Political revenge in Thailand : Thaksin Vs Abhisit, Who's The Winner?


From videos broadcast live during the protest and riot, it was obvious that the former thai prime minister Thaksin, is behind the movement to overthrow the present government led by Prime Minister Abhisit.
The world knows that Thaksin has abundant wealth, many accuse him of corruption . that’s why he fled Thailand ad is wandering from country to country to seek political asylum. He is scared because the Bhisit administrations has threatened to bring his corruption to the courts.
So its natural for Thaksin to fight back. He possesses everything to reach his goal. Money and loyal thai supporters are two strong factors to make his dream come true. On the other side we know that Abhisit came to power in the same way.
Yet according to international law, what matter is the recognition from other United Nation’s member countries. The more countries that recognize theAbhisit government , the more legitimate it will be in the eyes of international community.
Thaksin’s effort to mobilize his loyal supporters and his call to storm the venue of the ASEAN+3 Summit in Pattaya has resulted in humiliation for the Abhisit administration and Thailand.
Thailand’s reputation as a politically stable country is damage. Let alone that King Bumiphol. So it will be better for the King to deny Thaksins passport and to finally bring him back home for court trial are justified. The people of Thailand have suffered a lot from Thaksin’s aborted coup d’etat (The Jakarta Post/Dadut Priambodo/Jakarta)
Some months ago, I see a movie“ Bangkok Dangerous”….i’m sure u watch this movie too, and NOW…Bangkok is Really Dangerous…and I just wanna say..this Revenge only two person
Thaksin’s Vs Abhisit…Who’s The Winner???

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Vaccinations : Protect for Life

Before the age of modern medicine, infections outbreaks were commonand often resulted in death or disability. People lived in unsanitary conditions, where germs spread easily. No one knew how to prevent, much less treat these disease.
Today, in addition to effective antibiotics, we have the advantage of vaccines, a scientific discovery that has saved millions of lives. Yet, some parents remain skeptical, leaving their children to pay the deadly price.

Your child’s body is designed to produce cells and antibodies that can combat viruses and bacteria. An attack by these viruses or bacteria will produce a complex immunological “memory”, which is what gives your child immunity against future invasions by the same germs. However, there are certain types of germs that the body cannot protect itself against, without the help of vaccines. These germs include bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB),diptheria,pertussis,tetanus and meningitis,as well as viruses that cause hepatitis,polio,measeles,mumps,rubella and chickenpox.
Without vaccination,these germs could wreak havoc on your child’s body,causing disability,even death.

There are currently,even death, vaccines recommended to protect ypur child. Your child will receive his first vaccination at birth, and should continue receiving all the other doses of these vaccines, following the recommended schedule.
The latest addition to the schedule, Haemophilus Influenza type b(Hib), introduced in 2002, should prevent severe disease like pneumonia and meningitis caused by this bacteria.
Apart from mandatory vaccines are also available to protect him against other disease, such as chicken fox, hepatitis A, Japanese encephalitis (JE), typhoid, and influenza.
There are also vaccines against specific organism like the pneumococus (a bacteria) and rotavirus (a virus that causes diarrhea). In addition , canver-preventing vaccines like human papilomavirus (HPV) vaccine for young adults are now making their marl.
There are also some parents who do not take their children for vaccinations. Some hold fast to misconceptions, while others merely make excuces.
The Malaysian Pediatric Association (MPA) takes a look at some of the common beliefs.
Belief No.1 : These diseases don’t even occur anymore.
Fact : Bacteria and viruses have survived alongside generations of humans. Some of these germs prevail in less than hygienic conditions.
Your child is still at risk of contracting these infectious diseases from other people and from the environment. Tubercolosis or TB is seeing a resurgence brought in mainly by migrant workers, polio was brought to West Java from Nigeria via Yemen and Saudi Arabia in 2005 and we still have sporadic measkes outbreaks.

Belief No.2 : Vaccination is not safe
Fact : Cases of serious adverse effects associated with vaccinations are extremely rare. Vaccination may cause mild reactions or side effects in some children . on the other hand, an infection would be devastating to your child , as well as costly to treat.
The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risk and temporary discomforts that may arise. The usual post-vaccination problems are redness and swelling at the injection site and fever.

Belief No.3 : Why vaccinate when a doctor can treat?
Fact : There is currently no effective or specific treatment for many of these diseases. There are hardly any drugs to successfully combat the vural diseases. When complications arise, there is little except to put the children on supportive treatment that can be unpleasant and expensive. Antibiotics are administrated for bacterial infections, but antibiotic resistance is making them less potent.
At times, treatment may not be ab;e to prevent severe complicatios (like heart or brain damage, or muscular paralysis) from occurring. Other times, treatment may be too late because diagnosis and appropriate treatment may delayed.

Belief No.4 : My child has a cold.
Fact : A mild runny nose is not a contraindication to vaccination. If the child has a fever, it may be wise to defer the vaccine. Oral polio vaccine. Which is being phased out in lieu of the injectable vaccine, may be given later if baby has diarrhea.

Belief No.5 : I don’t have time!
Fact: all it requires is a trip to the clinic/hospital every month or two for the first few months of the babys life. Your employers and colleagues will understand if you need to take time off. Your child’s health and life is a priority.
(taken from the Jakarta Post-Zulkifli Ismail/The Star/ANN)

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Bali Hotel Highlights

1. Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Asia First Hard Rock Hotel, nice hotel and great view, covering a prime three hectares site at the heart of bali’s entertainment and shopping district. The perpect to rest, Relack and ROCK!
Facilities ;
418 tribure rooms with luxury suite, alongside six cutting edge food and beverage outlets. A paradise for couple , families and single.
Location : just 10 minutes drive from bali Airport, location in Kuta.
Contacts : Jl. Pantai , Banjar Pandai Mas, Kuta Tel : 0361-761869

2. Boutique Hotel
J Boutique hotel is an ideal place for business, stay and recreation.
It offers an elegant property and modern comfort facilities combined with a high standard of service.
Facilities :
88 guest room comprise of business, executive, deluxe, and J suite room. And many more facilities, that you can enjoy it.
Location : 5 minutes drive from Ngurah rai International Airport, location in jalan kartika plaza
Contact : Jl.Kartika Plaza No.20 Kuta tel:0361-761-888
taken from Bali&Beyond

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Karya Agung Panca Wali Krama ceremony at Besakih Temple

Indonesian Hindus will celebrate the Karya Agung Panca Wali Krama ceremony at Besakih Temple from March 25 to 27. This great ceremony is held every years on Tilem Kasanga, the 9th new moon which is the last day of the saka year with the year ending with a zero. March 25, 2009 is the last day of Saka 1930. The main purpose Panca Wali Krama is Bhuta yadnya (ritual for the lower spirits) and dewa yadnya (towards the gods), to bring balance and harmony in the Universe. Along the way , all Balinese Hindus make rituals in their houses and villages.(taken from Bali&BeyongVol.11 No.106)

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Pig Flu Create Global Panic

The Pig Flu create global panic, as the president of Mexico (AFP news) request to many countries in the world to respond this problems with calm because their countries will be find ways to anticipated  overcome the spread of the flu. According to Mexico's health minister said the number of victims killed as a result of swine flu reaches 103 people. In addition, the number of patients increased from 1324 into 1614 people, due to the announcement, people mexico city, the capital Mexico City, put on mask out every home. They also buy food and water as the anticipation out of the home government restrictions.

WHO has also issued a warning that the swine flu, which is alleged to form a combination of flu with a human bird flu that spread to pigs, may cause a pandemic and will ask all the countries in the world to raise awareness.
Then, how about in our country, Indonesia, to be launched this news, I have not heard of Indonesians have been infected the virus .This Virus is very dangerous, as evidenced by the many victims of the fall. The era of now, the various types of disease and likely genetic mutation has occurred. So that the virus emerged and a new pandemic. Actually create panic

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The Right Tactic to Maintain the Good Relationship : Together Forever

Finally, God grants your wish; you meet the love of your life. The right person is here and is no longer a dream. Of course you feel like walking in the clouds, you’re in the seventh ehaven. You feel ecstatic, blissful and overjoyed. You think that you are the luckiest person in the world, for not everyone can find his or her true love.
But behind this happiness, there is a tinge of fear. What if a third person gets in the way? What if the two of you cannot maintain the love bond? And worse, ehat if you screw up and lose your babe?
Actually , there are some ways to maintain the good relationship, you may not have to wory about losing your crush. Here are the tips :

1. Know your partner. Find out what activities your babe is in to. Check on his or her favorite color. Taste his or her favorite food Get the list of his or her favorite books and authors, and get to know his/her friends. Why? Because everyone likes attention. The more you know your crush, the more attention you give to him/her. And, the result? Your honey feels more loved.
By knowing your crush, you'll also get other advantages. You can see him or her with a better perspective. As we all know, love is blind, so sometimes we don't see things as they are. By using this new perspective, you may see something that you have missed before. Maybe your crush is not as charming as you thought he or she was, or even that you are better off without him or her.

2. Adjust yourself. It doesn't mean that you should also have the same hobbies, activities, character or favorite colors. It also doesn't mean that you have to change yourself and world. You just need to get used to his or her world and understand him or her better. Adjusting yourself to him or her means integrating two hearts.

3. Don't be selfish. Getting into a relationship means giving and taking. You must also consider your babe's feelings and needs, So, whenever the two of you face a problem. don't forget to take him or her into consideration.

4. Communicate. Communication is a very important factor in a relationship. Your boyfriend or girlfriend can't read your mind (unless the person is a psychic, which is rare), so give him or her a chance to understand you better Just tell your side of the story. The way you communicate with your sweetheart is also important. You have to be careful when telling him or her about a problem. Use facts,s not opinions, For example, instead of saying that you don't like his smooking, you can tell him that you don’t like his smooking. You can tell him you are worried about his helath and give him articles on diseases caused by smoking.

5. Make surprises, Most of us love surprises. They make us alive and fresh. Surprises can also renew our relationship whenever everything becomes lame. And they sure can beat boredom, one of the many factors that can ruin a relationship. As long as you do not exaggerate your surprise, your crush will be delighted. It doesn't have to be something very expensive or costly. A cheap but original idea can do the trick. For example, surprise your babe with a home made photo frame with a most adorable picture of the two of you in it, a surprise candlelight dinner for two at your memorable spot (even if there is no special event to celebrate), and so on.

6. Have initiative, Girls, don't wait until your boyfriend showers you with flowers to show you that he loves you. You can always send him a card saying I love you". Boys, don t wail until birthday to give her a bouquet of flowers. The key is, boys and girls, take the initiative. Make the first step, the first action. Your babe will surely love you more.

7. Enjoy the differences. No matter how hard you try. There is no way you will always be there. Big or subtle, a differences is what makes everyone unique. There is no way you can be exactly like your sweetheart wants you to be or vice-versa. So,just be yoursel and he or she will love you the way you are. If he or she can’t accept you completely , well, that’s just too bad.
So you see, the keys are simple but quite trickly. If you take a look around, you couples with a lot of things in common. but they still break up On the other hand. there are so many seemingly -unmatched" couples who stay together for years. This makes us wonder what keeps them together. There must be something some strategies that they apply to make them stick together and I bet they apply the tips mentioned above, Well, ready to give it a try? Good Luck!
Nuzulia Latifah – Contact Volume 8. No.50

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The Perfect - The Holy Qur'an

Quran has been revealed for the guidance of mankind and invites the people of wisdom to read into its pages to enhance human knowledge about the universe and Creator, and to create environments where man could live in peace and harmony with the fellow human beings and with the Nature.

Quran is a part of the Knowledge - which is limitless, and therefore it encapsules the stages of human development. It also contains the solutions of issues and problems which mankind faces and specifies a complete Islamic system ie the system which facilitates living in peace - where there is no oppression, insecurity, fear and inequality. Quran commands authority and leadership and thus declares that if anyone has any doubts about the truth of the Book which has been revealed to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), then they should try to make even one passage which could match the Book, and poses the challenge that despite the knowledge and resources that man has , he will not be able to do so (re: Al-Baqra 2:23-24). This challenge has not been met to-date.

I think perhaps it would help to outline a few basic but key aspects of the Quran:

a.Literary aspect: The language, the poetic element and the continuity of the Quran can only be fully appreciated by those who have the knowledge and command of Arabic language, though people of RAemanS who have no or little knowledge of the language get a wealth of satisfaction by reciting Quran or listening to its recitation. Translation of Quran in other languages can not reproduce the true meanings or the appropriate sense, therefore those who know no or little Arabic and would really like to understand Quran, should learn the language first. Perhaps it would be interesting to point out that enemies of Islam attack Quran mostly by using its translation or analysing its passages which are taken out of context.

b.Al-Zikir: Where the reader can easily extract the lessons from what he reads. In this respect the Quran is very easy to understand for those who have some language skills. Allah says that the Quran was made easy in order to benefit and guide human (re: Murryam 19:97; Qamar 17:54; Dukhan 44:58).

c.. Al-Taddabur: Where the reader has to think through, analyse the concepts and deduce conclusions. It is this aspect of Quran which is most difficult since it goes right into the philosophy, knowledge and higher level of understanding. To highlight this point let me give a few examples. Abdulllah ibni Omar (son of Omar ibni Khattab) was a sahabi (companion of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w) and therefore was in the era in which the Quran was revealed, he was a thinker and researcher who had a total command of the Arabic language, and yet it took him approximately 8 years to interpret and document one surah ie Al- Baqra (this work was done well after the Prophet).

Imam Razi was a philosopher and researcher, had a command of Islamic thoughts and interpreted Quran in 36 volumes. But when it came to interpret and explain Aya 2 and 3 of Al-Huded (57) which says that He is the first and He is the last and that He is most overt and most covert, Imam Razi wrote R this is very deep, very difficult. It is impossible to explain in words.

I hope the serious readers, believers or otherwise, would find this article helpful and would be able to appreciate that the Quran represents social, economic and political code for improving the quality of life. If people, Muslim or non-Muslim, do not practice the code, it is they who are the losers and not the Islam or the Quran.
(i dont know the authors,i foud this article in my laptop)

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THE QUR'AN AND MODERN SCIENCE : Taken from "The Origin of Man", by Dr. Maurice Bucaille.

Dr. Maurice Bucaille is an eminent French surgeon, scientist, scholar and author of "THE BIBLE, THE QUR'AN AND SCIENCE" which contains the result of his research into the Judeo-Christian Revelation and the Qur'an. It is a unique contribution in the field of religion and science.

Being an outstanding Scientist, he was selected to treat the mummy of Merneptah (Pharaoh) which he did. During his visit to Saudi Arabia he was shown the verses of the Holy Qur'an in which Allah says that the dead body of the Pharaoh will be preserved as a "Sign" for posterity. An impartial scientist like Dr. Bucaille, who (being also a Christian) was conversant with the Biblical version of Pharaoh's story as being drowned in pursuit of Prophet Moses. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that unknown to the world till only of late, the Holy Qur'an made definite prediction about the preservation of the body of that same Pharaoh of Moses' time. This led Dr. Bucaille to study the Holy Qur'an thoroughly after learning the Arabic language. The final conclusion of his comparative study of Qur'an and the Bible is that the statements about scientific phenomena in the Holy Qur'an are perfectly in conformity with the modern sciences whereas the Biblical narration's on the same subjects are scientifically entirely unacceptable.


As most people in the West have been brought up on misconceptions concerning Islam and the Qur'an; for a large part of my life, I myself was one such person. Let me cite one or two specific examples to indicate the kind of inaccurate ideas generally current.


As I grew up, I was always taught that 'Mahomet' was the author of the Qur'an; I remember seeing French translations bearing this information. I was invariably told that the 'author' of the Qur'an simply compiled, in a slightly different form, stories of sacred history taken from the Bible; the 'author' was said to have added or removed certain passages, while setting forth the principles and rules of the religion he himself had founded. There are moreover Islamic scholars today in France whose duties include teaching and who express exactly these views, although perhaps in a more subtle form.

This description of the origins of the Qur'anic text, which is so out of touch with reality, might lead one immediately to assume that if there are scientific errors in the Bible, there must also be errors of this kind in the Qur'an! This is the natural conclusion to be drawn in such circumstances, but it is based on a misconception. We are well aware that at the time of Muhammad - the Qur'anic Revelation took place between 610 and 632 A.D - scientific obscurantism prevailed, both in the Orient as well as in the West.

In France, for example, this period corresponded roughly to the reign of King Dagobert, the last of the Mrovingians. This approach to what was supposedly the Qur'anic text may on first sight seem logical, but when one examines the text with an informed and impartial eye, it becomes clear that this approach is not at all in keeping with reality. We shall see in a moment the truth of this statement, which is obvious from the texts.

Whenever there is textual proof of the existence in the Qur'an of statements that are in agreement with modern knowledge, but which in the Bible are related in a manner that is scientifically unacceptable, the stock response is that, during the period separating the two Scriptures, Arab scientists made discoveries in various disciplines which enabled them to arrive at these supposed adaptations. This approach takes no account whatsoever of the history of the sciences. The latter indicates that the great period of Islamic civilisations, during which, as we know, science made considerable progress, came several centuries after the communication of the Qur'an to the communication of the Qur'an to man.

Furthermore, scientific history informs us that, as far as the subjects dealt with in this present book are concerned, no discoveries were made during, the period separating the Bible from the Qur'an.

When this aspect of the Qur'an is mentioned in the West, however, we are likely to hear it said that while this may indeed be so, nowhere is this fact referred to in the translations of the Qur'an which we possess today, or in the prefaces and commentaries that accompany them.

This is a very judicious remark. Muslim - and indeed non-Muslim -

translators who have produced a French version of the Qur'an are basically men of letters. More often than not, they mistranslate a passage because they do not possess the scientific knowledge required to understand its true meaning. The fact is, however, that in order to translate correctly, one must first understand what one is reading. A further point is that translators - especially those mentioned above - - may have been influenced by notes provided by ancient commentators often came to be regarded as highly authoritative, even though they had no scientific knowledge - nor indeed had anybody else at that time. They were incapable of imagining that the texts might contain allusions to secular knowledge, and thus they could not devote attention to a specific passage by comparing it to other verses in the Qur'an dealing with the same subject - a process that often provides the key to the meaning of a word or expression. From this results the fact that any passage in the Qur'an that gives rise to a comparison with modern secular knowledge is likely to be unreliably translated.

Very often, the translations are peppered with inaccurate - if not totally nonsensical - statements. The only way to avoid such errors is to possess a scientific background and to study the Qur'anic text in the original language.


On the subject of man, as well as the other topics mentioned earlier, it is not possible to find any corresponding data in the Bible. Furthermore the scientific errors contained in the Bible - such as those describing man's first appearance on earth, which, as we have seen, may be deduced from the Genealogies that figure in Genesis are not to be found in the Qur'an. It is crucial to understand that such errors could not have been 'edited out' of the Qur'an since the time they first became apparent: well over a thousand years have elapsed since the most ancient manuscripts and today's texts of the Qur'an, but these texts are still absolutely identical. Thus, if Muhammad were the author of the Qur'an (a theory upheld by some people), it is difficult to see how he could have spotted the scientific errors in the Bible dealing with such a wide variety of subjects and have proceeded to eliminate every single one of them when he came to compose his own text on the same themes. Let us state once again, that no new scientific facts had been discovered since the time the Bible was written that might have helped eliminate such errors.

In view of the above, it is imperative to know the history of the texts, just as it is essential to our understanding of certain aspects of the Bible for us to be aware, of the conditions in which it was written.

As we have noted earlier, experts in Biblical exegesis consider the books of Old and New Testaments to be divinely inspired works. Let us now examine, however, the teachings of Muslim exegetes, who present the Qur'an in quite a different fashion.

When Muhammad was roughly forty years old, it was his custom to retire to a retreat just outside Mecca in order to meditate. It was here that he received a first message from God via the Angel Gabriel, at a date that corresponds to 610 A.D. After a long period of silence, this first message was followed by successive revelations spread over some twenty years. During the Prophet's lifetime, they were both written down and recited by heart among his first followers. Similarly, the revelations were divided into suras(chapters) and collected together after the Prophet' death (in 632 A.D.) in a book: the Qur'an. The Book contains the Word of God, to the exclusion of any human additions. Manuscripts dating from the first century of Islam authenticate today's text, the other form of authentication being the recitation by heart of the Qur'an, a practice that has continued unbroken from the time of the Prophet down to the present day.


In contrast to the Bible, therefore, we are presented with a text that is none other than the transcript of the Revelation itself; the only way it can be received and interpreted is literally. The purity of the revealed text has been greatly emphasized, and the uncorrupted nature of the Qur'an stems from the following factors:

First, as stated above, fragments of the text were written down during the Prophet's lifetime; inscribed on tablets, parchments and other materials current at the time. The Qur'an itself refers to the fact that the text was set down in writing. We find this in several suras dating from before and after the Hejira (Muhammad's departure from Mecca to Medina in 622 A.D.) In addition to the transcription of the text, however, there was also the fact that it was learned by heart. The text of the Qur'an is much shorter than the Old Testament and slightly longer than the New Testament. Since it took twenty years for the Qur'an to be revealed, however, it was easy for the Prophet's followers to recite it by heart, sura by sura. This process of recitation afforded a considerable advantage as far as an uncorrupted text was concerned, for it provided a system of double-checking at the time the definitive text was written down. This took place several years after the Prophet's death; first under the caliphate of Abu Bakr, his first successor, and later under the caliphate of Omar and in particular that of Uthman (644 to 655 A.D.) The latter ordered an extremely strict recension of the text, which involved checking it against the recited versions.


After Muhammad's death, Islam rapidly expanded far beyond the limits of the area in which it was born. Soon, it included many peoples whose native language was not Arabic. Very strict steps were taken to ensure that the text of the Qur'an did not suffer from this expansion of Islam: Uthman sent copies of his entire recension to the principal centers of the vast Islamic empire. Some copies still exist today, in more or less complete form, in such places as Tashkent (U.S.S.R) and Istanbul. Copies have also been discovered that date from the very first centuries after the Hejira; they are all identical, and all of them correspond to the earliest manuscripts.

Today's editions of the Qur'an are all faithful reproductions of the original copies. In the case of the Qur'an, there are no instances of rewriting or corruption of the text over the course of time.

If the origin of the Qur'an had been similar to those of the Bible, it would not be unreasonable to suppose that the subjects it raised would be presented in the light of the ideas influenced by certain

opinions of the time, often derived from myth and superstition. If this were the case, one might argue that there were untold opportunities for inaccurate assertions, based on such sources, to find their way into the many and varied subjects briefly summarised above. In actual fact, however, we find nothing of the kind in the Qur'an.

But having said this, we should note that the Qur'an is a religious book par excellence. We should not use statements that have a bearing on secular knowledge as a pretext to go hunting after any expression of scientific laws. As stated earlier, all we should seek are reflections on natural phenomena, phrases occasioned by references to divine omnipotence and designed to emphasise that omnipotence in the eyes of mankind throughout the ages. The presence of such reflections in the Qur'an has become particularly significant in modern times, for their meaning is clearly explained by the data of contemporary knowledge. This characteristic is specific to the Qur'an.


It was not until I had learnt Arabic and read the Qur'an in the original that I realised the precise meaning of certain verses. Only then did I make certain discoveries that were astounding. With my basic ideas on the Qur'an - which to begin with were inaccurate, just as those of most people in the West - I certainly did not expect to find in the text the statements that I in fact uncovered. With each new discovery, I was beset with doubt lest I might be mistaken in my translation or perhaps have provided an interpretation rather than a true rendering of the Arabic text.

Only after consultations with several specialists in linguistics and exegesis, both Muslim and non-Muslim, was I convinced that a new concept might be formed from such a study: the compatibility between the statements in the Qur'an and firmly established data of modern science with regard to subjects on which nobody at the time of Muhammad - not even the Prophet himself - could have had access to the knowledge we possess today. Since then, I have not found in the Qur'an any support given to the myths or superstitions present at the time the text was communicated to man. This is not the case for the Bible, whose authors expressed themselves in the language of their period.

In 'La Bible le Coran et la Science' (The Bible, the Qur'an and Science), which first appeared in the original French in 1976 and which subsequently appeared in English in 1978, I set forth the main points of these findings. On November 9, 1976, I gave a lecture to the Academia de Medecine (French academy of Medicine) in which I explored the statements of the origins of man contained in the Qur'an; the title of the lecture was 'Donnees physiologiques et embryologiques de Coran'(Physiological and Embryological Data in the Qur'an). I emphasised the fact that these data - which I shall summarise below - formed part of a much wider study. The following are some of the points which arise from a reading of the Qur'an:

* a concept of the creation of the world which, while different from the ideas contained in the Bible, is fully in keeping with today's general theories on the formations of the universe;

* statements that are in perfect agreement with today's ideas concerning the movements and evolution of the heavenly bodies;

* a prediction of the conquest of space;

* notions concerning the water cycle in nature and the earth's relief, which were not proven correct until many centuries later.

All of these data are bound to amaze anyone who approaches them in

an objective spirit. They add a much wider dimension to the problem studied in the present work. The basic point remains the same , however: we must surely be in the presence of facts which place a heavy strain on our natural propensity for explaining everything in materialistic terms, for the existence in the Qur'an of these scientific statements appears as a challenge to human explanations.

That does not mean to say, however, that the statements in the Qur'an - especially those concerning man - may all of them be examined in the light of the findings of modern science. The creation of man as described in both the Bible and the Qu'ran totally eludes scientific investigation of the event per se.

Similarly, when the New Testament or the Qur'an informs us that Jesus was not born of a father, in the biological sense of the term, we cannot counter this Scriptural statement by saying that there is no example in the human species of an individual having been formed without receiving the paternal chromosomes that make up one half of its genetic inheritance. Science does not explain miracles, for by definition miracles are inexplicable, thus, when we read in both the Qur'an and the Bible that man was moulded from the ground, we are in fact learning a fundamental religious principle: Man returns from where he came, for from the place he is buried, he will rise again on the judgment.

Side by side with the main religious aspect of such reflections on man, we find in the Qur'an statements on man that refer to strictly material facts. They are quite amazing when one approaches them for the first time. For example, the Qur'an describes the origins of life in general and devotes a great deal of space to the morphological transformation undergone by man, repeatedly emphasizing the fact that God fashioned him as He willed. We likewise discover statements on human reproduction that are expressed in precise terms that lend themselves to comparison with the secular knowledge we today possess on the subject.


The many statements in the Qur'an that may thus be compared with modern knowledge are by no means easy to find. In preparing the study published in 1976, I was unable to draw on any previous works known in the West, for there were none. All I could refer to were a few works in Arabic dealing with themes treated in the Qur'an that were of interest to men of science - there was, however, no overall study. Over and above this, research of this kind requires scientific knowledge covering many different disciplines. It is not easy, however, for Islamologists to acquire such knowledge, for they possess a mainly literary background. Indeed, such questions hardly seem to occupy a place in their field of classic Islamology, at least as far as the West is concerned. Only a scientist, thoroughly acquainted with Arabic literature, can draw comparisons between the Qur'anic text - for which he must be able to read Arabic - and the data supplied by modern knowledge.

There is another reason why such statements are not immediately apparent: Verses bearing on a single theme are scattered throughout the Qur'an. The book is indeed a juxtaposition of reflections on a wide variety of subjects referred to one after the other and taken up again later on, often several times over. The data on a precise theme must therefore be collected from all over the Book and brought together under a single heading. This requires many hours' work tracking down verses, in spite of the existence of thematic indexes provided by various translators, for such lists may perhaps be incomplete and indeed, in many cases, they often are

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It's a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used in reference to God and sometimes to lesser deities. This is not the case with Allah. Allah is the personal name of the One true God. Nothing else can be called Allah. The term has no plural or gender. This shows its uniqueness when compared with the word god which can be made plural, gods or feminine, goddess. It is interesting to notice that Allah is the personal name of God in Aramaic, the language of Jesus and a sister language of Arabic.

The One true God is a reflection of the unique concept that Islam associates with God. To a Muslim, Allah is the Almighty, Creator and Sustainer of the universe, Who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him. The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was asked by his contemporaries about Allah; the answer came directly from God Himself in the form of a short chapter of the Quran, which is considered the essence of the unity or the motto of monotheism. This is chapter 112 which reads:

"In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Say (O Mohammad) He is God the One God, the Everlasting Refuge, who has not begotten, nor has been begotten, and equal to Him is not anyone."

Some non-Muslims allege that God in Islam is a stern and cruel God who demands to be obeyed fully. He is not loving and kind. Nothing can be farther from truth than this allegation. It's enough to know that, with the exception of one, each of the 114 chapters of the Quran begins with the verse: "In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate." In one of the sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) we are told that "God is more loving and kinder than a mother to her dear child."
But God is also Just. Hence evildoers and sinners must have their share of punishment and the virtues, His bounties and favors. Actually God's attribute of Mercy has full manifestation in His attribute of Justice. People suffering throughout their lives for His sake and people oppressing and exploiting other people all their life should not receive similar treatment from their Lord. Expecting similar treatment for them will amount to negating the very belief in the accountability of man in the Hereafter and thereby negating all the incentives for a moral and virtues life in this world. The following Quraniac verses are very clear and straight forward in this respect.

"Verily, for the Righteous are gardens of Delight, in the Presence of their Lord. Shall We then treat the people of Faith like the people of Sin ? What is the matter with you ? How judge ye ?" (68:34-36)

Islam rejects characterizing God in any human form or depicting Him as favoring certain individual or nations on the basis of wealth, power or race. He created the human-beings as equals. They may distinguish themselves and get His favor through virtue and piety only.

The concept that God rested in the seventh day of creation, that God rested with one of His soldiers, that God is an envious plotter against mankind, or that God is incarnate in any human being are considered blasphemy from the Islamic point of view.

The unique usage of Allah as a personal name of God is a reflection of Islam's emphasis on the purity of the belief in God which is the essence of the message of all God's messengers. Because of this, Islam considers associating any deity or personality with God as a deadly sin which God will never forgive, despite the fact He may forgive all other sins. The Creator must be of a different nature from the things created because if he is of the same nature as they are, he will be temporal and will therefore need a maker. It follows that nothing is like Him. If the maker is not temporal, then he must be eternal. But if he is eternal, he cannot be caused, and if nothing caused to come into existence, nothing outside him causes him to continue to exist, which means that he must be self-sufficient. And if he does not depend on anything for the continuous of his own existence, then this existence can have no end. The Creator is therefore eternal and everlasting:

"He is the First and the Last"

He is Self-sufficient or Self-subsistent or, to use a Quranic term, Al-Qayyum. The Creator does not create only in the sense of bringing things into being, He also preserves them and takes them out of existence and is the ultimate cause of whatever happens to them.

"God is the Creator of everything. He is the guardian over everything. Unto Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth."(39:62,63)
"No creature is there crawling on the earth, but its provision rests on God. He knows its lodgingplace and its repository." (11:6)

God's Attributes

If the Creator is Eternal and Everlasting, then His attributes must also be eternal and everlasting. He should not lose any of His attributes nor acquire new ones. If this is so, than His attributes are absolute. Can there be more than one creator with such absolute attributes ? Can there be for example, two absolutely powerful Creators ? A moment's thought shows that this is not feasible.

The Quran summarizes this argument in the following verses:

"God has not taken to Himself any son, nor is there any god with Him: For then each god would have taken of that which he created and some of them would have risen up over others." (23:91) And Why, where there gods in earth and heaven other than God, they (heaven and earth) would surely go to ruin. (21:22)

The Oneness of God

The Quran reminds of the falsity of all alleged gods. To the worshippers of man-made objects it asks:

"Do you worship what you have carved yourself."(37:95)
"or have you taken unto you others beside Him to be your protectors, even such as have no power either for good or for harm to themselves ?"(13:16)

To the worshippers of heavenly bodies it cites the story of Abraham:

"When night out spread over him he saw a star and said 'This is my Lord.' But when it set he said, 'I love not the setters.' When he saw moon rising he said, 'This is my Lord.' But when it set he said: 'If my Lord does not guide me I shall surely be of the people gone astray.' When he saw the sun rising, he said, 'This is my Lord; this is greater.' But when it set he said, 'O my people, surely I quit that which you associate, I have turned my face to Him who originated the heavens and the earth; a man of pure faith, I am not of the idolaters."(6:76-79)

The Believer's Attitude

In order to be a Muslim i.e., to surrender oneself to God, it's necessary to believe in the oneness of God, in the sense of His being the only Creator, Preserver, Nourisher, etc.. But this belief - later on called Tawhid Ar-Rububiyyah is not enough. Many of the idolaters knew and believed that only the Supreme God could do all this. But that was not enough to make them Muslims. To tawhid ar-rububiyyah one must add tawhid al'uluhiyyah i.e., one acknowledges the fact that it is God alone who deserves to be worshipped, and thus abstains from worshipping any other thing or being.

Having achieved this knowledge of the one true God, man should constantly have faith in Him, and should allow nothing to induce him to deny truth.

When faith enters a person's heart, it causes certain mental states which result in certain actions. Taken together these mental states and actions are the proof for the true faith. The Prophet said, "Faith is that which resides firmly in the heart and which is proved by deeds".

Foremost among those mental states is the feeling of gratitude towards God, which could be said to be the essence of 'ibada' (worship).

The feeling of gratitude is so important that a non-believer is called 'kafir', which means 'one who denies a truth' and also 'one who is ungrateful'.

A believer loves, and is grateful to God for the bounties He bestowed upon him, but being aware of the fact that his good deeds, whether mental or physical, are far from being commensurate with Divine favors, he is always anxious lest God should punish him, here or in the Hereafter. He, therefore, fears Him, surrenders himself to Him and serves Him with great humility. One cannot be in such a mental state without being almost all the time mindful of God. Remembering God is thus the life force of faith, without which it fades and withers away.

The Quran tries to promote this feeling of gratitude by repeating the attributes of God very frequently. We find most of these attributes mentioned together in the following verses of Quran:

"He is God; there is no god but He. He is the Knower of the unseen and the visible; He is the All-merciful, the All-Compassionate. He is God; there is no god but He. He is the King, the All-holy, the All-peace, the Guardian of Faith, the All-preserver, the All-mighty, the All-compeller, the All-sublime. Glory be to God, above that they associate! He is God the Creator, the Maker, the Shaper. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. All that is in the heavens and the earth magnifies Him; He is the All-mighty, the All-wise." (59:22-24)

"There is no god but He, the Living the Everlasting. Slumber seizes Him not, neither sleep; to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. Who is there that shall intercede with Him save by His leave ? He knows what lays before them and what is after them, and they comprehend not anything of His knowledge save such as He wills. His thrown comprises the heavens and earth; the preserving of them oppresses Him not; He is the All-high, the All-glorious."(2:255)

"People of the Book, go not beyond the bounds in your religion; and say not as to God but the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only the Messenger of God, and His Word that He committed to Mary, and a Spirit from Him. So believe in God and His Messengers, and say not, 'Three.' Refrain; better is it for you. God is only one God. Glory be to Him - (He is) above having a son."(4:171)

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Hajj and Eid

It's that time of the year, Muslims all over the world are getting restless. Their Home in the heart of the planet beckons them. It's time to pay homage to the Beloved God in the House. It's time to come Home. It's time to come Home to the Holy Sanctuary of Ka'aba. It's time to leave all and follow Him. It's time to abandon this illusory world and come to the House of God. It's time for Hajj--the Pilgrimage. Those who can go will head to Mecca, those who can't will join in the festivities of Homecoming wherever they may be by celebrating the Eid of Sacrifice.

Hajj is a commemoration of love and celebration of faith. We commemorate Abraham's Supreme Sacrifice in love of his Beloved in Minna. We celebrate his wife Hagar's display of unprecedented love for the infant Ishmael and her unflinching trust in the Providence in the lonely desert around the Twin Peaks. We venerate God's Greatest Gift, the Quran by spending a day in Arafat where the final revelation was sent. We celebrate faith by coming face-to-face to the Qiblah of our prayers.

Hajj is also an act of renunciation. Muslims from every corner of the globe don their coffins--two cotton sheets--to represent their deaths to this life and head to their Primordial Home. They pay their debts, ask forgiveness of everyone, bid farewell to one and all and prepare to die to this world to live in Him. We are now ready for Hajj to the Ka'aba-a very special place.

Ka'aba is a special place. It was the first house of worship built by the first man. God commanded Adam to make a journey. He walked umpteen months until he arrived guided by God to Mecca. Here, he was instructed to build Him a House. This was mankind's first House of Worship. This is where we first learned to mourn our separation from our Beloved. This is where Adam shed countless tears to lament loss of paradisiacal glory. This is where we sought to seek His nearness. This is where we sought to experience His intimacy. This House is the Archetype which basks under another House situated far beyond the realm of the Visible Universe and the prison of space and serial time. This is the first act of reconciliation with our Paradisiacal Destiny in the Home of our Beloved inspite of our terrestrial sojourn.

Ka'aba is a special place. It was once lost to us but our Beloved led His Friend Abraham (God's Peace be upon him) to this Sanctuary and gave him the task of restoring this House. Our father Abraham (GPBUH) recruited his son Ishmael for the Holy Task. For months at end, father and son toiled under the searing desert sun sustained only by their burning love for the Eternal God. This choice was no random choice. Abraham was *the* man for the job. Every year, when men and women were to come to this blessed House, they were to come on 10th of the month of Zilhijj. This auspicious day God asked Abraham to make the Supreme Sacrifice and Abraham delivered. Allah asked His Friend to sacrifice his son Ishmael and he obliged.

Ka'aba is a special place. Its foundations have been fortified by love and faith of Abraham's family. We go there to commemorate love. We go there to celebrate faith. Abraham lived the true meaning of Surrender. He loved God, his Friend, above all. God gave him a dream where he saw himself sacrificing his son. Persistence of the dream convinced him that it wasn't just a dream but an allusion from the Infinite. He intimated the dream to his son who readily concurred. Once it was known to be God's Will, the son didn't offer any excuses. It was a foregone conclusion that His Will be done. Father and son set off to the designated place. When they reached their destination, son suggested that the father cover his eyes so his love does not overwhelm him into disobeying His master. At the very moment that Abraham let loose his knife, the son was substituted with a lamb. This time and this day was made sacred. Every year, millions come this very day. Millions retrace the steps of these two in the valley of Mina, they stop where they stopped, walk where they walked and finally arrive where the Supreme Sacrifice was offered. Here, everyone offers a sacrifice in His Love and then gives it to the impoverished people of the land all the while marveling at Abraham's burning love and faith in God that he was willing to sacrifice his most precious love. Those who can't be here, celebrate this wonderful sacrifice wherever they may be in any part of the world. For indeed, love of God must be celebrated.

Ka'aba is a special place. We commemorate Abraham and his son's faith and surrender. We also celebrate Mother Hagar's love. Mother's love is the highest form of selfless human love. Hagar typified this love so well. She combined this love with her unshakable trust in God. Abraham was instructed to bring her and her infant son Ishmael near the mound that was once the Ka'aba. In this desolate place with nary a single soul and nary a water source, he left them with a leather bag containing some dates, and a small water-skin containing some water, and set out homeward. Ishmael's mother followed him saying, "O Abraham! Where are you going, leaving us in this valley where there is no person whose company we may enjoy, nor is there anything (to enjoy)?" She repeated that to him many times, but he did not look back at her. Then she asked him, "Has Allah ordered you to do so?" He said, "Yes." She said, "Then He will not neglect us." What an exemplary Trust in their Beloved God! They knew that the Causer of all Causes will provide. He is Eminently Resourceful. Ishmael's mother went on suckling Ishmael and drinking from the water (she had). When all water ran out, she became thirsty and her child also became thirsty. She started looking at Ishmael tossing in agony; she left him, for she could not endure looking at him, and found that the mountain of Safa was the nearest mountain to her on that land. She stood on it and started looking at the valley keenly so that she might see somebody, but she could not see anybody. Then she descended from Safa and when she reached the valley, she tucked up her robe and ran in the valley like a person in distress and trouble, till she crossed the valley and reached the Marwa mountain where she stood and started looking, expecting to see somebody, but she could not see anybody. She repeated that (running between Safa and Marwa) seven times. God loved this selfless display of motherly love so much that every pilgrim to His Holy House must run 7 times between the Twin Peaks of Safa and Marwa. When she reached the Marwa (for the last time) she heard a voice and she asked herself to be quiet and listened attentively. She heard the voice again and said, 'O, (whoever you may be)! You have made me hear your voice; have you got something to help me?" And behold! She saw an angel at the place of Zam-Zam, digging the earth with his heel till water flowed from that place. She started to make something like a basin around it, using her hand in this way, and started filling her water-skin with water with her hands, and the water was flowing out after she had scooped some of it. This wonderful gift of God hasn't stopped yet. Hundreds of Millions come every year and take gallons and gallons of the Holy Water with them and still the small well never goes dry. Mecca is a special place.

In celebration of the two momentous events in Abraham's family, we are reminded that Allah's Will always work for our highest good. In the end, it all worked out for Abraham's family and in the end if we trust Him everything will work out for us too. From Him have we come and to Him shall we return!

Ka'aba is a special place. It is overwhelming to be in company of 3 million brothers and sisters in faith, all enshrouded in humble whites. The highest king to the humble laborer are both dressed alike. They stand shoulder to shoulder, they run side by side and they greet each other the greeting of peace. People of all races intermingle as co-equals. Black, white, yellow and brown all come together in harmony before their Beloved. Men and women all stand together. Veils are lifted off women's faces. In this searing passion for the Loved One, there is no distraction. He Alone Matters! It is wonderful to lift one's face and see one's Qiblah face-to-face. All their lives 5 times a day they turned their faces to their Qiblah--the Holy Ka'aba and now they see it right in front of them in all its majesty and glory. They savor the sweetness of coming Home all the while exclaiming "Labbaik Allahuma labbaik, la sharika laka labbaik, Labbaik Allahuma labbaik: I have come, my Lord, I have come. No one participates in Your Divinity (so I have nowhere to come but You). I have come." I have come, my Beloved. I have come.

We circulate around the Holy Ka'aba proclaiming all the while our Arrival. Circling around the earthly shadow of the Pole, we are reminded to keep our Beloved at the Center of our lives. We are reminded to keep Him in front of our lives and in center of our existence. Whenever we pray, this circulation is affixed and imprinted in our consciousness. We stand in awe of His Presence as if we are circling non-stop in ecstasy round and round our Beloved.

Accept the Hajj of all our lucky Muslim brothers and sisters who are given the grace of your Presence in Your Exalted House. Give us the Grace to one day be able to come visit You. O Allah, there is no one worthy of Love, Worship and Surrender but You. Allow us to love you, worship You and submit to Your Presence and to Your Wish and Will. Ameen!

Hajj Mubarak and Eid Mubarak!!

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Small-Scale Industries

Small-Scale industries are usually small companies that produce shoes, furniture, candy or sweets, dresses and kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, kettles, brushes,etc. they only produce things in small amount and only hire a few people. That is why they are called small-scale industries.

A big company has many expenses including salaries and materials. To make public of its products, the company must advertise. But a small company doesnot advertise its products when the company needs money, it borrow the money from a bank or a cooperative.

In business, it is necessary fro small-scale industries to compete in price or quality to succeed in spite of his small business, a businessman or a manufacturer should know about marketing, that is, how to market his goods.

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Did You Know : the gold rush "forty-niners"

The United States and mexico a peace treaty on February 2, 1848. Mexico had to give up much of its land to the US The land included Texas, Arizona, new Mexico and California. The treaty signers didn’t know that james Marshall had just discovered gold in California 10 days earlier. Nobody knew this outside of the area near the Scaramento River. One year later everbody knew.

In 1849 the world heard about the gold discovery. Gold fever brought thousands of people to California . We call the people who joined the gold rush “forty-niners”. They All thought they could become rich quickly. They thought they could stay in California a shirt time and return home as wealthy People

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A Reason To sing

Since its introduction to the United States in 1988, the karaoke phenomenon has gradually swept across the country, spreading from the Midwest hotel bar scene to some of the trendiest nightspots in New York and Los Angeles. Duets is a road-trip film about six indiduals who troe off the binds of their pre-determined lives and strive to the fulfill their dreams. Each is searching for the meaning of life.
In an era when anything less than a million dollar pay-off seems like peanuts, the $5.000 grand prize for the national karaoke competition may hardly seem worth getting out bed for. Tod woods (Paul Giamatti), a salesman who can’t even rouse a kiss or a nod of acknowledgement from his family when he wearily returns home, hits the roads to oblivion and somewhere in Utah picks up hitchhiker Reggie Kane(Andre Braugher), a black escaped convict , a philosophically articulated fellow with little to lose himself.
The next, and by far the least interesting couple are Suzi Loomis (Maria Bello), a waitress with a desperate ambition to become a singer, and a taxi driver Billy (Scoot Speedman). The most attractive duet is a father and a daughter.Ricky (Huey Lewis) and Liv Dean (Gwyneth Paltrow) . Ricky is a karaoke hustler who had been disconnected from everybody and everything before he met his daughter, Liv, an innocent Vegas showgirl who is searching for family and love. The film revolves around three pairs of people, three duets, who are searching to find something missing from their lives and their paths converge. Duets is alike a modern musical movie in which the actors have a reason to belt out tunes they’re performing.

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Tips on How to Choose The Right Tourism Academy

1. Choose an academy with a good reputation. A good reputation can be seen from the curricula offered by the academy.
2. Choose a school that offers not only diploma degree but also bachelor degree.
3. Choose a school which has fully equipped facilities, such as a computer lab, library, kitchen, front office, restaurant, travel counter, house keeping lab and other facilities related to building maintenance.

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Tourism : The Forgotten Business?

Tourism seems to have been forgotten, especially by students who have been planning for their future. Though having good prospects, this industry has not been taken care of seriously. It’s a pity to have such great natural resources, like mountains and beaches, without knowing how to make good use of them.
Right now many high scool graduates would like to have a career in information technology, law, business, construction,etc. But not many of them think that the tourism business is not very prestidious. They think that being involved in tourism means serving other people, like waiting on customers and cleaning up rooms. That’s true if one says that tourism is a business that depends on service, therefore anyone who works in this field should give their service to their customers. But aren’t most businesses nowadays related to service? Take insurance or banking, for example . Aren’t they big businesses which are releated to service?
It’s high time for us not to look down on tourism industry. As a matter of fact, tourism can contribute a lot to our country’s income. Just imagine if many foreign tourist come to Indonesia and spend their money here. Instead of spending money, just like many importers do, people who run the tourist businesses help the government fill up cashbox with foreign currencies. So this industry deserves to be seriously managed.

Service and Preservation
One thing that we lack in this industry is qulify of service. Compared with other countries. Such as Thailand and Singapore, our tourism service is a step behind. It seems that we have yet to realize that tourist are the key to success in this business. Sometimes we hear tourists complaining about the hotel service, transportation service and many other things. And sometimes we, Indonesians , also complain about the service given by the hotel we stay in.
Another thing that we should learn from other countries is how to preserve our natural resources, such as the beaches and mountains. Many beaches in Indonesia are spoiled and therefore are not as beautiful as they were before. This happens because some tourists , mostly local tourists are too ignorant to preserve these precious assets. They don’t care about sanitations and the cleanliness of the places. As a result , those places lose their beauty and attraction.

Human resources
Don’t ever think have a bright future in tourism if the people running the industry are still unprofessional. To have professional huma resources, some steps should be taken. One of them is to equip those who run the business with the appropriate skills. You can find many tourism schools in Indonesia. But don’t pick any school. You should choose the one which has a good reputation and adequate facilities. Once you have chosen the right school, you will be trained to be professional in one particular field, like hotel management or travel.

Bright Future
To have a success a career in tourism , you have to start from the bottom. Through the process, you will learn the ropes and once you have enough experience, you can start your own business, like running your own guest house, hostel or restaurant. There are many success stories of people who used to work in a hotel and quit their job to start their own business. These people were able to do that because of the experience they got from the tourism business. Now, what do you think about that? Isn’t tourism an interesting business.

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Everlasting love Stories

Do you know who fredie prince Jr. is? Are you familiar with Claire danes? If yes , then watching movies may be your favorite pastime. Now , what kind of the movies do you like most? Is it action, comedy, drama or something else? Love stories are the most common material for dramas. I’m sure you have heard the story about a princess who is cursed to sleep for a hundred years. And can only be awakened by her true love. There are many other stories like that and most of them have happy endings. Here 6 everlasting love stories , that I know :

1. Romeo and Juliet
Two families had been in a dispute for a long time and these two lovers were caught in the conflict. The situation got worse whe a close relative of the girls familt was killed by a member of the other clan. The story ended with the death of the youngsters. Although produced in 1996, the movie used the original script taken from the 18th century. Starred by Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes, this movie was a complete success.

2. Pretty Woman
Everyone has his/her own luck. Including streetwalkers. Who would have guessed that a multi millionaire would fall in love with a street beauty? At the first , he tried to ignore his feelings towards her. But when it comes marching in? Julia Roberts was astonishing in her role and Richard Gere was as charming.

What happens when a person dies? Does he fly to heaven right away or linegr to settle his unfinished business? It was a timeless Holywood tear –jerkerthat easily gets under one’s skin. Demi moore’s name and hairstyle became very famous after she played in the movie. Another name that was elevated by the movie was Whoopi Goldberg who won an Oscar for her role.

They said that God Himself could not sink the ship. Obviously, they were wrong. The biggest, most luxurious and powerful boat in her area, she hit bottom of the Pacific Ocean only four hours after hitting an iceberg on her maiden journey. Among the passengers were Leonardo Di Caprio and kate Winslet as the main charateristers of the Movie.

5. Beauty and The Beast
The story was about a prince who was cursed by a witch to become an ugly creature. The lady character was beautiful , inside and outside, and she did’nt judge a person only by his or her appearance . she fell in love with him, and the curse was lifted. Walt Disney made this comic version of the movie while Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion sang the famous soundtrack.

This movie, released in 1993, is about a recently engaged woman (Meg Ryan) who heard the sad story of a grieving widower (Tom hanks) on the radio and believed that they were destined to be together . she is in New York and he lives and seatle with a young son. But the cross-country attraction proved irresistible and pretty soon meg was on a westbound flight. After that, fate takes charge of the situation.

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Business Analyst : Are You Interest In?

A business analyst! Perhaps you heard it befire, but you may not know what it really is. Well, a business analyst is a person whom a company or an individual asks for advice on what to do to improve the company’s business performance. And becoming a business analyst is a lucrative career option.
Why Business Analyst ?
Being a business analyst gives you wide insights into different industries, companies and cultures. Although you worked in a different company, you have been exposed only to one particular industry or one particular company. If you work as business analyst, you often travels overseas to do some projects or to attend some training programs. Isn’t that interesting?
Anybody Can Do it
There is no preference of major or educational background to be a business analyst as long as the skills requirements are met. Reveals the requirements to contact :
- Problem solving skills. One should not avoid a problem. On the contrary, he or she should see it as something challenging that should be overcome.
- Leadership Skills. These sskills can be obtained from the experienced of leading teams in an organization. With leadership skills, one has initiatives to take the steps needed and the pervasiveness to motivate others to take actions.
- Interpersonal skills. To become a good business analyst, one has to be able to communicate with clients, to understand the clients problem and to present the ideas and suggestions to overcome the problem.
- Quantitive skills, which is the ability to process data.
Fresh Graduates Are Welcome
Working in a consulting business is team work and it is an excellent learning opportunity for fresh graduates. They can learn from their colleagues in the team, and from the manager who has more knowledge of and experience in the business.
Well, do you have what it takes to work in a consulting business? Not Yet? Don’t fret. All you have to do is take time and make efforts for improvement. (Nunik/Tony)

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Cooperation means working or acting together for a common pupose. National trade has made people in a country depend on one another . Air travel and mass communications have brought people close together. As people become increasingly interindependent, it is necessary for people to learn how to live in peace. People should be free from quarreling, ill-feeling or hatred.
Harmony starts from a good family. If all the families in a community are harmonious, they are also harmonious neighbours. They will help other people who are in trouble. They cooperate to take charge of the relative of the poor in the locality.
People in a community should not form blocks. They should try to avoid conflict. Living in peace is easier when people are bound together by ties of tradition , language and common cultural values. Working in harmony is more difficult when people have to face major differences in tradition attitude and way of life.

Cooperation or working together is one of the common characteristics of the Indonesian people. Not only the government, but also the people rush food , medicine, and clothing to people who are being stricken by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or droughts. They build tents for their shelters. They share the temporary tents.
Scholl students are trained to be sensitive to the suffering of others. They always support the handicapped, orphans and the victims of natural disasters

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Custom and Way of Life

A custom is a belief, principle or standard of conduct which is passed on from generation to generation especially when this is done without a written record. It is customary in Indonesia for a man to give up his seat to a lady a crowded bus or train. And it is customary here to let a lday go first. Take for example, when some people are getting into a bus , men will let women get into the bus first.
In an extended family, the members of the family consist of parents, grandparents and children. If their dining room is not so large, the old-age member of the family have meals first and then followed by the children. The children are trained to respect old people.
The majority of the Indonesian people are farmers who till small plots of land. In large parts of the country , rice is the main crop. But in drier eastern islands, maize (corn) or in some cases, sago, is the stable crops, vegetables,fish,eggs,chickens and spices make up daily diet.

Rural families are generally larger than urban families. All members work. Young girls help their mother sew and thresh rice in the afternoon after they have finished school and religious training. Boys of eight will help their father weed and plough the rice field. (fast Track English 3)

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Deciphering the minefield of post-childbirth emotions (about baby blues)

I found important article in The Jakarta Post News paper, About baby Blues. Here this article :
It has been nine months of morning sickness, backaches, swollen feet and ankles, heartburn and exhaustion. After that comes labor, all 20 hours of it, followed by round the-clock feeding and cleaning of the baby. Yes that is the miracle of birth , as wonderful as it is to be blessed with a baby, the process of pregnancy and childbirth is incredibly stressful due to the hormonal upheaval occurring in the body.

These hormone changes affect a woman’s mental and emotional state as well. That is why she can experience some emotional roller –coasters, ranging from post partum blues (sometimes called “baby blues” to very serious psychosic
The baby blues can be overcome with prover rest, a healthy and balanced diet, ad most importantly, support from family and friends.
In this article, I will elaborate three main types of emotional reactions to childbirth : post partuem blues, post natal depression and puerperal psychosic

1. Baby blues
It’s normal to feel frustrated, experience mood swings and have restless sleep patterns in the first few months after childbirth. In some 80 percent of women , this is known as postpartum, or baby blues.
Baby blues can start between the seond and 11th day after delivery and is caused by hormone changes in the body. It may last only a day, or up to week.
You may find yourself bursting intop tears unexpectedly, for no apparent reason. You will be subject to mood swings, become extra sensitive, have difficulty concentrating and feel discouraged a lot of the time. These symptoms come and go, so you may feel perfectly normal at times and very down at other times.
It is not uncommon to also feel frustrated, irritable, forgetful, lonely and at the same time , guilty for having such reactions. These symptoms are caused by hormones, but also by the exhaustion that every new mom faces.
Baby blues can be overcome with prover rest. A healthy and balanced diet and most importantly , support from family and friends. Your husband plays a crucial role in making you feel loved and appreciated, and in making sure that other people don’t intrerfere in your family affairs. Do not be ashamed to ask for help when you need it, whether it is caring for the baby, household chores or if you just need someone to talk to.
Baby blues do not last beyond the first four months after the baby is born. If they do, it might be part of a more serious psychiatric condition.

2. Postnatal Depression
Not too long ago, US. Actress Brooke Shields admitted that she had suffered from post natal depression. She described an experience that affects one in 10 new mothers, but due to social taboos, few women dare to admit to it.
Postnatal depression is a psychiatric illness that may set in after a new mother’s six-week checkup. It is unlike baby blues because the symptoms are continually presnt and are more serious. A woman might experience all the feeling as with baby blues, but on top of that , she may also have panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and fantasties , as well as detachment from her baby.

When interviewed by the BBC, Brooke Shield admitted that she had no maternal feelings toward her daughter. “I had no desire to pick her up, no desire to gaze at her—all I could do was cry” she even fantasized about killing herself and her baby.
This is why postnatal depression is such a taboo in our modern society. Nobody can understand or sympathize with a new mother who does not show “normal” emotions like joy and affection for her baby.
Nonetheless, mothers with postnatal depression should nor be ignored. Left untreated, it can go on for years or there could be immediate dangers, such as suicidal tendencies.
Those around a woman affected by postnatal depression should support her in seeking the right medical treatment. Which includes medication, psychological therapy and counseling.

3. Puerperal psychosis
The most serious postpartum emotional condition is puerperal (or post partum /postnatal0 psychosis. Fortunately this serious psychiatric illness is very rare, occurring in only pne in 1000 women.
Puerperal psychosis is a severe mental disorder that occurs about two weeks after childbirth, where contact with reality is lost or highly distorted. The most common symptoms are delusions (false beliefs) and hallucinations (hearing voices or seeing things aren’t there).
It can also cause emotional upheaval, confusion, meory loss, obsessive behavior, as well as rigidity or extreme flexibility of the limbs.
Women in this situation will not understand why they are suffering these symptom. Their partners and family members need to recognize that this is a very serious condition and immediate hospitalization is required.
With the right treatment and support , a woman with puerperal psychosis can recover completely. The most important thing is to recognize that all of these three conditions ca affect any woman who has just had a baby. She needs all the support and understanding she can get, from everyone around her.
(the Jakarta Post, March,12,09-Nor Ashikin Mokhtar/ANN/the Star)

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Global Information

We can get much information by reading books, magazines and newspapers. We ca also get much information by listening to the radio and watching television. Today’s television is part of our daily life. It is not only the source of entertainment, but also a major source of news and information as well as a valuable tool of science, education and industry.
We know that television has a great influence on our ideas. A global communications satellite system established in the 1960 has made live television news reports from overseas in almost rightly event in any living rooms.
As we live in the era of globalization, the influence of global information is great. Therefore, public broadcasting stations and government operated television stations could not restrict information from overseas because viewers will choose the programme they want from overseas broadcasting statios by using could have a much richer choice of programme.

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Women Entrepeneurs in Indonesia

Although there are only a few women entrepreneurs in Indonesia, their influences are great to the economic life. They have large scale quantities of products. Hundreds of workers work in the factories owned by the women entrepreneurs.
Some of the successful women in Indonesia are Dr. Martha Tilaar and Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo. They produce cosmetics, juice,powder,shampoo, slimming tea, cream for skin care, skin lotions, traditional medicine and some others.
They have been tryng to make Indonesian women and girls look beautiful , pretty, elegant and attractive. They often hold seminars or meetings for discussion about how to appear attractive in public. They are very interested in beauty culture. Everything that people to do improve the appearance of their bodies can be considered beauty culture. The chief concern of beauty culture has been to make the female face, skin and hair more beautiful .

The beauty products have been exported to neighbouring countries. They neither use mineral nor animal product in making cosmetics. They only use vegetable , fruit and plant products in making cosmetics.

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Urbanization is the changing from a rural to an urban condition, appearance, and way of thinking. The word urban is connected with a city or town , not with a country. Poverty, urban societies, and a city are closely related.
People who are out of work and unable to make a living off the land usually a decision by leaving the country and go to cities such as Jakarta, bandung, Semarang and Surabaya. They go to cities to try their fortune. Some who have received a good education are usually successful but those who are illiterate are unable to find jobs.
In cities extreme poverty sometimes occurs in urban slums where some poor people havenot had the opportunity to learn skills that will help them to earn a living in a rapidly changing modern world. People trapped in this kind of situation often have inadequate living in normally more expensive urban situation, must pay higher prices for little food they can obtain
Facing the fact that twenty percent of the people still live in the property line, the Indonesian government tries to handle program. 

The government also wants to provide a better, happier and more worthwhile life for its people. The first step in doing this is to provide people with good food and housing, and adequate clothing. However, the task of eliminating poverty is an enourmous and complicated matter. This is because poverty when it occurs in a country, rarely exist for just one simple reason.
In general , modern cities are suffering from the effects of too much industrialization and too rapid urbanization . many people go there to try to find a job. Most of these migrants have had little chance in present-day cities to provide employment and services for those people.

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Local Arts In Indonesia

Local arts is a products made by local people. It expresses the uniqueness of the creator, of the society to which the maker belongs, of all mankind, or of all these. The products appeals to the intellect and to the senses. It can be a variety of forms – a musical composition, dance, play, public exhibition, concert, novel or poem.
There are various kinds of local arts in Java. If foreign tourist visit the Lebak regency, they will be attracted to the Debus performance. The perfpormer stabs himself with a dagger or a sword but he does not hurt himself.

In my city, Bandung, foreign tourist will be able to see the angklung concert. The concert does not only play Indonesian music, but also American and European Music. Angklung is a musical instrument made of bamboo. It is played simply by shaking it. Foreign tourist usually try to play the angklung after seeing the concert. If you arrive in Bandung, you can visit “angklung Ujo”, the famous name for Angklung society in Indonesia.

In central and West java , drama is often performed in the form of puppet plays called wayang. Foreign tourist enjoy the puppet show. The wayang , accompanied by music played on native instrument in a gamela orchestra , is a very popular. Local dances based on legends also attract many spectators. Wayang orang (man or woman dressed in wayang and plays a certain role in the story) performance and Ketoprak are very popular in Solo, Yogya and Semarang.
If foreign tourist visit Ponorogo in East Java , they will enjoy the Reog Ponorogo show. It Resembles the dragon show like the one in Hongkong . They can also go to Surabaya to see the Ludruk show. It is similar to Kabuki in Japan. The players are male players

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Top 10 Banner Maker

1. BannerBreak.com
2. BannerCreator.Nu
3. BannerFans.com
4. BannerMakerPro.com
5. Mybannermaker.com
6. Bannersketch.com
7. Bannersnack.com
8. Banner-maker.net
9. 123-banner.com

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Partnership in Business

There are lots of entrepeneurs who are succesful in Indonesia. They use their savings or other people's saving to buy raw materials, hire labour , and buy machinery to produce goods or service, the cheaper the cost of producing goods and services , the greater will be the profit earned by entrepeneurs. Therefore, they weigh carefully the prices of land, labour and capital.

Partnership is the state of being a partner to carry on business in association with another or others. Generous and rich entrepeneurs or industrialists will help other entrepeneurs who have gone bankrupt to be able to survive by giving financial aid, advice, training,etc. Then they cooperate in business. They should be honest in business affairs.
Most of them are becoming richer and richer . But there are also a few entrepeneurs who are not successful. Their companies went bankrupt. There are also lots of industries which cannot produce goods well. They need capital and labour.

The goverment usually does something . it faces choices, like,should the goverment help more industries or let the entrepeneurs go bankrupt?should the goverment encourage successful entrepeneurs to work together with manufactures who have small industries and still employ labourers who receive low income.

Fortunately there are some successful entrepeneurs who want to assist poor manufactures whose will certainly be in the hand-made, not machine-made. they cannot afford the machinery. if they are not helped, they will certainly ne in the hand of poor manufacturers. they should use resources wisely. they should increase productivity-that is, to produce goods and services with less material and in shorter time. They should do their best to survive

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