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I found the spam detector for free, You can check if your site contains elements spam on google for how to enter the address of your site here for free!
Then the site will analyze and display the part which will be suspected as spam, Improve your blog immediately if you have detected, I can try and still 80% accurate
here the Explanation on their website :
What does "search engine spam" mean?
Search engines want to value web pages analyzing (also) the text that the pages show to users. Some webmasters trick search engines into believing that a page shows to users more/different text than the one really displayed.

This trick is one of many methods considered "spamming" by search engines. For a more in-depth information about search engine spam, you can read this search engine spam definition and this good white paper about SE spam.

What does this "search engine spam detector" do?
This tool analyzes a web page searching for features that show the presence of some tricks considered "spam" by search engines.

What spam methods this tool is able to detect?
It mainly detects many tricks belonging to three classes of methods: keyword stuffing, doorway farms and text hiding (based on same foreground/background color).

What tricks it cannot detect?
This tool is in its very early stages. All analysis are based on text, background images, HTML code and CSS. Since there is not support for Javascript or any language/technology other than HTML and CSS, any spam trick that uses Javascript will not be detected. Also, text hiding methods based on CSS positioning are currently not supported.

Does this tool obey to robots.txt files?
No, because it isn't a crawler and it acts exactly as a normal web browser. So it simply downloads all the files required to "render" the web page.

What's that text sometimes shown in the invisible text report?
Each is a simple HTML entity. The tool reports them if they are inserted in a "invisible zone" of the HTML code, that is a zone where a text would appear invisible.

Why have you created such a tool?
First, because I like to train my brain, searching for nifty solutions to interesting tasks. Second, to show to webmasters and SEO-wannabe how it's relatively easy to develop a tool like this.

If the tool isn't capable of detecting the hidden text method I'm using, does it mean that my method can fool search engines too?
No. It just means that this tool wasn't able of finding the hidden text. Search engines could be smarter.

Don't you think that your work could harm SEOs or help search engines?
No. Good SEOs don't need spam tricks. Beside, believe me, the most important search engines already detect spam with better algorithms than mine.

Who are you?
I'm an independent italian software developer. I'm not connected with any search engine company. For questions about this tool, you can reach me at the e-mail address: spamdetector at

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