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This is how increase traffic on your blog:
If you already have a blog site, the next step you must do is introduce your site to the public. Of course, you'll be happy and excited when the articles, poems or stories that you publish on the website blog responses by others. And you certainly would not work if your blog only u to feel&know it .next, this is the steps that you can to increase the traffic of the blog site and publish to the general public.1. This is Directory to list Blog not special to some site below:

1. Http://
2. Http://
3. Http://
4. Http://
5. Http://
6. Http:// Blog directory task is to send your data and posting to various search engines, including the three major search engines namely,,
(2) Switch Link (blogroll)and links ExchangeAsk your friend or anyone who has a lot of visitors to exchange mutual links (Blogroll Blogging world in terms). Ask them to include your link, then enter ur blog as a return link on their blog site or you can register to the link exchange, such as in or you can search through the search engine by typing keyword "free link exchange "Or if you chance to find other people who have to enter your blog address in the link, then you must reply to budi own by entering the link into your link directory. If not you will be labeled as "Blogger stingy." How do I? Please do check with the name of your blog like this blog or whoever you want to know. Example: and press search, please see your results.
(3) Many comment on the other Blog & always visiting other blogs and do not forget to always leave your comments and type the web address of your blog.
(4) Post Box on Chat facility to attract visitors you can add interactive features such as, Chat Box. To obtain free of charge, please register to or you can see an example in the blog who have the right.
(5) Write the address on the ur Blog and So eMail Signature ... do not forget a signature to fill in the email with your blog's web address. Each person you send that email will always read the end of their email and your heart will be moved to at least try to click on that.
(6) Content that you should interest,exciting and important. Remember that the person sitting in front of computer and browsing the Internet is that people need the information for himself, then you are the person who will provide that information. Look for themes that are by many people (which is called the Tags).
To find out you can see on the site quoted from:

Peluang Bisnis Untuk Anda

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct