Criteria of International schools

The feeling, all would agree that the school is the path of formal education a must be taken, let alone competition to be the best, from day to day more and more strict. Quality then becomes the main thing when going to choose schools. International School who is now a lot of standing often also become the main choice.Many of the essence of the international schools that should be known by the audience, rarely discussed or played. Not surprisingly, in the minds of many people, knowledge of international schools was limited to schools that use foreign language books and teaching-learning process conducted in English.

Is an international school just like that?
International Baccalaurate Organization (IBO) headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, defines international schools as schools that conduct? International Education?. Then, criteria for determining what is an international education? Here are the criteria established by the IBO :
# Developing citizens of the world in relation to culture, language and learning to live together
#Building and reinforcing students’ sense of identify and cultural awareness
#Fostering students’ recognition and development of universal human values
#Stimulating curiosity and inquiry in order to foster a spirit of discovery and enjoyment of learning
#Equipping students with the skills to learn and acquire knowledge, individually or collaboratively, and to apply these skills and knowledge accordingly across a broad range of areas
#providing international content while responding to local requirements and interests
#Encouraging diversity and flexibility in teaching methods
#Providing appropriate forms of assessment and international benchmarking

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