Nokia E71 vs Nokia E72, Which One More Better-Mana yang lebih baik?

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If asked by someone of this question, you might be confused and wondering which one is better. In fact, both of them is actually similar in terms of weight and dimension. I am not sure you could see this point, that’s why I am telling you about Nokia E72 and E71 comparison in terms of keypad, speed, data connection and storage points between them.

We will talk about the first Nokia E72 and E71 comparison: keypad
Reading from the specification detail, both the Nokia’s cellular phone has the QWERTY keyboard and five methods key to scroll. The Nokia E71 has a smaller keys and a rather bigger space key. But, you will find additional comparison between them when looking to the optical trackpad on the new one, Nokia E72. So, the conclusion is that Nokia E72 is better and easier than Nokia E71.

The second point of Nokia E72 and E71 comparison: Speed
Talking about speed, we will review Nokia E72 first. The Nokia E72 has double CPU speed because using 600 MHz CPU. Meanwhile, Nokia E71 uses 369 MHz CPU. So, Nokia E72 is faster than Nokia E71, no doubt!

E71 vs E72 Data Connection comparison
New Nokia E72 has HSDPA 10.2Mbps down and HSUPA 2Mbps up speed connection. If we look into the Nokia E71 speed connection, we will find HSDPA 3.6 Mbps down and no HSUPA. Can you conclude it by yourself, can’t you? Nokia E72 is much faster than E71.

E71 and E72 Comparison number three: Storage
Now, we are exploring the storage comparison between Nokia E72 and E71. In this section, once more time the Nokia E72 kick the Nokia E71 without any fight. Nokia E72 has 250MB and supports up to 16 GB maximal capacity of expandable memory.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct