Understanding Competence

In the Great Indonesian Dictionary (1993: 516) "Competency is defined as the authority (power) to determine (formulate something) and the ability to master something."

This view of the competencies are different opinions, but in general competencies related to empowerment pengembangandan function. According to Echols and Hassan (1995: 132), competence is the English translation of "competence" which means "skill, ability, competence" that competence da [at construed as an ability.

Then Armstrong (1996: 189) provides an explanation of the definition of competence:
Competence is a wide concept embodiesthe Greenwich ability to transfer skills and knowledge to new Situations within the ocupational area. It ecompasses organization and planning of work, inovation and coping with non-routine activities. It includes those qualities of personal efectiveness that are required in the work place to deal with co-workers, managers and customers ". (Competence is a broad concept which includes the ability to transfer skills and capabilities to the new situation in the region regarding the organization of work and planning work, innovation and overcoming routine activities. Also includes the quality and effectiveness of personnel needed in the workplace to deal with colleagues , managers and community).

While Burgoyne (Armstrong, 1996: 189) mentions competence is "the ability and willingness to perform a task". (competence is the ability and willingness to perform a task).
According to David Mc. Clelland (Mitriani and Daziel, 1994: 27):
A competency is defined as an underlaying characteristic of an individual sandwiches is causally relatd to effective or superior performance in a job. Competenciescan be motives, traits, self concept, attitudes or values, content knowledge of behavioral skills ". (Competence is an ability that is determined as the nature of the person who causes linked to the effective implementation of a job. The ability to include motives, traits (trait, self concept (self concept), behavior (attitudes) or the values (values), knowledge (knowledge), skills, awareness or behavior (or behavioral conitive skills).

According to Kurnia (2001: 7) "Competence can be defined as knowledge, skills and personal qualities, including motive, attitude, values and trait necessary to carry out activities or work effectively in line with business objectives".

So in general it can be concluded that the notion of competence is the ability to have an individual form of knowledge, skills and attitudes required in accordance with its duties or work

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