Best chat applications for your handphone

If you really like to chat with  Handphone, here are some applications for chat that you can use with free and easy. Download and install the application on your Handphone, then you're ready to use for chatting.

1. eBuddy
Ebuddy media messenger is an application that supports many popular applications such as MSN messenger, Yahoo, AIM and Google Talk.
Ebuddy can be used in various types of HP.
If you have multiple Messenger account, you do not need to install Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, or one by one.
Fair use eBuddy account to your account.

2. MXit
MXit is a messenger application that works on your mobile phone.
This application allows you to send and receive text messages to and from the phone and also from your PC.
Message is sent and received via the internetmobile,and not through standards sms technology.

3. Mig33
Mig33 is a mobile community to chat.
Mig33 is the excess of the menu there is a chat room, mail, and private chat.
You can also see other people's profiles, upload photos and edit your profile.
Fasiltas that make the mantab mig33 is the 'kick user' which you can chat room and the other to drive the terrorist or onar in the chat room.

4. Yamee
Yamee is an application that replaces the Yahoo Messenger on a PC.
This application server is connected directly with the YM.
But lack of Yamee is only one account with the online course, and not use the Indonesian language.

5. YehBa
Yehba is one type of application based java handphone called regular or J2ME.
YehBa facilities are:
• Chat
• Multi-User Chat
• Presence
• Group / Broadcast Messaging, Low-Bandwidth requirements.
• Customizable alerts and tones (ringing chat)
• emoticons
• Message history
• PC Style Messaging

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daywalker said...

maaf bro ane pake bhs indo aja ye, ente komen di bligku ttg modem itu, ane bs dipercaya kok, ane dah jual bahkan mpe medan dan pontianak..cheers

Valentine Aaqil Mahmood said...

YehBA* the best!

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct