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Content Management System (CMS) software is a content management system implemented in the form of a web application used to create and manage HTML content. This application is used to manage and organize web material (HTML documents and associated images) to the dynamic in large amounts. CMS facilitates the creation and the content, editing, and many essential functions of the maintenance web.

1. Joomla
Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) Open Source and is written using PHP and MySQL for the database on the internet or intranet.
Joomla was first released with version 1.0.0.
Features such as Joomla caching system to improve performance, RSS, blogs, Polling, etc..
Joomla uses the GPL license.

2. WordPress
WordPress is a blogging software written in PHP and supports the MySQL database system.
WordPress is the official successor of b2'cafelog developed by Michel Valdrighi.
Name proposed by WordPress Christine Selleck, a friend of the head of the developer, Matt Mullenweg.
WordPress is distributed with the license GNU General Public License.

3. Mambo
Mambo is a Content Management System (Content Management System, CMS) open source that is used to create and manage a web site from the most simple applications to companies that even the most complex.
Mambo is known to be installed easily, easily managed and has a high capability.

4. Drupal
Drupal is a software content management system which is free and open distributed under the GPL license.
Drupal can be downloaded freely and can also be used freely.
Drupal can be used to build:
* Community Web Portal
* Site Discussions
* Company Website
* Internal Applications
* Personal Website or Blog
* Commercial Applications E-Commerce
* Collection of Information
* Social Networking Sites
* Multi-language Website
* And others
Download: + project

5. PhpBB
PhpBB is a Content Management System (CMS) for internet forum which was written with the PHP programming language.
The name "phpBB" is an abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board and is available in the GNU General Public License so that it is distributed as freeware.

6. Geeklog
Geeklog is a Content Management System (CMS) weblog that allows users to create dynamic sites.
Geeklog is also equipped with features visitor registration, post journals and comments.
The user can also select the view from the site.

7. PHP-Fusion
PHP-Fusion is a content-based management system, which uses MySQL database to store content of the website, and have a simple system administration.

8. Simple Machines Forum (SMF)
SMF is a professional device that allows users to create online communities quickly and easily.

9. MediaWiki
MediaWiki is a wiki software package that uses the license GNU General Public License.
MediaWiki is the software that is made specifically for Wikipedia and other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, but now this has been used widely.

10. PHP Nuke
PHP Nuke is one of the application template for creating a dynamic website using the PHP language base.
The process of PHP Nuke is very easy-just follow the wizard that the wizard has been provided.
Components templatenya is also very diverse, ranging from the module FAQ, forums, Poll, multiple polls, counters, guestbook, and so forth.

11. osCommerce
osCommerce is a multi-function and multi-language open source e-commerce solution, which allows users to create online shops quickly and easily.
No special skills required to handle the set-up is very easy to store and manage all your online services and features.

12. phpCOIN
phpCOIN application is a comprehensive billing / invoicing, ideal for web hosting resellers to manage customer orders, invoices, notes and helpdesk.
This can also be used by different types of businesses in other sectors.
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