BlackBerry Tips: Securing data on BlackBerry

If you are the one of the many BlackBerry users, the following tips may be useful mainly to secure important data on your BlackBerry and prevent your data protected from theft by the hands of ignorant who are not interested.

1. Enable Password Protection on BlackBerry
Most BlackBerry users are too lazy or even reluctant to activate the password feature to protect his BlackBerry. The reason is simple, because they are too lazy to type the password when the need to unlock the BlackBerry when it comes to using it. Though this feature extremely useful to prevent the mischievous hands using your BlackBerry. On the BlackBerry click menu [Option] - [Security Options] - [General Settings] and then set the password in the Enable position.

2. Secure Password with Password Keeper
Do not store passwords on your BlackBerry browser, always use the Password Keeper for storing passwords, your important passwords.

3. Data Encryption In Bluetooth
On the BlackBerry click menu [Option] - [Security Options] - [General Settings] to set the Enable Content Protection and then select Strenght in strong position, stronger or strongest suit your needs. This encryption feature you can also apply to your Phone Book, so that the important numbers and the secret of the BlackBerry will be safer.
4. Turn off Bluetooth when not needed
In the default condition, the Bluetooth on the BlackBerry is in the ON position, for it is a good idea if you immediately turn off Bluetooth if you are not being used. That's to prevent the spread of Bluetooth Bluetooth hacking or viruses.

5. Memory cleaning
Click the menu [Option] - [Security Options] - [Memory Cleaning] is useful to clean (cache) of critical data such as passwords or email is not encrypted on your Blackbery memory.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct