Pre-flight and In-Flight Duties

Pre-flight duties

 Taking part in a pre-flight briefing by the captain of purser with the entire flight crew to learn about expected weather conditions, special passenger problems, etc.
 Checking seat belt, backrest and tray tables.
 Screening passenger for carry –on limitations.
 Verifying destination and directing passenger to seat assignments.
 Ensuring that carry-on luggage is stored in accordance with compliance regulations.
 Checking supplies, safety equipment and the passenger address system.
 Assisting the handicapped, elderly and unaccompanied minor.
 Checking passenger cabin and galleys before passengers boarding to see that all supplies, safety equipment, and food are on board and in place.
 Greeting passengers.
 Helping passengers to stow carry-on luggage and coats.
 Checking that passengers seat belts are securely fastened.
 Making announcements over public address system regarding weather , altitude, estimate time etc.
 Demonstrating the use of safety equipment.

In-Flight Duties

 Making sure the safety of passengers and their evacuation in case of emergency.
 Ensuring passengers are seated properly.
 Maintaining cabin safety under turbulence.
 Communicating with the captain.

 Distributing reading materials, pillows and blankets to passengers
 Serving refreshments and meals to passengers and cockpit crew during flight.
 Giving first-aid assistance and help uncomfortable, ill or nervous passengers.
 Answering passengers questions.
 Operating mechanical and safety equipment.
 Monitoring cabin temperature and lighting.
 Making announcement.
 Checking the cabin if it is ready for takeoff or landing.

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