Tips to Buy a Second Handphones

A new mobile phone, of course, sold at very high prices, according to the ability of the assets. The price reached a few million, even the mobile phone that is very sophisticated, the range can reach 10 million Rupiah.

For us who do not have enough money, more wisely used if the search for mobile phone use is still feasible. Difference between new and used mobile phones is quite significant and we can use for other purposes.
The problem is, how can we get a mobile phone used a truly good. Whether it's the physical aspect of the content of offal and used the mobile phone. Sometimes if we are not careful, a former mobile phone appearance is relatively "Good Appearance" that we can not use again in just a matter of some weeks only.

Below we give a few tips if you are interested in buying a mobile phone used.

* Test used a mobile phone you buy it with a SIM card (if you have not, try to borrow your friend). Do not be too quickly satisfied only if the mobile phone used to know this can work, do try to call a friend to the speaker make sure, receive and still function properly.

* Check the battery power. Used a mobile phone you can buy so cheap, but if the battery is not in good condition, then you must buy a new battery that would make the price mobile phone has become more expensive.
* If you buy a mobile phone equipped with the former without the charger, you should be more vigilant, especially if the label is missing or serial number loose from the back of the mobile phone. Calculation of price charger (and probably the battery, if the battery is too old) as the total price of mobile phone used if purchased. If the charger and the battery is quite old or difficult to obtain in markets, the price can also be more expensive.
* Check the IMEI number (a sticker on the back of the phone, usually located under the battery). If there is no IMEI number, you can view the code by pressing "* # 06 #" on the handset, the handset IMEI momor will appear Is your mobile phone. this also is a good step to determine whether the mainboard of the mobile phone has been changed or not, with equate the number that appears with the IMEI listed on the sticker. This can also be done on some CDMA mobile phone.
Do not only view the mobile phone looks good, because the display looks new mobile phone that does not guarantee the phone is problematic. very easy to change the mobile phone casing that is opaque casing with new, more interesting with a very cheap price.
* Try to find some instructions or scar on the mobile phone mainly on the antenna, battery, casing, if there are scratches or former impact. (New Ponsel's)

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct