All About Narita Tokyo International Airport

It’s hard to believe that a large airport such as Narita , one of the most luxurious and modern terminal buildings, misses from public service. Narita is a difficult place to reach if you don’t speak Japanese. The location is too far away from Tokyo city, not to mention the cost required to get to town . It takes only less than half an hour which charges you 3900 yen for a one way trip. Infact, there are there trains from Narita airport to Tokyo city, and vice versa, namely Regular Kessey Express (75 min, 1000 yen ), Kessey Skyliner (55 min ,1900 yen ) and Narita Express (55 min , 2500 yen ).

Narita airport is quite crowded. If you get into the main part of the terminal, you can not find a place to sit or even to stand.
Facilities are good enough. Toilets are clean . Terminal one’s airport mall is very pretty and consists of two levels of shops and restaurants.
The departure hall is on the fourth floor train station is at the basement 1, five floors down. The only way to get from the train station to the departure level is by using two medium sized elevators. Therefore, it causes a massive lineup. Although elevators are available throughout Narita airport’s terminal, be always warned, they are too small.
All incoming passengers have to lineup and go trough a single security check point. It takes at least 25 minutes to do this. The most unpleasant experience I have is the immigration Clearance. There is always a long queue in front of immigration section for foreigners. It might take hours to complete it. Overall, the biggest gripe is immigration. It just takes too long !

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct