10 Most Popular Facebook Games

Facebook games are one of the favorites of facebooker than make friends and chat with someone using facebook. Options provided facebook games very much, so we can choose what games we want to play.To play games in facebook we usually have to install additional plugins that flash in our browser.Here are a few games of the most popular facebook is played today:

1. Mafia Wars (http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/).
Mafia Wars has more than 26,000,000 active players - making it one of the most popular games currently available on Facebook. Starting a Mafia family with your friends, run a criminal empire and fight to become the most powerful families.

2. Texas Holdem Poker (http://apps.facebook.com/texas_holdem/).
If you are a hobby playing cards, then the Texas Holdem Poker is the right choice that will make you forget the next move from the screen.
3. Farmville (http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/).
Games like Harvest Moon farming in PS games.
You build a farm and make friends as your neighbors.

4. Fishville (http://apps.facebook.com/fishville/).
In FishVille, which must be done is to keep the fish in the aquarium, raised, and sold some fish livestock to buy anything, including fish meal. This game looks pretty easy if you're used to playing Farmville.

5. Pet Society (http://apps.facebook.com/petsociety/).
Pet Society is a pet games.

6. World Café (http://apps.facebook.com/cafeworld/).
Game World Café chef made us so, choose what food will be provided in our cafe, then there is our friend who helped the waiter to serve visitors.
7. Happy Pets (http://apps.facebook.com/happy-pets/).
Happy Pets is a pet games such as Pet Society, playing with them and watch them grow!
8. YoVille (http://apps.facebook.com/yoville/).
This is a virtual world that allows users to create personal avatars and decorate the house. YoVillians, can chat, play mini-games, attending live events, and interact with their real friends and leave a message and a gift.

9. Restaurant City (http://apps.facebook.com/restaurantcity/).
In this game you will manage a restaurant in a virtual city, and make the best dishes and compete with other restaurants to be talked about in the city, and this game is perfect for those hobbies and manage the house to eat dinner.
10. Country Life (http://apps.facebook.com/countrylife/).
In this game, players can grow crops, livestock and interact with Facebook friends they are. Compared with some other farm game on Facebook, Country Life is perhaps one of the easiest to play.

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nintendo ds games said...

All the games of facebook are superba and its great fun playing these games.I love all the games.The most i have played is Farmville,Mafiawars and Yoville.Its really good.For that time being it keeps your mind stressed out.Ne ways good post.Thanks for sharing.

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