Main Variable Product Attributes

Kotler and Armstrong classifies product attributes on three important elements (Kotler & Armstrong 2001:299), namely:

>> Product Quality (Product Quality)
Product Quality (Product Quality) is the ability of a given product's performance in accordance with its function (such as durability, accuracy, ease of operation, and repairs). Quality is considered a very important role in terms of consumers and producers. For consumers, by increasing the quality of a product will further enhance satisfaction with the offered goods producers. For producers, the increasing quality of products means an increase in market share and the ability to increase or the creation of profit.
Product quality has two dimensions, namely level (level) and consistency. This means that a product if the quality is said to meet these two dimensions, namely the product has good quality and delivered consistently over time.

>> Recommended Products (Product Features)
Recommended products (Product Features) is a tool for distinguishing competing products a company with another company (the features that provide additional benefits of a product). In general, the characteristics inherent in a product is the result of the development and improvement continuously.

To be able to know what is in vogue and customer needs, companies should conduct periodic surveys to find the level of customer preference toward product offerings, the most desirable features of the products, features that can improve product performance, and reasonable costs incurred to take advantage of features -feature.

>> Product Design 
Another way to add value for customers is through a different product design. The design has a wider concept than style (Style). More styles featured on the aspects of performance regardless of product performance. Style is not necessarily add to the comfort is not uncommon even with the latest model of convenience disrupt the primary use of a product. Design consider factors other than an attractive appearance. Design can improve the performance of a product. A good design can attract the attention of consumers, improve product performance, reduce production costs, and increase competitive advantage.

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