Tools For Online Mapping

Here are some sites that provide services for Online Mapping:

1. Yahoo Maps (
Yahoo Maps Flash GUI has the look that good in the eyes, Local Maps with directions and information multipoint traffic directly.
You can also enter your phone number and directions will be sent directly to your phone.
Driving directions can be printed on paper so that it more easier for users who travel by car.

2. Google Maps (
Google Maps is a service that offers a powerful mapping technology and user friendly and local business information-including business locations, contact information, and directions.
With Google Maps, you'll enjoy the special features below:
* Business results are integrated
* Map can tow
* Satellite Photo
* Street View
* Details instructions
* Keyboard Shortcuts
Double * Click to activate the zoom function
* Zoom with scroll wheel
3. Google Street View (
Street View into one of the most popular and interesting environment in Online Mapping Tools.This tool provides 360 ° panoramic street-level view, making it possible to see the city in a certain surface.
The camera on a car that was taken from the big cities from different countries, with some even offer a picture of these strange or funny picture of Street View.

4. Live Search Maps (
Live Search Maps is Microsoft's search engine that has a unique feature where you can make a point on the map and allows you to share with other people.
Cities show 3D buildings and objects render resolution with a very high detail.
You can expor your personal data to the navigation tools in any and view the resulting map with the Google or Platial.
Live Search Maps will also have a service that you can take an RSS feed from any location.

5. Ask Maps (
Ask Maps offers, among others, to assist with the direction of the Auto-Drive feature, which displays an animation of the route.
Ask City has two features in two modes - street and aerial view - and the ability to search for local business, or the film and all activities throughout the United States.

6. MapQuest (
MapQuest to create maps and directions quickly on the fly.
The main features including FindIt (find business in a particular region), Maps (location to create a map based on address or longitude / latitude), and Driving Directions (the route from A to B). City guides offer information on the location of shopping, entertainment, and even photos of children lost in an area.

7. WikiMapia (
WikiMapia is an online map resource that combines Google Maps with the wiki system, allowing users to add information (in the form of notes) at any location on earth.
You can mark the location and provide data on the spot in one of 64 languages supported, and add a link to the Wikipedia page.

8. Multimap (
Multimap is one of the site's interactive map.
You can get the train station, Wi-Fi Spot and parking for almost every destination in the cover by Multimap.
Multimap also offers location services anatar restaurants, train and hotel booking services, SMS weather alerts, or the ability to purchase prints of historical photos or air.
One other interesting feature is the overlay of Wikipedia, so you can access articles that have been digeotagging on the map.

9. HousingMaps (
HousingMaps is a virtual Mashup of Google Maps and craigslist.
HousingMaps used as a tool to search for real estate for sale or rent, there are some better options online.

10. Maporama (
Maporama has the ability to select the map size and style, including its layers, such as parks, commercial and industrial areas and even street numbers.
For mapping the distance from A to B, Maporama provides many options, such as: distance off, the fastest, with the foot or by subway.

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