Truly Online Survey - Opinion BAR - This is the online survey sites that I recommend to follow

This is the online survey sites that I recommend to follow, easy and profitable for you, you can participate in a survey they conducted. one of the prestigious survey that they have to do is determine the best website in the world. :
This is information that is on their website
The OpinionBar difference: We make your voice heard!
With OpinionBar, millions of people express their opinion every year and tell the large organizations what they think of their products, services, websites and advertisements. OpinionBar members have advised many large well known brands including Philips, MSN, Sara Lee, Canon, Heineken, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Nike, eBay, UNICEF, WWF and Yahoo.

Our surveys are fun!
As a member you will be invited for all kinds of surveys. Not only the usual questionnaires, but also we will invite you to test products at home (and keep them most of the time!), participate in game-like surveys, sort through images and be the first to see new websites and TV commercials.

Get paid or donate!
We will credit your account between USD 1,00 and USD 10,00 for each survey you complete. Once your balance has reached the threshold to request a payment, you can choose whether you want to receive the money yourself, or donate it to one of the charities supported by OpinionBar. Unlike other companies, we give you cash, not vouchers. It is your money, so you are free to choose how to spend it.

Company background
OpinionBar is the leading international online testing community, operated by MetrixLab, one of the world's fastest growing online market research agencies.

OpinionBar invites its members by email for paid surveys which are conducted online to enable its members to participate in a comfortable and natural way - be that at home or wherever they want to participate. We promise there will be no annoying phone calls and no unnatural and disturbing influences.

In early 1999, OpinionBar's main focus was conducting surveys about websites. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands OpinionBar members are asked about their opinion on a wide scope of subjects including websites, products, advertisements and services every month.

If you want to learn more about MetrixLab, visit

and Now here my invitation for you

I am participating in online surveys at and thought you might like to try it out. Once in a while I receive an emailed invitation to give my opinion on websites, commercials, services and products so they can be improved and become more user-friendly.

For each survey in which you participate you will receive a financial reward. Once you have reached the threshold, you can redeem your rewards by having them transferred to your bank account or you can donate them to a charity.

You can signup for OpinionBar at the link below:

With OpinionBar you can influence large organisations and your opinion reflects the voice of thousands. The surveys are fun and easy to do and some of them are even like playing games!

If you would like to learn more about OpinionBar please visit

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