The Types of Cargo

The types of cargo can be classified into 3 groups:
a. General Cargo
Is the stuff that does not need any special handling of cargo delivery. General goods cargo of furniture, garment, spart parts.

b. Special Cargo
Is a cargo of goods that require special handling in the delivery of goods because the goods are easily damaged or rotten.
Special items divided into 5 cargo consisting of:
1) Live animal
# Live tropical fish
# Day old chick
# Live dogs, live bird, live crabs

2) Perishable goods
# Vegetables and fruits
# Human blood
# Flowers
# Vaccines
# Fresh fish
# Newspaper

3) Valuable goods
# Gold
# Platinium
# Bank note, traveler check-stamp
# Diamond
# Jewelery
# Valuables worth over USD 1000

4) Human remains
# cremated
# Uncremated

5) Strongly smelling goods
#durian fruit
#Eucalyptus oil

c. Dangerous goods
Are goods that require special handling in shipment because the item can easily explode or berusak part of the aircraft.
Dangerous goods cargo goods consisting of 9 parts namely:

1. Explosive (inflammable goods)
2. Gasses (goods in the form of gas)
3. Flammable liquids (kerosene, gasoline)
4. Flammable solids (solids combustible such as coal)
5. Oxidizing substance (items easily oxidized)
6. Poison (toxic form of goods).
7. Radio Active Material (items that contain radio active)
8. Corrosive (objects that can cause corrosion).
9. Miscelanous dangerous goods (other goods that can be hazardous to aircraft

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct