Best Ways to get PLR content

PLR content can be found almost anywhere. Just type in the words “PLR eBooks” into Google and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of websites selling PLR content. But if you’re looking for the most reliable sources of PLR material, here are my Top 5 picks:

1. Warrior Forum WSO WSO stands for Warriors Special Offers forum . This is my favorite place to find good quality PLR articles, eBooks, sales letters, and graphics for reasonable prices. Each day there are anywhere from 20-50 offers made on various PLR materials for sale. So it’s a hotbed for all things PLR! And, your friendly fellow Warrior will help you out by posting reviews of the material from past purchases, so make sure to check them out.  

2. Membership sites PLR membership sites are another great way to get quality PLR content. You’ll pay a monthly fee and receive a new supply of articles or eBooks each month. If you’re looking for the one shot deal, a membership site is not the place for you. But, if you know how to turn PLR into steady residual income, you’ll like the services available at the membership sites. The cost can range from $20 to $100 each month depending on the quality and quantity of the content. PLR articles can range from about $0.25 to $1 each. The negative to membership sites is that you have no control over what topics or niches are reflected in the content.  

3. eBay for the Cheapest PLR Available You can find PLR content on eBay for as low as $0.99. Usually you will find people dumping their PLR collections or extra articles or eBooks they bought in a package and never used. You might also find people selling PLR at cost to provide you with links to their other PLR information or products. One great thing about eBay that you can’t necessarily find at other places is a seller rating. If sellers are pushing PLR junk, eBay buyers will definitely rate them poorly. This is usually a good gauge as to the quality of their content.

4. Scraping the Bottom of the Clickbank Barrel Have you ever wondered what happens to the eBooks and software products on Clickbank that never make it to the first page of the list? When a product doesn’t have any gravity (Clickbank’s rating for how many people are promoting the product), is it destined to be a failure? Not necessarily! Just because a Clickbank product isn’t selling well today, does not mean that its bad content. It may mean that the owner isn’t providing any customer service. Or maybe the sales letter leaves a little to be desired. You can contact that owner and ask them to sell the website, the product, and even the domain name to you for a fraction of what it may have cost them to create it, simply because they aren’t making any money with it.  

5. PLR Collectors Do you know someone who has an enormous library of PLR just renting space on their hard drive? You know – The guy that has an account at 5 PLR membership sites, buys content from auctions, and frequents the Warrior Forum scooping up deals and then NEVER uses any of it? That’s a PLR Collector! If you know someone that fits that description, you can always send them a quick email asking for PLR on a particular topic whenever the need arises. Chances are good that he will have something you’re looking for. And, he’d probably be happy to make a buck for doing nothing but passing it along

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct