Six Tips to beautify your Blog

Tips to beautify your blog.
Get facilities from a third party (the website other facilities), facilities that are often used among the bloggers:

1. For make a chat box, go to, and get a registration code, via the menu go to my control panel, then in the quick start option, select the codes .. get a copy of the code, and do not forget to back up the code in Ms.word, as you note, if you at any time you change the templates with the new.
2. That often show co-blogger, is a facility to display the site feed us, which means the feed (which the article) that is accessed by our visitors. Through this facility we can find out the location from which people access our blog. To add it go to, then join feedjit and get the code
3.Hits Visitor, this is what you want to know how many people have come around to your blog, you must install this widget. Try to access and search menu widget to get the code
4.Show flag state, go to:, take the code and add it to your blog
5.PageRank, is a site that will determine our ranking based on pagevies, page after page is accessed. To get the code into, page rank is very important because there are some sites that require PageRank blog we have at least 4, then they want to advertise on our blog that can enhance your blog and you can create a blog visited by advertiser, of course you will get benefits. $ Amount of money, what you wait the more your ranking small. Unlike the PageRank that rank should increase. Go to, look widgets / toolbar, and then capture the code. Alexa will require a number of registration fields, such as what the name of our blog and e-mail us. Usually for the beginning, our blog's ranking will reach tens of millions, more visitors will rank the wane. The smaller, more crowded, the greater your opportunities seen by advertiser ... so hold, and write!

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct