A pressure water system for washing, galley, and drinking purposes shall be provided. The water tank shall have a volume of 30 gallons, however, the normal quqntity shall be limited to 30 gallons.

Hot and cold water shall be supplied in the lavatories and cold water shall be supplied in the No.1 and No. 48 galley units. A water shut-off vaive, accessible in flight, shall be provided in the supply line to each lavatory wash basin. Water filters shall be installed in the cold water systems of lavatories LA, LD, and LE.

The system supply tank shall be capable of with standing a burst pressure of 125 pst. Collapse of the supply tank shall be prevented by structural provisions or by raliable venting to prevent full cabin pressure differential acting on it.

The water distribution lines shall be fabricated of materials which will sustain freezing without ruptura or permanent distortion.

All components of the water system shall be constructed of corrosion resistant materials suitable for use with super-chlorinated water. Construction shall be in accordance with the sanitary requirements of the U.S. Public Health Service.

Water Tank Pressurization

The potable water tank shall be pressurized to a minimum of 25.0 psig by air from the pneumatic system with a filter incorporated to remove contaminants. It shall be possible to pressurize the system through a valve on the service panel for maimtenance purposes.


Waste Water System

Waste water from the lavatory wash basin, galley sinks. And door threshold drains shall be drained overboadr during flight, through forward and aft heated drain masts.

Toilet System

Each lavatory shall be equipped with a flushing toilet. It shall include a three-phase AC motor to drive a pump, a flishing cycle timer, and a drain valve. The flushing mechanism, including motor, pump, fiter, and timer shall be accessible for maintenance. Corrosion-resistant materials shall be used throughout. The flush pump shall be capable of operating dry for axtended periods without damage.The ground flush and drain lines shall be protected against freezing in flight. The drain lines shall be capable of withstanding the full cabin pressure differential without collapsing. The ground flush line shall be capable of withstanding repeated freezing without ruptura.The forward lavatory toilet tank shall have a minimum capacity of 15 gallons and the aft lavatory toilet tanks shall have a minimum capacity of 17 gallons.

Toilet Servicing

Servicing the forward toilet shall be accomplished from a service panel located on the lower forward exterior of the fuselage. A four-inch diameter drain connection suitable for drainage with a Kaiser (Roylyn) service coupling 2651-133 (or equivalent) and a hinged can shall be provided on each drain outlet. The drain connect ons shall incorporate an integral cap. The ground flush line fittings shall mate with a Roylyn 1.00 inch size coupling.

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