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This film is extraordinary, Lets See!
Film Title : Dragonball Evolution
Director : James Wong (Final Destination3)

At the beginning of the story "Dragonball Evolution", starting from the introduction Goku (Justin Chatwin) and Chi-Chi (Jamie Chung) in school, humiliated by the name of Goku geeko , immediately attract the attention of so chichi Chi (read: shot of energy).
At that time also, Chichi Go directly to invite me to come to the party held in her home. But at the same time, the grandfather Goku Gohan, while preparing dinner for the special Goku repeated eighth year remorse. No chance, Lord Piccolo in the house kill Gohan in Goku house. He was looking for Susinshu, dragon ball Goku owned the four-star......

Goku is not a nice feeling, immediately ask for leave from the house and found chichi Her grandfather is not powerless. In the last his life, he told two things to Goku, find Master Roshi and must always trust yourself.
When entering the house that is destroyed, it was against a thief called Bulma. He daughter of a single dynasty Coorporation Capsule. No wonder if Bulma gadget is equipped with sophisticated and futuristic.
Bulma apparently equipped with a DBE (Dragon Ball Energy) can track the existence of the dragon ball and dragon ball are seeking five-star (promethium). Start and together they find Master Roshi and fifth in Paozu dragonball others.
They clearly have a task, the Piccolo in the seventh dragonball which will be used to generate shelong, the dragon that can grant a request. Therefore Roshi teaches science tertingginya called a "kame-hame-ha."
Only that? Comic dragonball consisting of three series, be a film that be 75 minutes. So that the occurrence of the film to protests from fans comic "Dragonball"
Story of how this film ... you should watch at the nearest Cinema or to buy a DVD film ... he2x

A Great Film
The Best Actor
The Best Movie Director
Dragon Ball Mistery

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jae said...

The cartoon was my favorite childhood movie

nyubi said...

sip, tpi sayang sob ditempat kerja saia, gag ada bioskop, mklum dipedalaman riau, jauuuh dari keramaian, terpaksa nunggu download-nya aza, tengs eah info-nya

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