Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

If you are a user of Google's mail,there are some important tricks that you need to know, so you can work faster.
Gmail has facilities keyboard shortcut, keyboard shortcuts will certainly help you manage your email. You do not need the mouse to click menus that contained in gmail.
To use this you first need to log into your email first, then click the settings menu, in the general tab of Keyboard shortcuts in the options, select option Keyboard shortcuts on and click the button
Save Changes.
Your settings are saved and you are ready to use this facility.
Here are shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts you can use the gmail.
C = Compose
/ = Search
k Move to newer conversation
j = Move to older conversation
n = Next message
p = Previous message
o or = Open
u = Return to conversation list
e = Archive
m = Mute
x = Select conversation
s = Star a message or conversation
! = Report spam
r = Reply
a = Reply all
f = Forward
= Escape from input field
+ S = Save Draft
# = Delete
+ I = Mark as read
+ U = Mark as unread
[= Archive and previous
] = Archive and next
z = Undo
+ N = Update current conversation
q = Move cursor to chat search
y = Remove from Current View *
. = Show more actions
? = Show keyboard shortcuts help

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct