During the browsing, to a degree never experienced a certain problem, such as speed, security or the other. To avoid some problems, it's good you have any tips or tricks during a solitary browsing the Internet.
Speed access is the major part of the tips for maximizing the use of the Internet. Below are 10 tips that can be used as a guide when browsing the Internet.

1. Cache Settings
Drain Take advantage of the cache, it is possible that this step has not been done. Because when you visit a web page, the data is always stored in a cache (temporary data storage) on the hard disk. Then when you reopen the page, the data will always be added to the cache, and the browser displays the cached page is better than the copy of the download from the web server.
Executable file cache earlier, prior to connecting to the server from the web page when the web page is busy. Once can access the page will be added in the cache.
To empty the cache in Netscape communicator:
- Click on preferences from the edit menu,
- Open the advanced category, click the sub category cache.
- Then click the clear memory cache and clear the disk cache.
For users of microsoft internet explorer (IE),
- Select the tools menu, select Internet options.
- In the city dialog, select the general tab page,
- Click the button delete files.

2. Usage History
Data on the web page of the cache, which is stored in the recording list the name and URL (universal resource locator, Internet address) at each site visited. You can also use the history list to return directly on the site.
To clear the list of history-a list of communicator
- Click edit, select preferences, highlight the category navigator,
- Click the clear history.
While in the internet explorer
- Click on tools, select internet options,
- Select the general tab and click clear history.
Settings can also be done in order to keep the history data for some time according to needs.

3. Time Out
Many ISPs (internet service providers) who use a monitoring system for the automation disconect dial-up connections. This is the ISP to load the latest messages every 20 minutes. Messages can be news or e-mail. When you stay active, there will usually be the separation of (disruptive) site between the active site with an ISP that has been revised once every 20 minutes. That way you always do refresh.
To avoid this, you can set up e-mail application in order to make checking every 10 or 15 minutes once.
On the communicator,
- Open the preferences dialog box, double-click category mail & newsgroups.
- Highlight the sub category mail servers.
- Create koneksitas filed incoming mail on the mail servers.
- Then click the edit button.
- In the next dialog box, click the check-box check for mail every-minute.
- Set to always check every 10 or 15 minutes.
In the IE can be men-setting in the options dialog box and search options for new check-masseges every minute.
On microsoft outlook, look at the mail delivery tab, in the dialog box options.
For microsoft internet mail, the settings can be read in the tabs on the dialog box options.

4. Security
Paa netscape and microsoft securiy usually offer protection, which is also supporting both standards on the protection and security while online. For example, you click on the button that security is in the communicator's standard toolbar buttons to find the site of the original, when the page is cached locally then the page will update in the following specification of the other site. Click the button where you conduct a transaction online.
For internet explorer, you can configure security settings. You can choose from low, medium-low, medium, and high security settings, to get full security settings you can choose high, if not want to use the full security, you can use low and medium settings.

5. Take advantage Bookmark
To improve efficiency at the time online, you can use the catalog and move the bookmark that contains the web site in the favorites folder in particular. To create a bookmark folder in the communicator, click the bookmarks icon in the toolbar and select the location edit bookmarks from the menu pop up.
In the dialog box bookmarks, open the file menu select new folder. Fill in the name of the folder, and provide in the bookmark properties dialog box.
Meanwhile, to make a bookmark in internet explorer, open the favorites menu, click on organize favorites. In the next dialog box, click the create a folder, the contents of the folder name, click close.

6. Protection
Try entering each specific site you must complete a user name and password. To enter a username and pass word are very simple, where you stay the course. Usually a system with a good work to do on data protection. But more important is when you enter the data that is more important, such as credit card number. Use a password that is unique, such as merge or combine hurup between large and small as well as a number, in order to get the maximum protection.

7. Start Up
Set the application default position on the internet, to avoid disruption at the time of application start-up internet. If you are using netscape communicator, the configuration settings can be done e-mail application, calendar, or HTML in order to open the application by default. In the preferences dialog box, highlight the categori Appearances, and you will see a list of applications that are displayed on the communicator area launch on startup. Select the default option on the navigator. To change, click the option for a navigator-deselectnya, click the option that you iginkan (messenger, composer, or the calendar) as the default Internet applications, click OK. Now you have created a default application for the Internet.

8. Adding Toolbar
On internet explorer, the user is permitted to add a button on the standard toolbar, which is located on the toolbar button that becomes the default for the standard toolbar, such as back, forward, stop, reload, and print.
To add a key, you can do, right-click on an empty toolbar area, select customize the pop up menu.
Then, displayed toolbar customize dialog box, choose the button that often or that you always need, click close. If you want to restore as (setting default toolbar), click the reset button.

9. Avoiding Spam
Spam? Perhaps it is the least preferred at the time to open the e-mail. Although now many software-software to eliminate spam, but also not appear effective level. The very best way is to use two e-mail address.
You can create multiple e-mail, but may be confusing you. Should use the e-mail address as an alternative. Eg for e-mail first ana use as Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com/), Excite (http://www.excite.com/), or GO. Com (http://www.go.com/).
Use e-mail address for the second touch with everyone, without exception. And certainly in the e-mail address of the second there is a lot of spam. To e-mail address of the primary, use to connect with friends, relations, or anyone who you believe.

10. Mobile Access
By using a good equipment, you can access the web from anywhere. Because at this time most of the web site has complete and utilize the wireless technology, such as on a mobile (http://mobile.yahoo.com/wireles/home) or MSN mobile (http://mobile.msn.com/)

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