The Eight Es Of Empowerment : Stewart (1994:63-73)

1) Envision, which provides views or to develop a shared vision of the goal. In this case the government officials who served at this level are required to be able to give positive views of the entire community about the ideals to be realized together in order to really understand the purpose or objectives to be achieved through government policies, both physically and development goals mental spiritual, so that people will listen to information or the development of messages, to accept and utilize and maintain the results of development.

2) Educate, educate the community in order to control the behavior of their own decisions based on the belief that providing the public can really understand the importance of the implementation of community development in districts, so that communities are able to carry out all instructions or messages conveyed to government officials .

3) Eliminate, which limit the inhibiting factors to avoid the constraints or remove the barriers that come from public attitudes, and trying to change the negative attitude of society into positive behaviors that can support community efforts to achieve its objectives.

4) Express, which is that in implementing empowerment, government officials involved are required to always be able to disclose or provide explanations in an honest and realistic about the goals to be achieved and the reasons for implementation of empowerment, it is important because the improvement in the level of public understanding of the importance of empowerment so that the community will strongly support all efforts to Head.

5) Enthuse, namely an attempt to encourage or excite enthusiasm or sense of community, so that within the community grows the desire to carry out duties of life which they are responsible in accordance with both norms of law, religion and social norms of living within the community . In an effort to improve the welfare of the community through this empowerment, will grow and develop the spirit of enthusiasm that influenced society and their ability to sub-district officials involved in providing incentives to the public.

6) Equip, which is seeking to to all community members are given the completeness of the guides or guide the implementation of each activity, and trying to instill the confidence of his own abilities, to be able to assess the behavior of government officials and conduct themselves so as not to be alive and develop mutual feelings of suspicion or curioga vilify each other, and that may happen is that there is harmony between society and the action officer.

7) Evaluate, the attempt to improve the ability of the community will be able to assess or evaluate themselves on the sub-district action, action, or action officer ssebagai has particularly citizens' rights and obligations to promote and prosper ourselves and families and surrounding communities, so people can know the weaknesses, deficiencies or excesses. Thus, all citizens can generate ideas or ideas that can be used / chosen as an alternative Resolving problems and can be used to make improvements to the deficiencies in an effort to achieve his goal.

8) Expect, which seek to empower the implementation of sub-district conducted its officers are involved in accordance with the wishes and expectations of society, so any program that is planned to be able to welcome both of them. In addition, feedback from community empowerment which has been implemented can be used as input to fix the weaknesses before the implementation year, so the implementation of leadership to empower the community from time to time may be established more firmly and effectively in accordance with what is expected.

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