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Stop Dreaming Start Action, this paper is intended to support my blog in the contest of SEO, "stop dreaming start action" Seo contest is held by Joko Susilo. Please visit my blog! click here, Our lives is a collection of dreams, but dreams do with the act. try to hear these words 
"Many of them feel that now is a good effect losses, because the youth is the time to live in freedom, and good only for people who have started ripen.". 
Youth is a process to explore the personality, so many who lost their direction, so that they more often dreamed than more action. They do not realize that that does not work hard during youth, will be forced to work hard on the elderly. That is not only possible, but the circumstances that are evident around us. What if the person we call as the people either - that his life was not good, is the person who was not concerned with the youth?

... This may be the explanation, that his sense of frustration this week is the adjustment for those who have just become a better person.
So good people, whose lives have not been good, it is possible those who are in love with the full complement required for good.
If we say that good, so do the good, the bad and Avoid.
If we are good people, submit ourselves to submit to that we can not do - to God, and take full responsibility over that we can do.

Do not surrender, but still can not sleep because of worrying that we have submitted to God.
Also do not dare, but rely on strength in addition to the Lord.
We, the people of this good, is a person who believes that there will be no going, without the permission of God. God is the sole owner of the power. So, if there is something done with the power, it certainly materialize because God permits.

So let us surrender ourselves fully to God. Let us support the movement 'STOP Dreaming Start Action "

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aio-holic said...

Yes.. I totally agree with this...

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