Service Quality Model and The PrimaryFocus of The Model

1. Quality gap analysis 
a diagnostic management tool which facilities the identifications of several salient quality gaps. Useful in attempts to improve the quality of the offering

2. Organizational service quality improvement
The model provides a framework for launching an overall quality improvement programme. It highlights the steps involved in an organizational quality drive and pertinent factors at each stage.

3. Service quality trade-offs
The model facilitates the identification of quality trade offs using three salient services atributes. These are :
a) degree of customization
b) degree of labour intensity
c)  the degree of contact and interaction

4. Service Journey and customer processing
These two models focus primarly on operational issues. They depict the stages of a service journey. Moreover, they attempt to show the impact of the experience at each stage on the formation of expectation and perception of quality. They are useful in highlighting the operational areas of a service organozation that influence the quality issues.

5. Behavioural
This model stresses the importance of behaviour of the delivery personnel on the perceived quality. the vital quality factor according to this model is the balance between the customer's and staff expectations. 
The model also stresses the importance of the delivery system.

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I can not guarantee that the information on my blog is 100% correct