1. ATA: Actual Time of Arrivall
Actual arrival

2. ETA: Estimor Time of Arrival
Aircraft arrival time based on the estimated

3. ATD: Actual Time of Departure
Actual arrival

4. ETD: Estimat Time of Departure
Hours estimated departure

• Terminology Local Time
Local time is calculated based on GMT.
• Terminology Check Time
If the pax who already have tickets & have to make reservation asked to come at the airport to report to the relevant counter air lines before the plane take off.
• Terminology Airport Rates
The cost of airport rates / charges imposed on airlines that landed at an airport. Ex: Parker, landing, refueling.
• Terminology Airport Tax
Go for the tax collected each departing passengers on the plane. The amount in accordance with the class airport.
• Terminology Concellations
Cancellation of departure.
• Terminology Confirmation
Strengthening the back / make sure departure pax.
• Terminology Destination
The town became a city of destination pax.
• Terminology Origin
Hometown airline
Ex: NO: DM-JOG / 001/C/10/06
Org: Jog
Des: JKT

• Pax No show
Passengers who do not give a report about the canceled reservation.
• Pax Go Show
Pax, who have no reservation & tickets to come to the airport & wait for confirmation of his departure.
• Overbooking
A situation when the airlines made the reservation revenues exceed the capacity sold.
• Pre Flight Checks
The procedures performed by individual airlines to check against the entire record of the reservation in order to ensure the reservation is correct:
- Name & number of pax
- Route Flight
- Price & status

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