How do I switch BlackBerry Internet Service from one operator to another operator

If you are currently using BIS services from one operator and you assume less than satisfactory service, the following simple way and not too much trouble so you can switch to a service operator that you deem appropriate.

Once this process is very burdensome BlackBerry users, but it's different now, the service is open and cooperative enough to serve this process.

#Here are some important steps that can be done:

1. Stop the BIS service operator you are using now. Do with the mechanisms send an sms to the number provided
- For XL BB can type spaces OFF, send to 568
- To telkomsel, type BB spaces Unreg, send to 333
- For Indosat, type Unreg, send to Number 889
- To AXIS, type a space Unreg Service
- For Smart, type OFF, send to 2233
2. After the BIS service is not running again, do demand the release of the PIN. This is especially recommended for those who have registered domain BLACKBERRY email with the operator, for example, do this by calling Customer Care each operator, or come to the stores.
3. If you have to remove the simcard from blackberries, replace it with another operator services.
4. BIS and do the registration of your new simcard. Do it by sending an sms registration
5. Remove the battery, then plug it in again. Wait until the writing became gprs GPRS and 3G to be written with the symbol 3G Blackberry.
6. If not there is a change in the GPRS indicator, do send look service. Do this by registering your new number through options> advanced options> host routing table> click the BlackBerry button> register Now
7. If the indicator icon has appeared, then your BlackBerry is ready with new services

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct