Job Description of Flight Attendant

The main job of flight attendant is to keep passengers safe and evacuate them in an emergency. They receive special training for this part of their job . However , only a few flights ever require an emergency response. On most flights , attendants follow the same rountine . Before each trip , the captain informs them about the weather and any special passenger needs. Attendants greet passenger , verify tickets , and help passengers locate their assigned seats. They also help passenger store their luggage in the overhead bins . In addition , attendants answer passenger’ questions about the flight and the airplane. Before the plane take off , attendants demonstrate how to use safety equipment They also check that passenger are seat –belted and luggage is properly stowed .

During the flight , attendant serve beverages and meals . They also operate movie and music systems. Attendants collections collect money for special beverages and headsets. Flight attendants help passenger to be as comfortable as possible.
They distribute reading materials, Blankets, and pillows. After the flight , attendants help passengers leave the airplane . They keep flight records and write down any problems that occurred during the flight. On smaller airlines, Flight attendants may clean the passenger cabin.
Occasionally, attendants give first aid to passenger who become ill, so that they are prepared for these situations. Attendant keep first aid kits stocked . They also make sure other emergency equipment is in working order.

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