Exploring the Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine as No.1 in the world are very appropriate, because the google spoil its visitors by providing facilities many others.
Following results from the google site to explore the No.1 Search Engine in the world that appeared in the google site page there are also some people who may not know about it.

1. Use Internet Explorer Browser.
- Go to www.google.com, then type "Google Rotated", click and hold the button "I'm Feeling Lucky" or "I'm Feeling Lucky", then you will be taken to a page with google display italics.

2. Open "http://www.google.com/plex/index.html"
There you get the photos on google office atmosphere and activities are conducted by employees of google.

3. Open "http://www.google.com/mentalplex/"
You can see the usefulness in google mentalplex http://www.google.com/mentalplex/MP_faq.html

4. Google apparently does not only have the domain name www.google.com, but also have a domain name with the look and function, such as www.google.com.
Domain are:

5. Open "http://www.google.com/moms/"
Google at Mother's Day with the topic of "A Tribute to Our Moms"

6. Open "http://www.google.com/help/cheatsheet.html"
Cheat in information using Google.

7. Open "http://www.google.com/mars/"
Google is in the planet Mars

8. Open "http://www.google.com/moon/"
Google is in the Moon

9. Open "http://www.google.com/googlegulp/"
Beverage products offered by google.

10. Open "http://www.google.com/dilbert.html"
There is a Dilbert Cartoon Google

11. Open "http://www.google.com/holidaylogos.html"
There are images on the Google logo holidays.

12. Open "http://www.google.com/customlogos.html"
There are images google logo for Google Fans.

13. Open "http://www.google.com/jobs/britney.html"
Google turns toys keyword "Britney Spears"

14. Open "http://www.google.com/corporate/history.html"
There is a history of achievement Google.

15. Open "http://www.google-store.com/"
Google also appeared to have a shop that sells accesories.

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Disclaimer :

I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct