The characteristics of computer virus infected

Here's one of the characteristics of  computer virus infected: 
1. Your computer runs slower than usual.
2. Run  Menu, Search hidden by the virus. 
3. CTRL + ALT + DEL can not be used.
4. MSCONFIG in regedit and disabled
5. Original folders on your computer hidden and replaced with virus files.
6. Menu Tools -> Folder Options in Windows Explorer is missing.
7. Computers often stopped or not responding.
8. Computer suddenly restart or crash, and this happened a few minutes.
9. Computer applications are not running properly and often error.
10. Files with the icon appears but has a file folder type. Exe
11. Hard drive or disk drive can not be accessed.
12. Print activity does not work properly.
13. It often happens that strange error messages and do not usually.
14. Often seen the menu or dialog box is damaged.
15. There is duplication of names in a folder in the folder.
16. Computers always took the message from which the virus originated.
If your computer has one of the above characteristics, there is likely a virus on your computer, immediately update your antivirus and scan your computer to clean the virus.

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct