Tips : Blackberry Password settings

When you use a password, blackberries will always ask you to access the password that you enter when you turn on your phone or on standby.
Steps for setting passwords:
1. Navigate and select the settings menu on the main screen.
2. Select Options, security options, and general setiing and press the trackball to change the password setting from disable to enable.
3. Press the menu key and select save.
After doing the above step you will be able to create a new password type your new password and verify your new password. After that press the trackball to save your new password.
From the main menu you can also setting your phone when you are locked. In this case all depends on you to make time as you want. From this menu you can also specify digit number or letter that you can use in your password.
As a precaution, your phone can delete all your data when you enter the wrong password over and over - again. Some setiing password you can access through the main menu, including the Prompt on Application Install, Lock On Handheld Holdstering, and Allow Outgoing Calls While Locked

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct