Tips To Save Internet Bandwidth

Tips are very useful if you install the packages using the internet bandwidth quota / Volume Based.

1. Disable the function to load images and sound.
If you are browsing to a site and just need info its only text on the site, you can disable the function to load images and sound.
For Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Content
For IE: Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced

2. Turning off the automatic update settings.
Setting off the automatic update on windows, as well as antivirus software and moved to other settings to manual update.
Because there are several programs that we install to download updates automatically.

3. Install Add-ons Adblock Plus.
Plugins this function to avoid the ads that appear on a site I opened our site.
For firefox you can install add-ons Adblock plus (https: / /
firefox add-ons able to avoid this image ads and flash ads.

4. Using a compression program such as images toolnel.
With this program, the data will be compressed first before we go to the computer.
You can download the

5. Using Web mail support AJAX
Use the email services that support the view where the AJAX work efficiently so that the data we download smaller.
Web mail support, among other AJAX GMail and Yahoo Mail with the new version.

6. Use only one browser.
Use only one browser, for example, if Firefox continues to use Firefox, if Internet Explorer continues to use, do not be moved.
Because each browser has its own cache, so if you open a site that has you visit, the browser will not download all the data again, because some have been saved to your computer's browser in the form of cache.

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lunaticg said...

Thank you for the tips.
Viewing a site without a picture is never an option for me. Its fast but sometimes you need to look at the picture to know the story.

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct