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Twitter is currently be discussed a lot of fame because the site is almost equal fame with the facebook site. Twitter is a web site service and microblogging social network that provides facilities for users to send a "renewal" form of any posts text with maximum length of 140 characters via SMS, sending instant messages, electronic mail, or applications like Twitterrific and Twitbin.

If you Twitter fans while  firefox browser fans as well, here you some tools that may be suitable to you. Like all the other firefox tool, we recommend you do not install unless you all want to slow your browser.
Here are some Twitter tools for your Firefox:

1. Friendbar (
Friendbar easier to stay in touch with friends on Twitter. Friendbar also support with Facebook.
Can manage your images and text on your  toolbar firefox browser.

2. TwitBin (
Opening Twitter client in your sidebar so you can send and read tweets no matter where you are on the Web without changing the tab or window.

3. TwitKit (
To view your account stats, public timeline, sending tweets, your friends, and last through your list of followers sidebar.

4. TwitterBar (
Allows you to post on twitter via your Firefox address bar.
5. Twitter Line (
Showing "Twitter time line" in the toolbar as a head line.

6. Twitter StatusBar (https: / /
Provide facilities in the input data to twitter using just a few buttons.

7. TwitterFox (
Allows you to see friends who update, retweet, remove read tweets directly and many more.

8. Twitter Toolbar (
Allows you to update every time you want, such as browsing.
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xander said...

nice info bro
walaupun ga main twiterr lg abis kurang seru

zone4health said...

sangat berguna sharingnya sob....



Juliawan said...

raelly nice information ^^ and are u want to link exchange bro?heheheh and good english too ^^

terjemahan said...

emang kalau komentarnya pake bahasa indonesia kenapa bro??

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