Cooked Meals for Employees

To a large hotel with hundreds of employees, breakfast, lunch, or a night for the kitchen staff cooked by using kitchen equipment, but the food cost calculations that will be charged to the Manpower Department, the personnel responsible for food employees .
Costs incurred will be borne by the department. There are no fees for employees purchase meals, uniform, who became the burden of hotels and regulated by the HRD or personnel.

Food employees must meet the following criteria:
1. Adjusted to the number of employees who enter,
2. Indonesia or local menu,
3. The materials and local businesses,
4. Enough nutrients, proteins, vitamins,
5. Cooked and properly supervised,
6. There are variations in the menu for 1-2 months,
7. Special menu for the special days , 
8. Warehouse separate kitchen from the warehouse owner,
9. Standards have their own cost,
10. Not ignore the hygiene and sanitation,
11. Food replaced if a lot of complaints from employees,
12. Technically can be left on private catering business while still must follow the criteria established or can also be cooked by the Employees Dinning Room Kitchen

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct