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Diseases can affect any part of the heart. However, the most common disease is a chronic disease in the coronary arteries is called atherosclerosis. Therefore, heart disease commonly known and most common is coronary heart disease or coronary arteria disease. This disease most often causes a heart attack in someone who can cause death. the cause is narrowing of the coronary arteries, where the vessel serves to provide blood to the heart muscle. constriction caused by a pile of cholesterol or other proteins derived from food intake in the body. This buildup causes the coronary blood vessels become stiff. This rigidity is arterosklerosis.

Atherosclerosis occurs if there is buildup of plaque or fatty deposits in artery walls. over time, plaque can accumulate, harden, and narrow the arteries, and inhibits blood flow in the heart. blockage in one or more coronary arteries can cause a heart attack suddenly. cause for cardiac requested exceeds the available oxygen. thus triggering
a heart attack. why?
when the heart muscle does not receive oxygen for a long time, can damage surrounding tissue. Unlike other networks, did not have the heart muscle regeneration. the longer the attack, the more damage to the heart and the more likely it died.
Even in arteries that are not too narrow because of plaque and fatty deposits, deposits of plaque can rupture and form a crust of blood or thrombus. in addition, the diseased arteries also tend to experience sudden muscle contractions. so, a piece of crust of blood can form a contraction, releasing chemicals, which then resulted in narrowing the artery wall, triggering a heart attack.

If the work system of the heart is damaged, the normal rhythm of the heart can become chaotic. and the heart began to tremble with uncertainty, or experiencing fibrillation. This abnormal rhythm known as arrhythmia, that is a deviation from normal heart rhythm. this will cause the heart to lose the ability to effectively pump blood to the brain.

“symptoms of heart disease”

1. Pain
As long as we do activities, will feel the pain in some parts of the body. Tersuplai muscles that do not fit the needs of blood, oxygen and metabolic processes makes excessive cramps. Chest pain, shortness, because the heart muscle not getting enough blood intake. Pain that is felt would happen almost every day.
2. Shortness of Breath
The entry of fluid into the cavity of the lungs that interfere with air flow in the lungs. The patient will experience shortness of breath. The patient felt shortness of breath when doing activities, if the patient was short of breath at rest (rest) means the category of advanced heart disease. Shortness of breath is often experienced in lying position. Because of accumulated fluid in the lungs flows into the heart.
3. Fatigue or tiredness
A weakened heart muscle causes the blood pumping process is not perfect. Patients often feel weak and tired despite not doing any activities. To avoid weakening of heart function, we should exercise regularly and do a lot of movements that will trigger a more active work of the heart.
4. Palpitations (Palpitation)
Palpitations signs of heart disease is the same type of racing with other symptoms when a person is tired, shortness of breath and pain in the body. Not heart flutters when watching movies or fear.
5. Dizziness and Fainting
Blood pumping so abnormal net revenue to be disrupted blood, a person may feel dizzy from lack of blood. Heart rate that resulted in weakening the patient unconscious. The pain is continuous pain in the spine, and brain disorders that make blood supply abnormalnya dizziness and fainting.
If you find any similar symptoms, had better get to the doctor. Knowing early will help you overcome your health problems later on.
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