drwtsn32.exe
Used for troubleshooting on the PC.
4. DirectX diagnosis = dxdiag.exe
Used for diagnosis audio your video card
5. Private character editor = eudcedit.exe
Used to create a new character in your windows

6. IExpress Wizard iexpress.exe =
Used to create self-extracting / self-installing package. such as Zip files
7. Microsoft Synchronization Manager = mobsync.exe
Used to create sincronisasi.
8. Clipboard Viewer = clipbrd.exe
Used to view the content of the Windows clipboard
9. Windows Media Player 5.1 = mplay32.exe
Used to open Windows Media Player version 5.1
10. ODBC Data Source Administrator = odbcad32.exe
Used for database

11. Object Packager = packager.exe
Used to insert the object into the file.
12. System Configuration Editor = sysedit.exe
Used to change the system.ini and win.ini
13. Syskey = syskey.exe
Used to configure the account in windows.
14. Microsoft Telnet Client = telnet.exe
Used to connect the internet before the browser.
15. Driver Verifier Manager = verifier.exe
Used for monitoring the driver in your windows

16. Windows for Workgroups Chat = winchat.exe
Used to chat sec
17. System configuration = msconfig.exe
Used to control the startup program
18. System Monitor = perfmon.exe
Used to monitor your PC.
19. Program Manager = progman.exe
It is a heritage from the Windows 3.x desktop shell
20. gpedit.msc
Used to set the group policy and the authorization, if you use Active Directory.

21. Remote Access phone book = rasphone.exe
It is applications such as phone book
22. Registry Editor = regedt32.exe [also regedit.exe]
Used for editing and tweaking the windows registry
23. Network shared folder wizard = shrpubw.exe
Used to create shared folders in network
24. File siganture verification tool = sigverif.exe
Used for signature verification
25. Volume Control = sndvol32.exe
Used to display the sound control in the System Tray

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Screen Capture Tools For Windows

If you often perform a screen capture or print screen on your windows for a particular purpose, may be under the tools can simplify your work.
By default, you can only do a screen print on full page and the active window only.
With the tools below may provide more flexibility.

1. Snippy
Useful to copy the webpage screenshot page for the purpose of sharing.
When you cut off one part of the Internet Explorer window, the URL will also be copied to the clipboard; this makes it very easy to select something interesting on the Web site and send them in email messages.
Download: http://www.bhelpuri.net/Snippy/SnippyDownload.htm

2. Screenshot Captor
Screen capture software is the most widely used.
The most interesting is that you can run from a USB thumbdrive.

3. Wisdom-Soft ScreenHunter
Hikmat-Soft ScreenHunter is a free screen-capture tool to easily take screenshots.
ScreenHunter can capture full screen, an active window, the client window, or a rectangular area.
Download: http://files.informer.com/siinst.exe

4. ZScreen
Screen capture program that allows to do screenshots on the window in full.
Can FTP screenshots and put the URL in the clipboard in a single keystroke.
Supports automatic custom naming conventions with variables.
Download: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/zscreen/ZScreenSetup-1330.exe

5. Cropper
Cropper is a screen capture utility written in C # on Microsoft. Net platform.
Download: http://www.thegridmaster.com/files/cropper.zip

6. Capture
Capture is a quick and easy screen capture utility for Windows (and NT), which allows you to do all the screen capture, in every color depth and resolution, and saved in bitmap files for editing.
Download: http://www.analogx.com/files/capturei.exe

7. MWSnap
Small but great for Windows snapping (Capturing) selected images from the screen.
Download: http://www.mirekw.com/winfreeware/files/MWSnap300.exe

8. ScreenPrint32
Free Tool to print and capture to disk or clipboard, the full desktop, active window, predefined area, or user selected area of the screen.
Download: http://www.provtech.co.uk/download/default.asp

9. FastStone Capture
Save the file in various formats, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF.
Download: http://www.faststone.org/download.htm

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Optimizing Firefox 3.5

Mozilla Firefox, or simply Firefox for short, is just a free Internet browser. It's not a cure for cancer. It doesn't wash your car or make you a frothy coffee. So why all the fuss and hype over Firefox? In a nutshell, the reason is simple: Firefox is a true open source competitor to Microsoft's Internet Explorer; a dynamic and evolving browser which is constantly gaining new features that make browsing the Internet easier, safer and more enjoyable.
The Firefox browser is a completely free download, and quite a small package at around 8MB. The system requirements for Firefox are listed here, but basically the browser can be installed on virtually any computer using a recent version of Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. To download Firefox Click Here

Now, I want to give u, one tutorial about Speeding Up and Optimizing Firefox 3.5... This is a comprehensive, safe guide to optimizing Firefox 3.5 for speedy browsing. For each suggestion, your mileage may vary.Before you proceed, create a new profile.Quit Firefox, run “firefox.exe -profilemanager”, and create a new profile to experiment on. Use the new profile as your default only if your performance improves. Only those changes needed from a default installation are mentioned in this guide.

if you have the previous version you must do this, here the way :
Uninstalling Firefox
If you have a previous version of Firefox before Version 3.5, I strongly recommend that you completely uninstall it, do a thorough cleanout of any traces of it as covered below, and then install the full 3.5 package or newer. This will prevent a wide range of problems down the track, particularly as settings and customizations from previous Firefox versions may conflict with, hide or remove certain new Firefox features or benefits. If you're experiencing strange issues in any version of Firefox, even the latest version, then doing a complete uninstall and cleanout as covered below is also recommended to resolve this.In any case, to completely remove all traces of Firefox from your system follow these steps:

1. Backup your bookmarks as a Bookmarks.html file. In Firefox 2 go to the Bookmarks menu, select 'Organize Bookmarks', then select File>Export. In Firefox 3, go to the Bookmarks menu, select 'Organize Bookmarks', then select 'Import and Backup'>'Export HTML'. Alternatively you can export bookmarks in .JSON format by selecting 'Import and Backup'>Backup. The difference between .HTML and .JSON Bookmark files is explained in more detail at the beginning of the Advanced Tweaking section of the guide.2. Go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP; or Control Panel>Programs & Features in Windows Vista, and if a 'Mozilla Firefox' entry (or similar) exists, select it and click Change/Remove and uninstall it. During uninstallation, tick the 'Remove my Firefox personal data and customizations' box as well - note that this will delete all of your bookmarks and saved settings, so make sure you've backed up your bookmarks as covered in step 1, and also note down any passwords which you might otherwise forget.

2. Go to your \Program Files\Mozilla Firefox directory and delete it and all of its contents if it still exists.

3. Delete the following directories if they still exist:
In Windows XP -\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Mozilla\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Local Settings\Application Data\MozillaIn Windows Vista -\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\

4. Find and remove all Firefox/Mozilla-related entries in the Windows Registry. Using the Windows Registry Editor (Start>Run>Regedit), delete any of the following keys if they exist - that is, right click on their name in the left pane of Registry Editor and select Delete:

If you already to remove ur previous Firefox, Follow this guide :
1. Use an Optimized Build of Firefox
If you’re using Windows, use an optimized build of Firefox 3.5.1 for your processor. Use Swiftfox for Linux.

2. Use Blank Homepage, Default Theme, Minimal Extensions
Set your homepage to about:blank. Use only must-have extensions with the default theme. Use Adblock Plus and Flashblock to block unwanted ads and Flash.

3. Optimize Download Options
In Options->Main, choose a folder for your downloads and save all downloads to it automatically. Close the download window automatically when all downloads are finished. Turn off download history in Options->Privacy, Custom settings for history

4. Customize Content Type Handling
In Options->Applications, modify the following Content Types:

Set archive files like .zip, .rar, etc. to Save File. Use your favorite archive program separately to open them.
Set PDF files to Save File. Use your favorite PDF reader to separately open them.
Set mailto to use your favorite desktop email client or Gmail/Yahoo webmail account. Sorry, Windows Live/AOL Mail users!
Change Web Feed from Preview in Firefox to your favorite RSS reader.

In general, open files separately, rather than from within the browser wherever possible.

5. Increase Cache, Reduce History Size
In Options->Advanced->Network, increase Offline Storage (size of the disk cache) to 150 MB.
In Options->Privacy, use Custom settings for history, and reduce length of remembered history to 15 days.

6. Customize General Advanced Options
In Options->Advanced->General->Accessibility:
Check Search for text when I start typing
Uncheck Use smooth scrolling
Turn off spell checker if you ROTFLMAO on forums and don’t aspire to be a writer. Keep it on if you’re looking for a job.
Uncheck Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup. On Windows, set Firefox as your default browser using Program Access and Defaults.

7. Remove Unused Search Engines
Drop-down In the search box, select Manage Search Engines…, and remove any search engines that you will never use.

8. Clean up bookmarks, avoid Live Bookmarks
If you have a lot of bookmarks in Firefox, you might have dead links, or even duplicate bookmarks. Clean them up using the CheckPlaces Firefox extension, and uninstall after you’re done.

Firefox checks Live Bookmarks every hour for updates. Use a dedicated RSS Reader like Google Reader instead. Delete the preset Latest Headlines Live Bookmark.

9. Performance Enhancing Extensions
If you prefer a nice GUI to tweak advanced settings, use these performance enhancing Firefox extensions. If you are the DIY type, these optimizations (and many more) are covered in the next sections.

FasterFox 3.8.1 Lite is an (experimental) add-on that lets you choose from four presets (or use a custom profile) to optimize Firefox.
Tweak Network 1.3 allows you to choose from Default and Power profiles for tweaking network settings in Firefox.

Advanced About:Config Tweaks
The following two sections are advanced Firefox configuration changes that are simple to make. Enter about:config in the Firefox address bar in an empty tab. Click ‘I’ll be careful, I promise!’. You can use Firefox’s Safe Mode and select ‘Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults’ to undo any changes you make. Also, entries you change are displayed in bold, and can be reset using the right-click context-menu.

If an entry does not exist, create it by right-clicking on an empty space, selecting New, and choosing the type of entry as listed.

10. Advanced Browser Settings
You can use these recommended values or tweak them as per your system, preference, and browsing habits.

accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound [Boolean]: Change to False to avoid a sound alert if no match is found when you search for text.
alerts.totalOpenTime [Integer]: Reduce time to show Download Complete alerts to 2000 (2 seconds).
browser.bookmarks.max_backups [Integer]: Reduce number of bookmark backups to speed up shutdown from 5 to 2.
browser.cache.disk.parent_directory [String]: Move your Firefox cache to a disk or partition different from your Windows drive by specifying the folder path here.
browser.download.manager.openDelay [Integer]: Don’t open Downloads window for very short downloads. Set to 2000 (2 second delay).
browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo [Integer]: Reduce number of closed tabs you can undo from 10 to 4.
browser.sessionstore.max_windows_undo [Integer]: Reduce number of closed windows you can undo from 3 to 1.
browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab [Boolean]: Change to False, so that Firefox doesn’t accidentally shut down when you close the last tab.
browser.urlbar.maxRichResults [Integer]: Reduce maximum number of results in Awesome Bar from 12 to 6.
dom.popup_maximum [Integer]: Reduce maximum number of simultaneous popups from 20 to 3 or 5.
security.dialog_enable_delay [Integer]: Reduce delay to wait before installing a new extension to 1000 (1 second). Setting to zero is not recommended because of security risks.

11. Advanced Network Settings
These changes are recommended for broadband users with at least a 2 Mbps (256 kB/s) connection.

network.dnsCacheEntries [Integer]: Increase number of DNS entries cached from default 20 to 512.
network.dnsCacheExpiration [Integer]: Increase number of seconds DNS entries are cached from default 60 to 3600.
network.dns.disableIPv6 [Boolean]: Disable IPv6 if your ISP doesn’t support it (most don’t).
network.http.max-connections [Integer]: Increase maximum number of simultaneous connections to 48 or 96.
network.http.max-connections-per-server [Integer]: Increase maximum connections per server from default 15 to 24.
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server [Integer]: Increase maximum persistent connections per server from default 6 to 12.
network.http.pipelining [Boolean]: Change to True to enable HTTP Pipelining.
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests [Integer]: Increase from default 4 to 8.
network.prefetch-next [Boolean]: This specifies whether Firefox pre-fetches web pages (and associated cookies) even before you visit them. It is most frequently used to pre-load the first result of a Google search. If you want to improve security and don’t want Firefox to load pages you never actually visit, change this to False. See the FAQ for more information.
Did these optimizations make your Firefox 3.5 faster? Tell us in the comments!

(Some of these tips are via Tweakguides Firefox Tweak Guide and sayapengensukses.blogspot.com )

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Why you'll Love iPhone 3G

 iPhone 3G are popular in Indonesia, although the price is relatively expensive, relatively many buyers. Why you'll love the iPhone? following some of the reasons I find in apple.com

1. It’s three devices in one.
iPhone is more than just a phone. It combines three devices in one: a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device. All that and more makes it the best phone you’ll ever use.

2.Revolutionary Phone
With the Multi-Touch interface on iPhone, you can make a call simply by tapping a name or number in your contacts or favorites list, your call log, or just about anywhere. Visual Voicemail lets you select and listen to messages in whatever order you want — just like email

3.Widescreen iPod
iPhone shows off your content — music, movies, TV shows, and more — on a beautiful 3.5-inch display. Add to your collection by downloading music and video wirelessly from the iTunes Store. Scroll through songs and playlists with the touch of a finger. Even browse your album artwork using Cover Flow

4.Breakthrough Internet Device
iPhone uses fast 3G and Wi-Fi wireless connections to deliver rich HTML email, Maps with GPS, and Safari — the most advanced web browser on a mobile device. It has Google and Yahoo! search built in. And since iPhone multitasks, you can make a phone call while emailing a photo or surfing the web over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

5. Thousand of  iPhone Application
Applications for iPhone are like nothing you’ve ever seen on a mobile phone. Explore some of their favorite apps here and see how they allow iPhone to do even more.

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Opera 10 Beta 3 - Faster & Safer

One of the biggest browser is Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE), but you must remember! Do not forget the Opera browser. Ok, this is not the oldest browser's , but the Opera browser is one of the oldest that still exist to this day. Slightly drawn back, if you still remember with a mosaic? Right, this is the mosaic which is the oldest browser, released since 1993. 

Opera, as we know, is one of the browser's most cohesive and productive use with Nintendo Wii and DS, is smart enough because until now many mobile phones as a sink Opera browser in mobile devices is. Happy news!! today's Opera browser lovers can enjoy in the version 10 beta 3. Moreover, users can also start downloading. According to the Opera, version 3 beta resemble some improvement. 

The first is the Tweaks tab, in the previous beta version, users have the option and the tab referrence more visual. Well, in the beta 3 version of the Opera this is a request to respond by offering users the option of placing the tabs. Consequently, users can now see a thumbnail visual tab on the right or left of the screen, in addition to placement at the top or bottom. In terms of UI (user interface / user interface), Opera designer, Jon Hicks to continue improvements to the UI, that is, with the UI design a more efficient use.

Aware that  Opera users came from all over the world, Opera also provides the feature Multilingual. As many as 38 languages in the browser to their new version . The goal is  to facilitate the user in the world to operate Opera. The increase is the last speed Turbo made in the beta 3. To feel the Opera 10 beta 3, the user can download them through http://www.opera.com/browser/next/

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Free Download - Damn Small Linux-Linux Portable

Why this distribution is called a portable? this is due to the file distribution size, not more than 50 MB. Damn Small Linux (DSL) is used as a popular operating system on portable USB flash media drive or similar. DSL is targeted for desktop PC users. For you who have an old PC, DSL is also suitable for this Linux distro is quite mild for the run.

You can even use some word processing applications and numbers, and other support programs available in the DSL distro.
For Free Download CLICK HERE

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Firefox Add-ons For Multiple Login

CookieSwap is Add-ons for Firefox which allows you to easily manage all your cookies, so you can login to multiple e-mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail or login to the other as different users at the same time using a browser that is Firefox.

If you want to  login with different(multiple) ID to use in the same site without having to make a log out and sign back in to the site, CookieSwap add-ons can solve this problems. 
To learn how to use it you can see on the official site.

Homepage: http://cookieswap.mozdev.org/
Download:  https: / / addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3255

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Free Download Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) software is a content management system implemented in the form of a web application used to create and manage HTML content. This application is used to manage and organize web material (HTML documents and associated images) to the dynamic in large amounts. CMS facilitates the creation and the content, editing, and many essential functions of the maintenance web.

1. Joomla
Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) Open Source and is written using PHP and MySQL for the database on the internet or intranet.
Joomla was first released with version 1.0.0.
Features such as Joomla caching system to improve performance, RSS, blogs, Polling, etc..
Joomla uses the GPL license.
Download: http://www.joomla.org/download.html

2. WordPress
WordPress is a blogging software written in PHP and supports the MySQL database system.
WordPress is the official successor of b2'cafelog developed by Michel Valdrighi.
Name proposed by WordPress Christine Selleck, a friend of the head of the developer, Matt Mullenweg.
WordPress is distributed with the license GNU General Public License.
Download: http://wordpress.org/download/

3. Mambo
Mambo is a Content Management System (Content Management System, CMS) open source that is used to create and manage a web site from the most simple applications to companies that even the most complex.
Mambo is known to be installed easily, easily managed and has a high capability.
Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mambo/

4. Drupal
Drupal is a software content management system which is free and open distributed under the GPL license.
Drupal can be downloaded freely and can also be used freely.
Drupal can be used to build:
* Community Web Portal
* Site Discussions
* Company Website
* Internal Applications
* Personal Website or Blog
* Commercial Applications E-Commerce
* Collection of Information
* Social Networking Sites
* Multi-language Website
* And others
Download: http://drupal.org/project/Drupal + project

5. PhpBB
PhpBB is a Content Management System (CMS) for internet forum which was written with the PHP programming language.
The name "phpBB" is an abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board and is available in the GNU General Public License so that it is distributed as freeware.
Download: http://www.phpbb.com/downloads/

6. Geeklog
Geeklog is a Content Management System (CMS) weblog that allows users to create dynamic sites.
Geeklog is also equipped with features visitor registration, post journals and comments.
The user can also select the view from the site.
Download: http://www.geeklog.net/

7. PHP-Fusion
PHP-Fusion is a content-based management system, which uses MySQL database to store content of the website, and have a simple system administration.
Download: http://php-fusion.co.uk/downloads.php

8. Simple Machines Forum (SMF)
SMF is a professional device that allows users to create online communities quickly and easily.
Download: http://download.simplemachines.org/

9. MediaWiki
MediaWiki is a wiki software package that uses the license GNU General Public License.
MediaWiki is the software that is made specifically for Wikipedia and other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, but now this has been used widely.
Download: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Download

10. PHP Nuke
PHP Nuke is one of the application template for creating a dynamic website using the PHP language base.
The process of PHP Nuke is very easy-just follow the wizard that the wizard has been provided.
Components templatenya is also very diverse, ranging from the module FAQ, forums, Poll, multiple polls, counters, guestbook, and so forth.
Download: http://phpnuke.org/modules.php?name=Downloads

11. osCommerce
osCommerce is a multi-function and multi-language open source e-commerce solution, which allows users to create online shops quickly and easily.
No special skills required to handle the set-up is very easy to store and manage all your online services and features.
Download: http://www.oscommerce.com/solutions/downloads

12. phpCOIN
phpCOIN application is a comprehensive billing / invoicing, ideal for web hosting resellers to manage customer orders, invoices, notes and helpdesk.
This can also be used by different types of businesses in other sectors.
Download: http://phpcoin.com/mod.php?mod=downloads
(taken from Finderonly.com)

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SE Tools2Lite Versi 1.11 Tutorial and Download

- added support for "quick access" patch, which allows quick security bypass and enables flash reading.
to use - generate quick access .VKP, write it in phone using "bypass DB2020 security" via "standart long way"
after .VKP is written - check "use quick access patch" and enjoy fast security bypass.
"fast patch" idea and qamaker is property of den_po,used without permission.


Update for setool2Lite from 1.10 to 1.11

If you like setool2 lite, take time to check setool.net site - perhaps you will like features of FULL version.

short help.

first, you must select interface.
USB is dcu60.
UFS is nothing.
COMx - comport (you should use ftdi-based service cable to achieve speeds more that 115200)

then select phone model.
it is important.

then press desired operation.

"identify" will show phone information, lock state and usercode.
also, identify will show if you have REST file for your phone.

"read gdfs" will read gdfs from phone in BINARY format.
"write gdfs" will write gdfs to phone in BINARY format
file, selected in "misc. edit" will be assumed as gdfs in binary format.

"read flash" will read flash.
start and len of readed area must be filled in "read setup".
if you want to produce "flasheable" readout, check "read SSW" checkbox.

"flash" will flash phone firmware with possible package uploading.
if anything selected in "firmware upgrade pack" edit, attempt to handle it as SFA file will be made during flash.
if anything selected in "misc. edit", attempt to handle it as package (.zip) will me made during flash.
if anything selected in "restore file" edit, it will be assumed as "firmware restore" file.

"write script"
is most powerful and usable tool for sense users.

first, it can process .vkp script files.
just select "anyfile.vkp" in "misc. edit" and press write script.
.VKP supported for DB2020 phones only with "Bypass DB2020 Security" checked + FLASH operation.
.VKP via "write script" for db2020 phones supported only with "quick patch" installed and "use quick patch" checked.

source:www.sweunlockers.com free is our way of living
And Now For tutorial, i got on 4shared.com
You must do this one time! After that you will skip all this process!!!

1. Drag the MAIN file (.mbn) that you have in your phone on to qamaker.exe From the qamaker folder that comes whith SETool2 Lite 1.11; this will create a vkp file;
2. The vkp file created in step 1 put it in to MISC FILES;
3. Click bypass db2020 security;
4. Add the main Firmware (.mbn) file (the one you would like to flash it);
5. Press FLASH button;
6. Follow the instructions given by setool2lite. Be carrefull! At one moment you will belive that nothing happens and the status windows is not changing! Not remove the CABLE! Wait until "ELAPSED x SECONDS" appears in status window.

This process will take some time, about 10-15 minutes or more

After this process, follow this steps for every patch, but just check "quick access" patch" don`t flash the main again,
just put the desired vkp patch in the MISC FILES and press Write SCRIPT !!


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9 PTC Scam, you should be careful

Here below are some of the PTC as a competitor had claimed for NeoBux. Ironic .. they only waste that will make your business ends vain .. I will not describe this sites, but clearly one of the goals that they will spoil and will never pay the right members ..!


2. ARA-bux.com (SCAM)

3. Unobux.com (SCAM)

4. Earn3.com (SCAM)

5. 247Bux.com (SCAM)

6. Perfectbux.com (SCAM)

7. RoudyCash.com (SCAM)

8. DingoBux.com (SCAM)

9. Dualbux.com (SCAM)

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Western Digital RE3 (WD1002FBYS) - HDD capacity of 1 Terabytes for the enterprise

Apparently the idea of dual-core CPU on the Intel and AMD imitated for some products such as hard drives. Two-processor to process data on the hard drive is a solution that is applied to western digital RE3 series (enterprise) and claimed to improve performance by up to 20%. Series RE3 (WD1002FBYS) with a 1 TB is designed specifically to fit the environment at the workstation or server, which usually have a specification of "more serious" than the PC stand Alone.

Hardisk generally equipped with a protective system to prevent the head of head or damaged disc. On this series RE3, WD using multiple sensors capable of detecting the direction of the shocks in more detail, so that the protection system can be more active in the beginning. Some other important features, such as RAFF technology to correct vibrasi lap due to disk, system recovery error on the RAID mode, and the motor head position handles a more secure, the advantages to be this hard drive. Each series also tested RE3 at a certain temperature to ensure heat resistance hardisk

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Tools For Data Recovery

Maybe, one times, you have a problem with the hard drive suddenly crashes and is not detected, supplied preformatted, bad sector, or unknown system.
When important data you have are still in the hard disk and not in the backup.
Here are some Tools For Data Recovery can help you restore your lost files or restore disk if you have bad sectors.

1. Recuva (http://www.recuva.com/)
Recuva is a tool that a user-friendly Windows-based.
When you run Recuva, you can find the missing file with the file-recovery wizard, or the application's manual mode.
File-recovery wizard is useful if you are sure your data is gone but you're not quite sure where the loss or how to get it back.
Wizard can be used to narrow your search for the type of image, music, documents, video, or all files, and you can set the search location on your computer such as removable media, My Documents, Recycle Bin, or a particular location.
Can be used for the Windows operating system.

2. Undelete Plus (http://undelete-plus.com/)
Undelete Plus is a software used for the commercial.
This file recovery tool works on all Windows versions and incarnations of the FAT and NTFS file systems.
As Recuva, Undelete Plus provides recovery likely to find files based on file that is damaged.
You can sort files by type, set the filter based on the time and size and can result in a folder structure remains intact when you are finished doing the file recovery.
Can be used for the Windows operating system.

3. TestDisk (http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk)
TestDisk is a very powerful tool to recover your data. Not only can perform as TestDisk recovery delete files accidentally from FAT, NTFS, and ext2 file system, but has additional functionality in the other.
With TestDisk you should be able to recover boot sector, rebuild disk boot sector, FAT table repair, improve, MFT, find a backup superblock ext2/ext3, find lost partitions with many formats that can help you find the missing data.
Can be used for the operating system Windows / Mac / Linux.

4. PhotoRec (http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec)
PhotoRec is complementary program TestDisk. TestDisk like, this application also without a GUI, but also strong enough to perform file recovery.
Many users prefer to PhotoRec as an alternative to a more secure when in the recovery disk is not needed.
Overall, PhotoRec is a powerful tool that fast and secure way to copy the files that you delete the disk to the other.
Can be used for the operating system Windows / Mac / Linux.

5. Restoration (http://www.aumha.org/a/recover.php)
Restoration is small, with no additional tools and is portable.
You can use it in all versions of Windows and Windows file systems.
Restoration has the ability to sort the parameters such as file size and file name.
Can be used for the Windows operating system.

6. GetDataBack (http://www.runtime.org/data-recovery-downloads.htm)
GetDataBack will recover your data if the hard drive's partition table, boot record, FAT / MFT or root directory is lost or damaged, data was lost due to virus attack, the drive is formatted, the failure of the system crash, files are missing because of failure of the software and files that deleted accidentally.
Can be used for the Windows operating system.

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Best chat applications for your handphone

If you really like to chat with  Handphone, here are some applications for chat that you can use with free and easy. Download and install the application on your Handphone, then you're ready to use for chatting.

1. eBuddy
Ebuddy media messenger is an application that supports many popular applications such as MSN messenger, Yahoo, AIM and Google Talk.
Ebuddy can be used in various types of HP.
If you have multiple Messenger account, you do not need to install Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, or one by one.
Fair use eBuddy account to your account.
Download: http://www.getjar.com/products/10717/eBuddy

2. MXit
MXit is a messenger application that works on your mobile phone.
This application allows you to send and receive text messages to and from the phone and also from your PC.
Message is sent and received via the internetmobile,and not through standards sms technology.
Download: http://www.getjar.com/products/25312/MXitinstanttextmessenger

3. Mig33
Mig33 is a mobile community to chat.
Mig33 is the excess of the menu there is a chat room, mail, and private chat.
You can also see other people's profiles, upload photos and edit your profile.
Fasiltas that make the mantab mig33 is the 'kick user' which you can chat room and the other to drive the terrorist or onar in the chat room.
Download: http://www.getjar.com/products/3481/mig33

4. Yamee
Yamee is an application that replaces the Yahoo Messenger on a PC.
This application server is connected directly with the YM.
But lack of Yamee is only one account with the online course, and not use the Indonesian language.
Download: http://www.getjar.com/products/15494/Yamee

5. YehBa
Yehba is one type of application based java handphone called regular or J2ME.
YehBa facilities are:
• Chat
• Multi-User Chat
• Presence
• Group / Broadcast Messaging, Low-Bandwidth requirements.
• Customizable alerts and tones (ringing chat)
• emoticons
• Message history
• PC Style Messaging
Download: http://www.getjar.com/products/25654/YehBAMobileInstantMessengerLITEJava

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Free Download JavaScript Collector Software - Editing Your Blog Code

You often do editing for html code on your web blog and you want to add Javascript code to get page views so beautiful? But you do not understand the JavaScript, you can use the JavaScript Collector software.

JavaScript Collector is a database to store and display Javascript. This application also provides about 200 script ready and have been organized in various categories, such as special effects (Mouse, Background, Text, etc.), the drop down menu, cookies, counters, and so forth.
For Download This Software Click Here

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Free Key for Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

32Bit /Standard
32bIT /Enteprise
Windows® Web Server 2008 Beta 3
Deel # X13-70217
Dit is uw productcode: GM39R-Y6J2P-RJYWR-MQG83-TVQ29
Windows Server® 2008 Beta 3 Standard
Deel # X11-52825
Dit is uw productcode: CMQP4-YGFBJ-TC2R8-6RPJ2-243M3








32Bit /Standard


Windows® Web Server 2008 Beta 3
Deel # X13-70217
code: GM39R-Y6J2P-RJYWR-MQG83-TVQ29

Windows Server® 2008 Beta 3 Standard
Deel # X11-52825
Dit is uw productcode: CMQP4-YGFBJ-TC2R8-6RPJ2-243M3

windows server 2008 serial


















32Bit /Standad

32bIT /Enteprise


Windows Server® 2008 Beta 3 Standard
productcode: CMQP4-YGFBJ-TC2R8-6RPJ2-243M3
























32Bit /Standad

32bIT /Enteprise

Windows® Web Server 2008 Beta 3
Deel # X13-70217
Dit is uw productcode: GM39R-Y6J2P-RJYWR-MQG83-TVQ29 QUESTO OK

Windows Server® 2008 Beta 3 Standard
Deel # X11-52825
Dit is uw productcode: CMQP4-YGFBJ-TC2R8-6RPJ2-243M3

windows server 2008 serial


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Free Oracle Application

I found it, in 4shared.com , here the Application :

1. Oracle Application Server 10
2.Oracle9 Jdeveloper Application

3.Oracle dba Application

4.11-Oracle Application Cluster - E-Book

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Collection of Mozilla Firefox Shortcut

Here is a collection of shortcut, you can use the Mozilla Firefox Browser:

F5 = Refresh web page
Spacebar = round up / down scrolling page
Shift + Spacebar = rolls / scrolling to the top of the page
Ctrl + F = Showing the search box (at the bottom)
Alt-N = Conducting a search next
Ctrl + G = Go address bar
Ctrl + = increase the font size / font
Ctrl + - = zoom the font size / font
Ctrl + W = Close tab
ESC = Close the search box
Ctrl + D = To Bookmark site 
Ctrl + T = Open a new tab
Ctrl + K = Go search box

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Security Code For CDMA and GSM Handphone

Samsung sph-n240, n400, a460, a500, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: # # SPC
Test Mode: 47 * 869 # 1235
Debug Menu: # # 33284, ok
Service Menu: Menu +8 +0 (# 889)
Reset (Life time, Clear Memory, etc): # # 786, ok
A-key: # # 2539, ok
Label Selection: # # 3882, ok
Label (Home, Work, etc): ** 523, ok
NGG Setting (Gateway, etc..): # # 2769737, ok
Vocoder: # # 8626337, ok
Cai Change: # # 7738, ok
Enable TTY: # # 889, ok

NAM set: 3001 # 12345 # or # # 626 # 7764726
Software Version: # # 837 or # 0000 #
ESN: # 92772689 #
Phone Restart: # 75681 or # 75682 # #
Vocoder: # # 3872
Debug Screen / EVRC: 8378 # #
Debug: # 8380 #
Field Test Menu: # 83788 #
To Activate Net Monitor menu
type * 3001 # 12345 #
scroll to Field Test
enable (it says something about switching your phone off)
exit menus
turn off
switch on
Net Monitor
Enter display / group code (eg 3101 for link info or [...]
Nokia Nokia 3280, 3285, 3580, 3585, 5185, 6185, 8280
Nam Set: * 3001 # 12345 #
Software Version: * # 837 #
Software Version: * # 9999 #
Esn Number: * # 92772689 #
Restart Phone: * # 75681 #
Restart Phone: * # 75682 #
Nokia 8887 Nam Programming:
Nam Set: * 3001 # 12345 #
Version: * # 0000 #
Evrc: * # 8378 #
Esn / Data / Timer: * # 92772689 #
SID: * # 743 #

-Ericsson ( before joint-venture with Sony and changes to SE)
Programming Shot NAM: 987 + menu
Programming long NAM: 923885 + menu and enter
SPC: "0000"
CDMA mode: 904093 + menu
Analog Mode: 904095 + menu
DM Mode: 904959 + menu
-Sony (before joint-venture with Ericsson and was changed to SE)
Programming: type "111111" and press jog DIAL
Programming and Budgeting
Enter SPC: "000000"

Programming: menu + 9 and enter SPC: "000000"
A-key: press STO for sometime enter zone
Type 2539 ** and enter A-key
LGC-510 Programming: menu + 3 + 0 and enter SPC: "000000"
LGC-800W/500: menu + 0 and enter SPC: "000000"
LGC-330W Programming: menu + 4 + 0 and enter SPC: "000000"
gc-300, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 9, SPC
A-key: Press "Sto" 3sec, 2539 **
lgc-330w, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 4, 0, SPC
A-key: 2539 **
lgc-510, v111, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 3, 0, SPC
A-key: 2539 **
lgc-500, 800w, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Menu, 9, 0, SPC
Debug Mode: Menu, 7, 0, FSC
Debug Mode: Menu, 8, 0, FSC
A-key: 2539 **
Lg LX, VX-series, [...]

Motorola 7760, 7860, 2260, 8160, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: Fcn, 0000000000000, Rcl
Nam Set: 74663 #, Fcn, Fcn
Test Mode: Fcn, 00 ** 83786633, Sto
Motorola v60c, v120c etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 74663 #, Menu, Menu, SPC
Nam Set: Menu, 073887 * (type quickly)
Test Mode: Menu, 073887 *, SPC
Debug Mode: # # 33284
Force the phone into DIGITAL ONLY mode:
1) # # 33284 (Debug)
2) RIGHT Softkey (Next) Twice
3) Down [...]
Star TAC 7760/7860
Programming: FCN + 0 + 000000 + 000000 + RCL
Test Mode: FCN 00 * 83786633 STO
V 60c Programming
Service Menu: 74663 # menu (Programming Code)
Test Mode: Menu 073887 *
Security Code: 000000

Kyocera -
Qualcomm qcp-800 Nam Pogramming:
Nam Set: Menu +0 + +3 SPC
Field Test: Menu +7 +0 + FSC
Kyocera 1135, 2255, 3035, 5135, 6035, Se47, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: 111111 + jog Dial (Ok), Select "Programming" + SPC
Cai Change: # # 7738, ok
Enable TTY: # # 889, ok
Life Timer, PRL, etc: # # 786, ok
A-key: # # 2539, ok
A-key: 2539, ok
On some Kyocera handsets the factory service module has not been disabled
and the phone can be Programmed without inputting by the SPC.
Nam Set: # # 333333 [...]

Sanyo 4900, 5150, 5300, 8100, etc Nam Programming:
Nam Set: # # SPC + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Advanced Setup: # # 3282 + Ok + Key Down + Ok + Msl
A-key: # # 2539 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Version: # # ** 837 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Debug Menu: # # FSC + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Airtime menu: # # 8463 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Cai Change: # # 7738 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Vocoder: # # 8626337 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Reverse Logistic: # # 786 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Set IP Address: # # 2769737 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
TTY On / Off: # # 889 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Ready Link: # # 4636 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Browser Init On / Off: # # 4682 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Picture Token: # # 25327 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
Unknown Code: # # 5282277 + Ok + Key Down + Ok
(SPC = 000000, FSC = 040793)

Phone Lock: * 2767 * 2878 #
Phone Reset: * 2767 * 3855 #
Display IMEI: * # 06 #
Java Reset: * 2767 * 5282 #
WAP Reset: * 2767 * 927 #
Reset Media: * 2767 * 63342 #
Help Menu: * # 9998 * 4357 #
Java Menu: * # 9998 * 5282 #
Monitor Mode: * # 9999 # 0 #
Software Version: * # 9999 # or * # 9998 * 9999 #
Hardware Version: * # 9999 # or * # 9998 * 8888 #
Sim Info: * # 9998 * 746 # or * # 0746 #
Display Contras: * # 9998 * 523 # or * # 0523 #
Vibra On: * # 9998 * 842 # or * # 0842 #
Buzzer On: * # 9998 * 289 # or * # 0289 #
Battery and field info: * # 9998 * 288 # or * # 0288 #
Error Log: * # 9998 * 377 # or * # 0377 #
Sim service table: * # 9998 * 778 # or * # 0778 #
Show date and alarm: * # 9998 * 782 # or * # 0782 #
Show network info: * # 8999 * 638 #
Change Operator Logo: * # 8999 * 5646 #
Production Number: * # 9998 * 76 #
View Melody Alarm: * # 9998 * 968 #
Non-volatile Memory: * # 9998 * 585 #
Digital Audio Interference off: * # 3243948 #
Digital Audio Interference: * # 32436837 #
Show Software Version: * # 9999 #
Intruction Software: * # 0837 #
Show Serial Parameter: * # 0001 #

Display IMEI: * # 06 #
Unlock Code: * # 7465625 * 12 * xxxxxxxx #
Sim Code: * # 7465625 * XX * xxxxxxxx #
(for the "XX") is:

-NCK lock: 12
Provider-Lock: 22
Lock-Network: 32
-SIM Code Lock: 42
Lock-subset: 52
-Corporate Lock: 62
IMSI-Personal: 72
-IMSI Range: 99
WAP Code: * # 9275625 * 11 * xxxxxxxx #
Changes Language: * # 00xx # ( "xx" Country Code)
Reset Language: * # 0000000 #
Display SIM lock Status: * # 7465625 #
Display Firmware Version: * # 7353273 #
Super Factory Reset: * # 78737322867973738 #
Reset Security Code: * # 73287489263373738 #
Turns PIN Code On: * 09 * (PIN Code) #
Turns PIN Code Off: # 09 * (PIN Code) #

Display IMEI: * # 06 #
Lock Menu: <** <>*<<*<* -SHARP Display IMEI: * # 06 # MEP Lock Menu: * 01763 * 6371 # Show Software Version: * 01763 * 8371 # -NOKIA Display IMEI: * # 06 # - * # 3001 # 12345 Software Version: * # 0000 # Sim Clock Stopping: * # 746025625 # Display Info: * # 92702689 # Activates Enhanced Full Rate: * 3370 # Deactives: # 3370 # Enhanced activates HalfRate: * 4370 # Deactives: # 4370 # Bluetooth information: * # 2820 # Enables GPRS pccch: * # 7220 # Deletes Wallet (6310 test): * # 3925538 # Clear Operator Logo: * # 67705646 # Software Reset: * # 7370 # -PHILIPS Display IMEI: * # 06 # Status Register: * # 2254 # Active / Deactive debug call: * # 2255 # Time and Days: * # 2558 # Active / Deactive Sleep Mode: * # 7693 # Security Code: * # 7489 * # Init, Flags, SIM CLK: * # 3377 * # Name, Length, SIM Phase: * # 7378 * # Philips Genie (TCD83 8) Active the beep signal and Reconnected to the net: * # 2337 * # -Mitsubishi Display IMEI: * # 06 # Net Monitor 1: hold * 4329 Net Monitor 2: hold * 621342 M4 Test Mode: hold * 5472 SW Version: hold * 5806 HW Version: hold * 5807 SW and HW Version: hold * 936505 NS lock menu: hold * 476989 * 574243 CP lock menu: hold * 482896 SP lock menu: hold * 967678 IMSI lock menu: hold * 362628 Lock net level: hold * 787090 * 787292 Shot down: hold * 3926 -LG IMEI (all): * # 06 # IMEI and SW (LG 510): * # 07 # SW Version (LG B1200): * 8375 # Recount checksum: * 6861 # Factory Test: # 668 Pwr Unknown (LG500): * # 8060 / # 9270 * / 9278 # * Unknown (LG200): * 789 # + send Sim lock menu (LG B1200): 1945 # * 5101 # Sim lock menu (LG 510W / 5200): 2945 # * 5101 # For LG 7020/7010: 2945 # * 70001 # For LG 500/600: 2947 # * MOTOROLA - Display IMEI: * # 06 # SW and HW Version: * # 300 # + ok Keypad test: * # 301 # + ok Set English Language: * # 303 # + ok Set Off engenering mode: * 304 # + ok On Set: # 304 * 19980722 # Location 1: * # 305 # + ok Engenering test mode: * # 307 # + ok Change phone code default: * # 311 # + ok ADC val call: * # 400 # + ok Contrast: * # 402 # + ok Default Phone Code: 1234 + ok Settings and Restore: * # 0000 # + ok Master unlock code: 19980722 + ok -Alcatel Display IMEI: * # 06 # Meni 1 with SIM: 000000 * Reset full: # # # # 847 Add Barring Groups: # # # 765 * 02 # Locking to Network: # # # 765 * 05 # Unlocking from network: # # # 765 * 07 # Deactive Barring Groups: # # # 765 * 78 # Sagem - Display IMEI: * # 06 # In Menu: * HOT MENU and Type Menu: -5-1-1 - # + menu (source:Finderonly.com)

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