an odd story about “ Horas Airlines “

This is an odd story about “ Horas Airlines “ en route from Medan to Jakarta. The heroic figure of fictitious film “ superman “ Christopher reeve was found on board. The weather condition along the route was not so friendly and the airplane kept bumping . The flight stewardess came over to the hero and asked him to fasten his seat belt. Mr. Reeve proudly told the flight stewardes ;
“… whatever it takes, superman doesn’t need to wear seat belt “ The flight stewardess spontaneously replied ;” sir ,Superman doesn’t even need airplane to fly because he can fly “, and then she left the hero.

Walking down the aisle ,she was stopped by an old lady , asking about the weather condition at the destination. “ Excuse me , can you tell me about the weather at the destination, please ? she answered calmly; “…the weather at the destination was reported terrible with ground temperature up to 61 Centigrade. Also there is carth quake shaking at 8,2 Richter scale . But don’t panic, we will try to have them fixed before we arrive. Nobody loves you or your money more than Horas Airlines “ does.

Another passenger stopped her and told that there was someone smoking in the non smoking area. She rushed to the passengers address system, announcing, “ Ladies and Gentlemen, please observe the “ No smoking “ sign ,smoking in the non smoking area is not permitted .If you must smoke, please press your attendant call button and one of us will escort you out to the wing ,for those who are caught smoking in the lavatory will be asked to leave the airplane immediately.”

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct