All About : E-Bussiness Model

There are several classifications made Judy Strauss (2006)

1. Content Sponshorship
This business model is to get some money from the ads, the same model with the newspaper and magazines. Ads will be displayed in the space that is owned by website owners. And if you have a blog, a blog can also be used for all of that. One of the most interesting at this time is google adsense. You can become rich, if you are charming.

2. Direct Selling
Sales of this one is directly between buyer & seller transactions occur directly

3. Infomediary
Provide data on consumers (the fun, hobbies, income, etc.) and all that is required by the company.

4. Intermediaries
This model consists of a broker, agent and online retailers. This program is most often used by online business owners. Brokerage role as intermediary between seller and buyer. Agent served as broker for finding a buyer or seller, while online retailers sell products is through the web site. (Also Taken From Media Kita Book-Taufik H)

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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