Wordpress(WP) Plugins for Flash

Flash is one of the media used to view video files in a posting on a website such as Youtube and Metacafe.
To make the post a video on the website so that video can be viewed directly, usually using a script called embed.
If you want to use WordPress to build a site that often use flash and embed video, here are some plugins that can help support you.

1. WordPress Video Plugin
WordPress Video Plugin allows you to easily enter the embed code of almost every video site.
List of supported sites is also very comprehensive.
Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-video-plugin/

2. Embed Flash Kimli
Embed Flash Kimili is an open source plugin which is very popular for blogging that allows you to easily place Flash movies on your site.
Built on top of the SWFObject javascript code, search engine friendly, very flexible and full of features, and easy to use
Download: http://kimili.com/plugins/kml_flashembed/

3. Simple Flash Video
Simple Flash Video is a plugin that makes it easier to post flv or mp4 file on WordPress platform ..
With this plugin you can easily post flv or mp4 video to your blog.
Download: http://www.simplethoughtproductions.com/category/simple-flash-video/

4. Flash Video Player
Flash Games Playermerupakan plugin for WordPress allows the addition of video (and other media) to a WordPress website.
Options available with a complete post-level overrides for endless Customization.
Download: http://www.mac-dev.net/

5. Flash Gallery
Flash Gallery may be used to change the gallery to the walls awesome Flash image, full screen slideshow with support and much more.
Download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/flash-gallery/

6. SlidePress
SlidePress plugin can make publishing photos and video content that is easy to customize and offers total control and integration of SlideShowPro gallery in Wordpress.
After you create a slideshow SlideShowPro, SlidePress manage embedding a presentation in the post or page in your site.
Download: http://slidepress.net/

7. Post videos and photo galleries
One of the plugin to handle a blog that will be rich media, slideshows, video, music, menus and more.
Choose your video, photos and music and display skin, a page or post with custom text overlay and thumbnail a rotating belts.
Download: http://wpcincopaplugin.ronica.net/examples/smooth-gallery-sitemap/

8. FLV Embed
Adding to Embed FLV Flash FLV video to your blog. Support the Games sitemap generation.
Download: http://www.channel-ai.com/blog/plugins/flv-embed/

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