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Ferramentas livres para SEO;7 free SEO tools, for the post this time we will review about Search Engine Optimization Tool, or online tools that support SEO. This tool you can use for free that are useful to conduct chekc-up optimization SEO blog. To further shorten research SEO let us begin its review tool one by one.
Google Adwords Keyword Tool (https: / / adwords.google.com / select / KeywordToolExternal). Useful to check for keywords or keywords with a competition notice, the number of searches in the previous month, the average number of searches, and sugesti of alternative keywords that are related. Make sure that keyword search is done first, before you make a blog. If you have created a blog to use a certain category (ex: Tips SEO), then there is no one to see the distribution of keywords in this tool. Look for the word or phrase of words that relate to the keyword "SEO Tips" and that competitors do not have too many, but not too low (between 3000 - 5000). If too many, it is possible opportunities you blog indexed by search engines on page 1 - 5 in the list of search is very small. If too few, even create a blog you will not have visitors because almost no one to search with the keywords you have entered.

Wordtracker Free Keyword Tool Sugeestion (http://free keywords.wordtracker.com). Uses exactly the same with the "Google Adwords Keyword Tool," which differ only in terms of the display. This tool will display a list of more than 100 related keywords and forecasts the number of searches per day based on the keywords that you have entered previously. You may ask "OB, khan existing Google Adwords Keyword Tool, the tool also reviewed this?" No keyword search tool is 100% accurate, so use more than one keyword search tool is better for you to get the keywords that are really good and relevant.

Keyword Rank Checker Tool (http://www.seocentro.com/tools/search-engines/keyword-position.html). Useful to conduct a check against the ranking of tracking a word or phrase of keywords. This tool will display your blog's position in the list of google search engine and try to make a comparison with the URL of the other competitors.

Link Popularity Checker Tool (http://www.market leap.com / publinkpop). Useful to conduct a check against the number of backlink to your blog, either through Google or Yahoo search engine. The more links a blog referring to you, the better the ranking blogs that you will get, as far as the link has a good quality also.

Sitemap Generation Tool (http://www.xml-sitemaps.com). Generalization is useful to do (gather information) to the blog to you in a formal XML or HTML. For details about the sitemap, especially Blogger.com user akan Reviewed play in the "Submit Sitemap in Blogger.com Google Webmaster Tools".

Social Bookmarking Tool Marker (http://www.social marker.com). Useful to make a bookmark to the content (content) you blog in a few social bookmarking services. Sometimes visitors to blog like this service more than he should find on search engines, for the general service category have a Bookmarking particular directory. Making it easier for visitors to search for blogs with a category-specific. Even some services bokkmarking include a link back to your blog, try to imagine if a social bookmarking service pro-PR5 has conducted submit your blog!

Website grader (http://website.grader.com). Useful in the optimization and to start a campaign blog for you. This tool will also give you advice on how to optimize a blog area for potential improvements to be done.

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