Benefits of Cleaner Production Application

Benefits of Cleaner Production Application:

1.Prevent pollution and environmental degradation through waste minimization efforts, recycling, treatment, and safe waste disposal.
2.Supports the principle of environmental preservation in the context of the implementation of Sustainable Development.
3. In the long run can increase economic growth through the application of production processes, use of raw materials and energy efficient.
4. Preventing or slowing environmental degradation and reduce the exploitation of natural resources through the implementation of waste recycling and the processes that ultimately lead to the conservation of natural resources to achieve Sustainable Development.
5. Provide opportunities for economic benefits, because in the net production is pollution prevention strategies at the source (source reduction and recycling in process), which inhibit the formation of waste at an early stage, thereby reducing the investment costs that must be paid for treatment and disposal of waste or environmental improvements .
6.Strengthen product competitiveness in the global market.
7.Improve the image of producers and increasing consumer confidence in the products produced.
8.Reducing the level of health hazard and safety

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct