Opera 10 Beta 3 - Faster & Safer

One of the biggest browser is Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE), but you must remember! Do not forget the Opera browser. Ok, this is not the oldest browser's , but the Opera browser is one of the oldest that still exist to this day. Slightly drawn back, if you still remember with a mosaic? Right, this is the mosaic which is the oldest browser, released since 1993. 

Opera, as we know, is one of the browser's most cohesive and productive use with Nintendo Wii and DS, is smart enough because until now many mobile phones as a sink Opera browser in mobile devices is. Happy news!! today's Opera browser lovers can enjoy in the version 10 beta 3. Moreover, users can also start downloading. According to the Opera, version 3 beta resemble some improvement. 

The first is the Tweaks tab, in the previous beta version, users have the option and the tab referrence more visual. Well, in the beta 3 version of the Opera this is a request to respond by offering users the option of placing the tabs. Consequently, users can now see a thumbnail visual tab on the right or left of the screen, in addition to placement at the top or bottom. In terms of UI (user interface / user interface), Opera designer, Jon Hicks to continue improvements to the UI, that is, with the UI design a more efficient use.

Aware that  Opera users came from all over the world, Opera also provides the feature Multilingual. As many as 38 languages in the browser to their new version . The goal is  to facilitate the user in the world to operate Opera. The increase is the last speed Turbo made in the beta 3. To feel the Opera 10 beta 3, the user can download them through http://www.opera.com/browser/next/

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct