We Name It Bloody Friday

A day on the job , for the flight attendant could mean a trip to Paris or an emergency landing . It can be fun, adventurous, or both. Being thousand miles and days away from your home is the way you earn income . The more multi- day- flight you do the more money you get . Nothing beats hanging out in Honolulu for five days with a company- paid hotel room and expense money.

The working system you practice does not necessarily mean flight all the time .It could be “stand by “ , “ reserve “ and “ active “ or “ extra crew “ . Stand by is the duty when you are responsible for a schedule revision .You do this task at your place on certain duration. Reserve means to stand by at the airport, the task is to back up the uncompleted set of the available in the room . active crew scheduled to execute the flight. Extra crew is the crew on board as passenger, the task of which is to continue the rotation of the flight.

What flight do we call the bloody Friday ? This is the story.

The airlines have domestic and international networks. It flies to many destination all over the world. The crews have monthly schedule, which will take day and a multi day trip. Three days flight to Australia is the schedule that most of the crew do not seem to like. The rotation is Jakarta - Denpasar - Melbourne.

Sydney, departing from Jakarta on Friday evening with final destination Sydney.

There are two transitory stop in between Denpasar and Melbourne. The flight is always full .you can find any free seat. Normally it reaches Denpasar almost midnight hour, and has about one- hour ground stop to load and unload passengers and cargo.

After the transitory stop, The flight is continued to the next destination ,Melbourne the flight will go for the final destination ,Sydney, arriving on the next day morning.
After an eight-hour flight ,a three-hour ground stop within three landings ,the crew get off in Sydney and stay there for one night.

The common habit of the crew is shopping anywhere they stay . They always hunt shopping area. Saturday is not the right time to shop around in Sydney . Most of the department stores are generally closed on weekend. The only thing the crew can do is to go out for eating, hanging around in the city or perhaps staying in hotel room the whole day .

After laying over in Sydney ,the crew must go back to work, home bound the same routes as they flew the out bound , departing from Kingsford smith, the airport of Sydney in the morning, arriving in Jakarta after dark same day . It’s a restless flight , I guess that’s why we call it bloody Friday.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct