Call Guard, Manager Calls (Black & White List Mobile Application)

Callguard an application that allows users to manage and control incoming calls. This application has the functionality to make blacklisted by doing reject an incoming call and make the white list by receiving incoming calls from numbers that have been previously selected.

Callguard operates mutes function and rejects the incoming call and send sms automatically to the relevant numbers to call. With this application, users do not need to make a cell phone in a silent state, such as being in a meeting and was waiting for important calls.

Users need to do is create two categories of lists that will make the determination whether any incoming calls will be accepted or rejected. Ie white lists and black lists.
The number of mobile numbers that can be included in two categories list is not restricted, meaning that users can perform block numbers are not known to bother him freely without worrying about software limitations.

Especially for the choice function "rejected", the user can select the option 'busy "to appear when a call comes from the existing number in the list. Ringing or mute option. While the list has been created and then activated following the user's activity schedule, when he will activate this application or not.
Users can select "Once" to activate the list of specific Weekdays should be determined by the user, or "monthly" to activate the list within a month.
While the compatibility of this software is compatible with the capabilities to series 60.3/60.5
Publisher: Symbian Guru
Platform: Symbian, Symbian OS 6.x
Version: 1.0
Category: Communication
File Size: 293 KB
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