Between Facebook Vs Friendster

Facebook is a social networking website launched on 4 February 2004 and was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard graduate and former Ardsley High School students.
Friendster is a social networking website where a user will create a virtual identity, and then fill the data itself with an account in Friendster.
Both sites are on social networking web site which is very famous in the world.
Here I give a little illustration of the advantages and disadvantages of social networking web site Facebook and Friendster, so that you can conclude yourself where superior facilities offered facebook and friendster.

Facebook advantages and weaknesses:
1. Provide facilities to the user to perform registration.
2. Editing on the Facebook is not as easy to do editing on a laptop, the user "forced" to use default view.
3. Facebook has privacy be regarded as good enough to enable the user to set who is allowed to access the information on the profile, and who does not.
4. Chat Facilities.
5. We can build an application and then installed in our profile, we can use the Facebook platform API's.
6. Has a feature Live News Feeds and so that users can see what activities are done by someone new in Facebook.
7. In addition, All people can make such a comment with the other easily.
8. Sign up at the first time, we can select a network of friends based on the country. With this feature we can easily find friends who are in Indonesia.
9. Have  Group facilities where the group has features that best to  online form communities such as discussion, photos, wall, or testimonials, etc.  
10. Facebook has a feature that allows us to offer goods or services to other users. 
11. Facebook can access directly from your mobile phone. With the view that the condition is adapted mobile access easier and faster than accessing the website with the look of the desktop phone.
12. Bandwidth used is not too large, so that in the Surf of Facebook faster than in Friendster.

The advantages and weaknesses Friendster:
1. Provide facilities to the user to perform registration.
2. Editing on the display easier because Friendster has features CSS Friendster spoil the user to create a display profile that is unique.
3. Privacy Friendster has a less good because there are some data that can be displayed, such as your name, city, or address.
4. Does not have any  chat facilities.
5. It looks too many ads.
6. Does not have any features Live News Feeds and Feed.
7 The search facility to search for other members of Friendster, according to the name, address, or even the schools, organizations, companies or affiliates.
8. Friendster comment features are still very poor because they do not respond directly to comments written by others. Furthermore, a comment must be entered prior to the selection shown on the profile.
9. Sometimes it feels heavy when accessed in the Load so requires a long time to open 1 page. This can spend a lot of bandwidth
10. Function Add Comment / Testimonial its simpler. Testimonials can be a comment, congratulatory birthday, or an image that is interesting.
11. We can create a profile as we want. Unlike the facebook where we must follow the wishes of the creator of the application.
View benefits and weakness of the above, that Facebook is superior compared to Friendster, it can also be seen with increasing rank Alexa traffic Rank indonesia Facebook to surpass the current tv ratings

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct