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I found this on Wikipedia, MFA is almost synonymous with the scraper site, this is the article I quote taken from wikipedia
" scraper site is a website that copies all of its content from other websites using web scraping.[1] No part of a scraper site is original.[citation needed] A search engine is not a scraper site:[citation needed] sites such as Yahoo and Google gather content from other websites and index it so that the index can be searched with keywords. Search engines then display snippets of the original site content in response to a user's search.
In the last few years, and due to the advent of the Google Adsense web advertising program, scraper sites have proliferated at an amazing rate for spamming search engines.[1] Open content sites such as Wikipedia are a common source of material for scraper sites
Made for AdSense

Some scraper sites are created for monetizing the site using advertising programs such as Google AdSense.[1] In such case, they are called Made for AdSense sites or MFA. This is also a derogatory term used to refer to websites that have no redeeming value except to get web visitors to the website for the sole purpose of clicking on advertisements.
Made for AdSense sites are considered sites that are spamming search engines and diluting the search results by providing surfers with less-than-satisfactory search results. The scraped content is considered redundant to that which would be shown by the search engine under normal circumstances had no MFA website been found in the listings.
These types of websites are being eliminated in various search engines and sometimes show up as supplemental results instead of being displayed in the initial search results.
Some sites engage in "Adsense Arbitrage"--they will buy Adwords spots for lower cost search terms and bring the visitor to a page that is mostly Adsense. The arbitrager then makes the difference between the low value clicks he bought from AdWords and the higher value clicks generated by this traffic on his MFA sites. In 2007, Google cracked down on this business model by closing the accounts of many arbitragers[2]. Another way Google and Yahoo are combating the proliferation of arbitrage are through quality scoring systems. For example, in Google's case, Adwords penalizes "low quality" advertiser pages by placing a higher per click value to its campaigns[3]. This effectively evaporates the arbitrager's profit margin"

MFA sites are sites with very little content or sometimes none at all. It’s typically made by scraping content from other websites and litters their pages with ads from Google AdSense to make money.
These sites make money by exploiting the AdSense ranking factors, which are the click through rate and cost. If the ad manages to get a high click-through rate, it’ll cost less to appear higher on the page.
I am sure Google is very much aware of this problem and most probably is doing something to stop this.
In the mean time, people continue to make money from MFA sites. Not that I recommend you to jump ship, unless you want to get banned from AdSense.
Some people are making as much as $10,000 per month from MFA spending 65 minutes of their time to do the followings to get started with their spamming campaign:
- Find an expensive and popular keyword. We used TheDowser Niche Database . It took us 1 minute.
- Register a junk domain like "" or "". We haven’t ordered any domain specifically for this purpose, but used one of our experimental domains (totally unrelated to the main theme of MFA web site).
- Extract search results from Google or any other search engine. It took us 5 minutes.
Create HTML page with these search results. It took us 7 minutes.
- Insert Google AdSense code in the way that search results aren’t visible without scrolling. It took us 10 minutes.
- Upload html file to your web site. It took us 2 minutes.
- Create a new Google AdWords campaign for this keyword by copying any other MFA campaign. It took us 10 minutes.
- Wait for 15 minutes until you will see first clicks from Google AdWords, wait for another 15 minutes until you will see new clicks on Google AdSense.(, but do not do this, avoid the foul! apply the fair, so that the provision can give happiness to us..

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