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Another striking example of the fake world created by the brain is our dreams.
The life we live in our dreams is often extremely “real”. A person dreaming that a stranger is following him sweats as he runs across the streets. He becomes so tense that he may even have a heart attack. While all these processes take place, there exists no actual stranger and not even his own body.
In brief, a dream is a clear example of virtual reality where one assumes existence in an actual environment.
What if you are in a dream right now? This may seem an odd question to ask. But just for a minute assume that somebody tells you that what you are experiencing right now is just a dream and all the things happening around you are occurring only in your brain. What would your answer be? It occurs to you that there is no evidence indicating that you are dreaming. Everything seems to be clear, logical and real. There is nothing that will make you suspect otherwise. Consequently, you are not in a dream, But, does the way by which you assess the difference between dreams and reality rest on these criteria? Or is it because the images are so real and seem to be part of a sequence of events?
Beware! The method you used to differentiate dreams from reality does not seem to be scientific.
When you are dreaming, you cannot understand whether you are in a dream or not. So, there is no reason to look with contempt at dreams. You talk with somebody that does not exist in reality and want to possess a virtual car. When you wake up, both dreams and the “life” you assume to be real,have the same features and haracteristics, since both are experienced in your brain.
When you are dreaming, events develop beyond your control. You are not given the opportunity to choose the place, time and scenario of your dream. Suddenly, you find yourself having an adventure while still asleep. What is more, you do not find the happenings around you strange,although they do not comply with common sense and are against the laws of nature.
Most probably, for you, reality is represented by the things that can be touched and seen. You also hold something with your hand and see it in your dream, where you neither have a hand nor eyes,nor an object to see. This situation is practically deceiving! A philosopher who ponders on this conflict states the following:
“For while we dream, we do not know that we are dreaming; it is only later, after awaking, that we recognize our dream as a dream. How can we claim that our present experiences are of a more reliable type than those of a dream? The fact that they are associated with a feeling of reality does not make them more dependable, because we have the same feeling in a dream. We cannot completely exclude the possibility that later experiences will prove that we are dreaming even now.” (Hans Reichenbach, The Rise of Scientific Philosophy, University of California Press, 1973, p.29)
Descartes also made the same proposition: “In my dreams I see myself going to places;
when I wake up I realize that I have been nowhere and I find myself just lying in my bed.
Who can assure me that I am not dreaming right now, or that my whole life is not a
dream? For these reasons, the reality of the world I live in becomes a totally dubious
concept.” (Macit Gökberk, Felsefe Tarihi (History of Philosophy), p.263)
Then what is the difference between real life and dreams? Is it the fact that real life has an uninterrupted, continuous nature, or is it because a different kind of reasoning mechanism prevails in dreams? These are not important differences in principle, since both kinds of life experience occur in the brain.
If we can live in a virtual life when dreaming, why wouldn’t we be living in a virtual life when we are not dreaming? There is no logical reason to prevent us from thinking that we are starting to live in a longer dream that we call “real life”, when we wake up from a dream. It is our prejudice and traditional way of thinking which lead us to have no doubts about this subject, although we do not have any solid evidence about it

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