Find The FIRST LANGUAGE for Baby

In fact, infants aged 0-3 months the baby has the same language in the world. No matter race, gender and nationality.
Baby language, it is accidentally found by Priscilla Dunstan since that already has a small unique talents, that is to remember all kinds of sound or the sound is known by the term photograph. When Priscilla had a baby, he realized that the new baby was also trying to communicate with his mother. Finally, the language a baby can be identified after more than 1,000 babies in the world examined.
There are 5 words which is known by the language to communicate with babies adults. If parents responded no, the baby will stop using it. Parents should hear the following words before the baby is crying hysterical:

1. Neh (hungry)

This is quite similar to Heh and Eh, so be careful listen. If we have not responded well, the baby will cry harder.

2. OWH (nod)

Perhaps the word is more easily understood as spoken by the baby's mouth with a round shape or O.

3. Heh (Not Comfortable)
Baby say the word with this exact mimic different with Neh. If we understand these words, then flee to make the baby to be comfortable so that it does not speeding.

4. EAIRH (flatulency)

Sound like a person or suppress grrrhhh. If the baby already say this word, immediately correct the position.

5. EH (belch)
Usually pronounced finished drinking or even stomach being empty.

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Fahmi Rizwansyah said...

Waa aku dah lama cari artikel ini, sejak nonton acaranya oprah tahun lalu.
Thanks sob dah sharing...

Cheers, frizzy.

zujoe said...

btw itu bahasa bayi secara internasional? gimana kalo bayi di pedalaman atao yang masih pake bahasa tradisional?

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